Sun Lamp (NDA), Undergoes Creative Gallery Overhaul to Maximise Conversion Rate


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Creative refresh

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About Sun Lamp (NDA)

The NUOPTIMA team were approached by a Sun Lamp brand (NDA) to do a creative overhaul for their gallery. They had noticed that compared to competitor listings, their product page did not perform well at visually communicating features and benefits. Due to NDA agreements, we’re unable to reveal the brand but can share their results.


Responsible NUOPTIMA Team

Bilal Sayed Gol

Head of Amazon

Oleg Chizhevskiy

Brand Manager

Dmitry Savitskiy

Amazon PPC Expert 

Creative Refresh

When Sun Lamp (NDA) approached us, we saw that their creatives were uninformative and failed on multiple levels. Good gallery images on an Amazon page can be the difference between a consumer buying your product versus a competitor, so it’s imperative to get it right. 

We conducted a niche and review analysis, hunting for the key features and benefits that consumers are looking for from a high-quality sun lamp. With our expert graphics team, we took Sun Lamp (NDA)’s original assets and transformed them into high converting assets.

Old Creative

New Creative

Sun Lamp (NDA), Undergoes Creative Gallery Overhaul to Maximise Conversion Rate

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