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20th and 27th of October, 4pm GMT

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Amazon & DTC Brands,
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Poor Amazon management is killing your growth and losing you market share

  • PPC costs are currently on the rise due to decreased barrier to entry and increased competition
  • DTC brands are sleeping on the huge opportunity of 3x to 5x lower CACs on Amazon
  • Amazon brands are suffering from poor ad structures and tactics, resulting in a huge ACOS that should be 2x lower

Potential solutions are suboptimal

  • Self teach Amazon platform: You’ll likely waste important execution time learning about the wrong ranking factors. You won’t be able to distribute this knowledge effectively to your team.
  • Buy a course: Courses are by definition outdated and too generic for your specific problems.
  • Hire an agency: Hiring an agency is a cost effective solution, but you need to have the technical expertise, otherwise you’ll be left vulnerable to shady agencies.
  • Using automation tools: We’ve used every automation tool, most of them suck out of the box and need a lot of work to improve their effectiveness. They’re only used by budget brands who can’t afford to do things the right way.

Amz Accelerator upskills you and your team in 2 sessions over 2 weeks

  • Learn from Amazon veterans
  • Build a world class Amazon ads framework to skyrocket your sales
  • Discover the latest techniques of sending FB / TikTok / Pinterest ad traffic directly your Amazon listing to beat the competition and win position 1
  • Maximise your cash flow by optimising your funding sources

96North Grows 3x In As Little As 6 Months




Thursday 20th October, 4pm GMT

The Top Strategy for Amazon PPC: Using PPC As An Investment, Not a Source of Income

Thursday 27th October, 4pm GMT

The Secrets of External Traffic: How Using Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest Can Skyrocket Your Amazon Listing

Your Amz Accelerator Coaches

Alexej Pikovsky

CEO & CoFounder

Prior to launching Alphawell Brands & NUOPTIMA, Alexej spent 10+ years investing in tech companies/ private equity and investment banking.

Oleg Chizhevskiy

Amazon Lead for Alphawell & NUOPTIMA

7 years in Amazon ecosystem, managing brands and PPC for over 200+ brands. Driven over $40m in Amazon sales.

Who’s this for?

Amazon Brands

  • Reduce your ACOS
  • Leverage external traffic to maximise your BSR
  • Set your infrastructure up for 3x growth

DTC Brands

  • Upskill with Amazon as a growth channel
  • Understand basic ranking factors
  • Set up channel for scalable growth


NUOPTIMA understands what companies require and how to approach the marketing mix and the prioritisation of growth channels

Igor T.

Founding Partner, TrueSight Ventures

They’re experts when it comes to growth marketing - extremely proficient getting the bigger picture

Isabella G.

Head of Marketing, Wayra

They’re extremely good at Amazon - their team is second to none

Axel Wehr

CoHead Private Markets, Hottinger

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How long is each session?
Each session is 1 to 1.5 hours long, with additional time for optional Q/A
Who is the Amz Accelerator for?
Founder, marketers and investors can all benefit from the learnings in the program
I have contracted an Amazon agency, should I attend?
Of course! The more you know about Amazon, the better you can hold your agency partners accountable
Who is attending the accelerator?
200+ top companies who have raised in excess of $1bn will be attending
Will there be any in person networking events?
If there is appetite, it is likely we will run an in-person event in London
My startup is pre-launch, is Amz Accelerator right for me?
Yes! You can use our program to map out the growth channels you will use to grow your business
Will the event be recorded?
The event will not be recorded. We have found active participation creates the best engagement and results for the entire community
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Ultimate solution for your business on Amazon

PPC Ads Management

We take care of and optimise your advertising on Amazon as well as every other sponsored advertising type, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Video, and Sponsored Voucher Coupons

A/B Split Testing

A substantial part of improving sales and profits is testing different variables to work out the maximum conversion rate (CVR) and click-through rate (CTR). A/B testing is a great way to bring in thousands in additional profits when used as part of your long-term marketing tactic. We ensure this testing is enforced at the most suitable time to maximise your success.

Review Follow-Up Audit

This tactic involves getting your customers to give feedback, such as through packaging inserts. Potential customers consider how many positive reviews you have (and how recent they are) before buying a product. This tactic helps boost customer feedback.

Account and Listing Health Audit

We conduct full account and listing health audits to discover how to optimise every part of your Amazon shop.

SEO & Keyword Audit

This tactic involves reviewing all your listings and giving advice on the keywords to include so many people can find your products.

Brand Tools Setup

By getting your brand registered with Amazon, you can get greater control and influence over your listings. Then we can help strengthen your company such as through understanding brand analytics.

Growth Management For Sellers On Amazon: PPC & More

Using PPC ads on Amazon, particularly at product launch, is a highly effective way of getting the edge over your competition. Moreover, once you rank higher organically for your search terms, your expenditure on PPC can decrease. This package is intended for businesses that desire the very best experts to take care of their PPC advert activities. We implement numerous ranking strategies to get you to the first page on Amazon. Our focal point as an agency is to grow Amazon brands by strengthening your Amazon company, improving sales, gaining new customers and getting your products to Page One. We use the latest marketing strategies for Amazon businesses and exceed the work of other agencies by implementing numerous proven tactics. Below is a guideline of what you can expect by hiring this service from NUOPTIMA.

Seller Central Management (A-Z Account Management)

This service is included in our total brand management package and is used to grow and automate your Amazon channel. Many Amazon sellers discover that as their company grows, they have less time to focus on important tasks involved with running the business. For this reason, outsourcing management of your Seller Central account is a highly appealing option for those wanting more free time to focus on growing your company. Hiring an agent that can help you grow your Amazon business, such as NUOPTIMA, means we can offer best practice guidance and resolve any issues for you. Below is an overview of what is included in our Seller Central management services:

Seller Central Management (A-Z Account Management)

If you want to give your Amazon business the very best chance of success, it is a fantastic idea to hire an accelerator for Amazon brands. NUOPTIMA is a growth expert for Amazon brands and a reliable accelerator for FBA brands. We have a diverse team of experts who work with over 100 businesses, and we use the latest and greatest tactics to ensure your Amazon brand gets the boost it deserves. We go above and beyond by using numerous tactics to maximise the success of your company. Book a Growth Strategy Call with one of NUOPTIMA’s growth experts to discover the best way to grow your Amazon brand today.