Top Cryptocurrency Accelerators to Help Your Business Growth

In this article by NUOPTIMA, we explain how to scale crypto companies with SEO, how a crypto SEO agency can help grow your business, and finally, present a list of the top cryptocurrency accelerators available in 2022.

How to Scale Crypto Companies with SEO

If you run a crypto company, it is important that you take steps to get ahead of the pack, especially at a time when the industry is only growing in popularity, and the competition is as fierce as it has ever been. There are several roads you can go down to scale and grow your crypto brand, including investing in SEO services. 

PPC — or pay-per-click — is an advertising model. It involves paying a fee to display your website on search engine results pages (SERPs) when a user enters particular keywords into a search engine (such as Google or Bing). Whenever a person clicks on your advert, you will be charged a fee. PPC ads are a popular option for companies looking to gain new customers, increase brand awareness and visibility, and essentially grow their brand.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it aims to increase a brand’s visibility within organic search results. The process involves both content and technical practices to help align your website with the ranking factors of search engines to ensure your website appears on the first page of SERPs. 

In recent years, numerous bans have been placed on cryptocurrency adverts by many primary platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Youtube. This means that advertising (such as through PPC) has become incredibly difficult and restrictive for many cryptocurrency companies. For this reason, it is more prudent than ever to enlist the use of SEO services to help grow the visibility and, ultimately, the success of your brand.

Why is SEO for Cryptocurrency Businesses Important?

As mentioned, SEO works to get your website placed on the first page of SERPs. This is highly beneficial as the higher your website is listed, the more visibility it will have. This increased visibility will lead to better organic traffic figures and, therefore, more chances to turn prospects into customers. SEO is not an immediate process and can generally take several months before results begin to show. However, the aim of SEO, while it takes longer than other methods, is to give your company both sustainable and long-term growth. 

Moreover, SEO also helps to improve brand awareness and is an excellent way of positioning yourself as an expert and reputable authority within your field. In a world where cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly established and advertising options are heavily constricted, there is no better choice for scaling your brand than investing in SEO services. 

How a Crypto SEO Agency Can Support Your Business Growth

Growing a crypto company is extremely difficult, especially without assistance. One vast obstacle for crypto brands is that finance websites, including crypto businesses, fall under Google’s “Your Money Your Life” or YMYL pages. YMYL pages have been categorised by Google as sites that sell products, services, or information that can affect the financial stability, happiness, safety, or health of a user. As a direct consequence, crypto websites are subject to intense rules and restrictions, making it harder to rank well in search results. But, it is not impossible, especially with the help of a qualified SEO agency.

At NUOPTIMA, we understand how Google ranks using E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). E-A-T is an essential factor that Google uses to determine the quality of a particular web page. We have in-depth knowledge of Google’s ranking algorithm and what steps need to be taken to get a website well-positioned on Google. Indeed, we have already helped numerous other websites rank on page one of Google’s SERPs. We accomplished this by positioning their sites as an expert, authoritative, and trustworthy source of information.

Here are some of the steps that NUOPTIMA take using SEO processes to get a website ranking highly on SERPs:

  • Our experts undertake thorough keyword research and use the best keyword strategies to get clients’ sites on page one of SERPs.
  • We take the time to optimise every page of a client’s website to maximise page performance and overtake the competition.
  • We conduct link building (an essential SEO process) by creating natural-looking link profiles to help websites grow.
  • A vital aspect of any strong SEO strategy is to include innovative and efficient technical SEO techniques, which is something our experts handle with diligence.
  • High-quality content is vital to any SEO strategy. Therefore, at NUOPTIMA, we have a team of reputable copywriters using the latest techniques to help our clients’ websites draw more visitors and ultimately improve rankings in search engines.

NUOPTIMA has also hosted several successful accelerators in the recent past, assisting businesses. One accelerator was for Amazon brands and one on the importance of a robust SEO strategy. Attendees to these accelerators included Naturecan, Techstars, Contingent, and Business Insider. This validates us as authorities within this field and displays our in-depth knowledge and expertise.  

If you own a cryptocurrency business, there is no better option when looking to scale your brand than enlisting the help of a reputable and qualified SEO agency, such as NUOPTIMA. We have a long list of satisfied clients that we have helped to rank higher within SERPs due to our innovative and effective SEO strategies. If you would like to learn more about how our SEO services can scale your crypto brand, book a free discovery call with our expert team today.

List of Top Cryptocurrency Accelerators 

Cryptocurrency AcceleratorsStarted InLocationDescription
Binance2017MaltaBased in Valletta, Malta, Binance invests in tech teams who are building the decentralised web and positively impacting the crypto space. It is the globe’s leading digital currency exchange system.
GBV Capital2020Cayman IslandsFocusing on early-stage projects, GBV Capital invests in teams developing meaningful solutions through blockchain technology. It aims to increase value and instigate growth for companies and founders in the industry.
Magic Fund2017United StatesBased in the United States, this early-stage venture capital is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and supports numerous industries including cryptocurrency, fintech, and SaaS. To date, it has made almost 140 investments.
DeFi Alliance2020Founded in 2020, DeFi Alliance is the leading Web3 accelerator. It offers access to its large community and network to help entrepreneurs get the funding and support they need.
Draper Goren Holm2018United StatesThis fintech venture studio is based in the United States. It focuses its investments on early-stage projects in the blockchain space. This accelerator has the same team behind numerous big blockchain conferences, such as Global DeFi Summit and LA Blockchain Summit.
FinLab2005GermanyFinLab is a German investment firm founded in 2005 that concentrates on venture capital for start-ups. It supports businesses long-term in the development of financial technology. FinLab has so far made over 34 investments.
Impossible Finance2019United StatesImpossible Finance offers a cryptocurrency business accelerator to support crypto projects. It aims to assist and grow top-tier blockchain projects. Its vision is to make digital finance accessible to everyone. 
Iconic Holding2017Germany Iconic Holding is headquartered in Germany but has offices in Singapore, New York, and Dubai. It is a venture capital group and accelerator programme for early-stage blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. 
COINS GROUP2017ChinaGlobal blockchain ventures can benefit from global capital and marketing resources provided by COINS GROUP to support project development. It is especially interested in companies within the fintech, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and gaming sectors. 
GBIC2017United StatesFounded by Richard Lee, GBIC (or Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) is a global fund that supports blockchain projects through the cryptocurrency and blockchain accelerator. It seeks to assist transformative companies.
DuckDAO2021AustriaFounded in 2021, this is a relatively new accelerator. A network of active investors support DuckDAO – a  community-based digital asset incubator. It seeks to help crypto startups in their early stages with its marketing, knowledge and financial support. 
Western Union Accelerator Powered By TechstarsUnited StatesThis 13-week programme supports entrepreneurs as they develop solutions to issues in the crypto industry. Applications are available six times a year and getting into the programme will get you funding, access to the Techstars network, and professional support.
Dalma Capital2011United Arab EmiratesBased in the United Arab Emirates, Dalma Capital is an investment platform, fund manager and crypto accelerator. It aims to expand the development of the crypto sector by providing investment and expert knowledge to innovative global blockchain businesses.
Aurelia Ventures2016United StatesAurelia Ventures aims to help startup founders scale their brand. It also extends the runway by providing perks worth up to $1.25million. Its website claims to help founders raise up to two and a quarter times faster than they would without Aurelia Ventures help.
PANONY2018Hong KongThis Hong Kong firm is an adviser, incubator, and investor for blockchain and crypto businesses. It provides access to global market resources and in-depth knowledge and expertise. 
Virtual Network1997Switzerland Founded in 1997, this Swiss Internet Group has been supporting digital projects through financing and its incubator programme.mTo date, it has made over 30 investments.
Enry’s Island2013ItalyThis unique incubator and accelerator programme offers services in various locations. It supports startups as they scale through custom programmes. Enry’s Island works to match innovative projects with suitable investments.
Stacks Accelerator 2021Over 12 weeks, Stacks Accelerator invests in start-up teams that are building on the Stacks Blockchain. It is specifically for innovative projects that solve real-world issues, are suited to Stacks, and have founders with a proven history of success.
dlab2018United Statesdlab are based in the US and support start-ups through venture capital and resources as they develop solutions in web3, decentralisation and blockchain tech. It provides up to $250k in funding and access to over 50 mentors.
Startupbootcamp AfriTech2017South Africa This 12-week accelerator aims to support the development of the African tech ecosystem. Startupbootcamp is renowned for accelerating blockchain and tech entrepreneurs. 
BizFamous2016United StatesBased in the United States, BizFamous is a media and finance company that invests in seed stage businesses. It specialises in the media, technology, and cryptocurrency sectors.
Heritage Blocks2018South KoreaFounded in 2018, Heritage Blocks is a Blockchain accelerator designed for the Korean market. It focuses on investment and acceleration for the top cryptocurrency companies.

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