Cannadips Achieves 1200% Traffic Increase In Only 1 Month

About Cannadips

Cannadips is a CBD brand that has been in the EU market since 2016. The brand uses a unique pouch delivery method and tobacco and hemp product formulation that is free from nicotine and THC. The Cannadips team reached out to NUOPTIMA for expert SEO services after losing the majority of their traffic from transitioning to a new domain and website. Their goal was to recover the traffic from the old website/domain while simultaneously growing organic traffic metrics to generate new customers.

After discussions with the team, Cannadips opted for our Growth package, which includes, 25,000 words, 6 high-authoritative backlinks and technical support for merging the domain.



Viktor Bartak

SEO Lead

Liza Mazharova 

Lead Editor

Ellie Louise Des Baux


Charlotte Vinall


Cannadips Team

Case Mandel

CEO & Founder

Jen Pike


Action Plan

We formulated a three-pronged strategy to simultaneously recover and grow Cannadips’s audience within its target market.

  1. Republish high-ranking content from the old website

    Cannadips created a new website for the domain. During this process, all ranking pages from the old website were lost. We aimed to republish high-ranking content from the old website on their new website to recover lost traffic.
  1. Move ranking content from the second domain

    Cannadips also had a second domain,, which had numerous ranking pages. We aimed to consolidate this content on the new website to maximise results.
  1. Generate new traffic 

    To grow Cannadips’s audience, we aimed to generate new traffic by targeting high-yielding keywords where Cannadips had no prior history of SERP ranking.

Technical SEO: Merging Domains

Preparing For Content Migration 

We used Semrush to analyse the historical data associated with the old website and compiled a list of all the landing pages with a ranking history. We repeated this process for, adding all landing pages to the list that were ranking presently. Using this list, we went through Cannadips’s content archive and found the content associated with each landing page ready for republishing on the new website. 


In accordance with the list of landing pages, we asked Cannadips to create new web pages on the new website that conform with the new content structure. If the new URL was different on the new website, we instructed the developer to create 301 redirects from the old page to the new page. Once the pages were created and we audited the developer’s work, our team republished content from both the old website and domain. 

Other Technical Work 

We gave several recommendations for technical improvements to improve website speed and help engine spiders crawl and index Cannadip’s site more effectively.

Content Management System (CMS)

We asked Cannadips to connect with Shopify CMS and create custom code to improve loading times. 

Meta tags

We advised producing meta tags for every important page so Google could understand want Cannadips’s content is about and show web pages in the appropriate search results.

Content delivery network (CDN)

We advised Cannadips to use CDN. Using a geographically distributed group of servers is an effective way of improving website speed.

Images formats

We instructed Cannadips on the optimal image types for different browsers to ensure the fast loading of photos and infographics.

Keyword Research 

We used two procedures to finalise new keywords for Cannadips to target:

  • We analysed our competitors using Ahrefs and compiled a list of keywords they rank for
  • We interviewed Cannadip’s team to gain an understanding of the keywords their Ideal Customer Persona uses (ICP)

After we compiled an extensive list, we meticulously analysed the keywords to uncover the low-hanging fruit. We were specifically looking for keywords that had moderate to high search volume, matched the keywords Cannadips’s ICP uses and had a low to moderate keyword difficulty. 

Once we had whittled down the list, we prioritised bottom-funnel keywords (BOFU keywords). These are keywords that have a strong buying intent – we knew that if we could rank for these keywords quickly, Cannadips could generate new customers quickly.

Keyword Clustering

By employing a clustering methodology, we grouped a range of subtopics and produced blog posts that were designed to answer specific search queries associated with a target keyword. We ordered each cluster by priority, making sure we executed first on content pieces that would garner the best results. 


If you have a basic understanding of SEO, you will know it is a long-term growth channel. In most cases, it will take up to 6-months to see significant results, but only if you have been investing and producing content consistently.

With Cannadips, we tore up this script. In only 1 month of work, we were able to achieve some truly astonishing results. Below is a summary of the key milestones:

  • Recover organic keyword ranking from 100 to 2,700
  • Recover monthly traffic from 2,000 back to 26,000
  • Over 150 first page search results

Ranking Bottom Funnel Keywords

Below are the current organic positions on Google for various bottom-funnel keywords.

Keywords examplesPosition in Google USASearch Volume 
Cbd pouches12.2k
Cbd dips 11.4k
Cbd chew1450
Cbd snuf 1200
Cbd chewing dip3150
Cbd chewing tobacco 170
Cbd dip21.2k
Hemp pouch1100
Cbd pouch1150
Tobacco dip 14.3k


Cannadips’s SEO campaign is an exemplary demonstration of using technical SEO to merge domains and recover traffic from an old website. By being meticulous and systematic with our approach, we were able to reinstate their position within the CBD niche in just a few weeks. But Cannadips didn’t want to remain stagnant in their old positions – they wanted to grow, too. 

By conducting in-depth keyword research and isolating bottom-funnel keywords with low keyword difficulty and good search volume, we were able to rank on Google for new positions quickly. And as a result, Cannadips were able to significantly improve all SEO metrics at their peak from the old domain in just one month.

Cannadips Achieves 1200% Traffic Increase In Only 1 Month

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