Alexej Pikovsky

CEO & Founder

Email Author

Key experiences and skills

E-commerce Strategy SaaS Business Growth Financial Services Consulting Leadership in Growth Agency Success Venture Capital and Private Equity

Favorite Tools

Google Analytics Salesforce Tableau Notion

Favorite Tools

Google Analytics Salesforce Tableau Notion


Alexej Pikovsky is the CEO and Founder of NUOPTIMA, contributing his far-reaching expertise in e-commerce and SaaS to our business. By creating one of Europe’s quickest-growing growth agencies in NUOPTIMA, Alexej has the deep-seated experience and ability to inform other companies on how they can achieve the same results.

Through Alexej’s leadership, NUOPTIMA has won multiple awards in both the UK and the US, including accreditations at the UK Search Awards, The Drum Awards, and The International Business Awards. Prior to founding NUOPTIMA, Alexej spent a decade working in private equity, investment banking, and venture capital. He graduated with an MSc degree from Imperial College London and a BSc (Hons) from Loughborough University, and he is a fellow of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

Alexej’s comprehensive understanding of e-commerce, financial services, and SaaS allows him to provide actionable insights for business owners within these industries.

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