Nada Petrović

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Key experiences and skills

Off-Page SEO Link Building Digital PR Off-Page Strategy Execution SEO Project Management

Favorite Tools

Ahrefs BuzzSumo Majestic SEO HARO

Favorite Tools

Ahrefs BuzzSumo Majestic SEO HARO


Nada Petrović is our Off-Page SEO Lead at NUOPTIMA. Her main responsibilities include cohesive Link Building and Digital PR, as well as creating and executing off-page strategies for clients using various advanced techniques.

She has an exceptional knowledge of SEO – due to 8+ years of experience working for several renowned international SEO and link building agencies – making her a valuable expert member of our team. To date, she has made significant contributions to 100+ projects for clients spanning various niches, resulting in supercharging their growth and their overall business success.

Nada’s results speak for themselves. From doubling her department’s top revenue through creative solutions and on hands management approach, to bringing immense value to hundreds of clients by increasing their rankings and market reach.

With a Master’s Degree from the University of Novi Sad and a background in the educational sector as a literature professor, Nada brings a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative flair to her role.

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