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How it all started in 2020

We didn’t set out to create a digital marketing agency.
It grew out of our in-house expertise building consumer brands.

We launched a marketplace in one of the most hotly contested SEO spaces, CBD. And, within 12 months of launching we were coined Europe’s largest CBD marketplace. The only growth channel we used was SEO.

Brands started to approach us to help them with their SEO, and out of that, NUOPTIMA was born.

Initially we serviced CBD brands, and then quickly expanded to the general e-commerce and consumer market, delivering both SEO and PPC management.

Our writers are highly adaptable, and with the signing of a few key clients we grew our expertise in Fintech and AI.

With the acquisition of an Amazon native consumer brand, we’ve developed an in-house expertise for Amazon which we began to offer at the end of 2021.

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