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Local Keywords in Top 10 Positions

Screenshot from Google Analytics illustrating Denver Dentures and Implants’s 569.44% increase in the number of scheduled appointments after enlisting NUOPTIMA’s services.

About Denver Dentures and Implants

Denver Dentures and Implants is a specialized dental surgery based in Colorado, USA, focusing exclusively on dental implants, dentures, and extractions.

They approached NUOPTIMA because they wanted improvements made to their website performance. The primary challenge they faced was that they were not ranking for desired keywords online and, as a result, were not generating as many leads as they had hoped. Denver Dentures and Implants enlisted our professional services to help them optimize their keyword targeting in order to improve the site’s standings in search engine results pages (SERPs) for certain keywords, increasing online visibility, brand awareness, and, ultimately, clients.

A screenshot of the website homepage of Denver Dentures and Implants.


Denver Dentures and Implants Team

Image of Denver Dentures and Implants logo.
Image of Dr. Austin Davis, Chief Marketing Officer at Shared Practices Group.

Dr. Austin Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

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Action Plan & Implementation

To help Denver Dentures and Implants achieve their desired results, we knew that we would need to conduct thorough keyword research, implement keyword mapping, and produce an optimized content strategy for on-page content as well as backlinks. 

Our deliverables were:

  • An in-depth kick-off audit;
  • Technical monitoring and fix requests;
  • 9,000 words of on-page content each month;
  • Six monthly backlinks (3,000 words);
  • Three hours of developer time per month;
  • Monthly tracking reports.

Keyword Strategy

At NUOPTIMA, we understand the importance of a strong local keyword strategy for certain industries, including dentistry. By successfully ranking for local keywords, Denver Dentures and Implants would be more likely to appear in local searches for dental implants, dentures, and extractions, tapping into an interested and geographically relevant demographic.

To achieve this, our goal was to rank their website for local keywords, such as:

  • “dental implants in denver”;
  • “dental implants denver co”;
  • “dentures denver co”;
  • “denver implants”;
  • “best dental implants denver.”

Not only did we achieve this — through keyword-optimized content and keyword mapping throughout the site —  but we managed to rank their site for 32 local keywords in top 10 positions in total (six of these ranked in the top position):

Screenshot from Ahrefs showing Denver Dentures and Implants ranking in the top 10 positions for 32 local keywords.
Screenshot from Ahrefs again showing Denver Dentures and Implants ranking in the top 10 positions for 32 local keywords.

Prior to collaborating with us, in September 2023, Denver Dentures and Implants had three keywords in the top three positions:

Screenshot from Ahrefs showing the three keywords Denver Dentures and Implants ranked in top positions for prior to working with NUOPTIMA.

As of the end of our collaboration in April 2024, the business now ranks for 11 desired keywords in the top three positions. We also improved the ranking of one of their existing keywords, “denver dentures,” from second to first position:

Screenshot from Ahrefs showing the 11 keywords Denver Dentures and Implants now rank in top positions for after collaborating with NUOPTIMA.

Content Strategy

As part of our content strategy, we crafted keyword-rich web pages to optimize the value of their website. These included: 

  • Service pages for each of their provided services, such as “Immediate Full Dentures in Denver” and “Full Mouth Dental Implants in Denver,” in order to better highlight and explain their offerings;
  • Informative blog posts that addressed common pain points and questions, such as “Types of Dental Implants Explained: A Comprehensive Overview” and “How Long After Dental Implants Can I Eat Normally?,” positioning Denver Dentures and Implants as knowledgeable and a point of authority;
  • Creating and placing 47+ backlinks on relevant websites with a high domain authority, helping to improve the clinic’s credibility and visibility. 

Website Performance After Collaborating With NUOPTIMA

Denver Dentures and Implants invested in our services from September 2023 until April 2024. As a result of our comprehensive keyword and content strategies, we were able to substantially improve their online performance across numerous metrics. Let’s now explore in detail how their site performance has improved from our professional services: 

Screenshot from Google Analytics illustrating Denver Dentures and Implants’s 569.44% increase in the number of scheduled appointments after enlisting NUOPTIMA’s services.
Screenshot from Google Analytics demonstrating Denver Dentures and Implants’s 43.14% increase in calls since collaborating with NUOPTIMA.

These first two screenshots demonstrate how we significantly increased the number of leads for Denver Dentures and Implants by 6x! 

Within the seven months of working with us, they saw a 569.44% increase in the number of scheduled appointments (241 scheduling forms were filled out). Moreover, they also saw an impressive increase in the number of calls: a 43.14% increase (73 calls).

Let’s now consider some other significant results we garnered for the practice:

Note: This data conveys metrics of the company from August 2023 (08/01/2023 – 08/31/2023) compared against the same metrics collated from mid-March to mid-April 2024 (03/20/2024 – 04/20/2024).

A screenshot from Google Search Console demonstrating Denver Dentures and Implants improved website performance from total clicks, total impressions, and average search results position from August 2023 - April 2024.
  • Total Clicks: This metric refers to the number of times users clicked on the site’s URL from SERPs. We can see that this figure has increased from 161 to 298 total clicks, equating to an approximate increase of 85.1% since investing in our services.
  • Total Impressions: This illustrates how many times a web page from Denver Dentures and Implants appeared on users’ search results. In August, total impressions were 21.4K. This increased by roughly 150.9% to 53.7K!
  • Average Position: This metric illustrates the average ranking of your site across Google SERPs, and once again, we can see great results. The average position of the site has risen from 35.8 to 22.1, an improvement of 38.3%. This means the website’s search result ranking got significantly better.

And, if we analyze the data from Google Analytics, we can see that conversions have gone up by 333.33% on desktop and 171.43% on mobile since we began working with Denver Dentures and Implants. A conversion is when a site visitor completes a desired goal, such as making a purchase or filling out a form:

A screenshot from Google Analytics showcasing Denver Dentures and Implants’s site improvement in terms of conversions since they started working with NUOPTIMA.

As we have shown through this case study, Denver Dentures and Implants is now in a much better position after using our services. We have managed to rank them for numerous desired keywords — including local terms — efficiently optimized their site, and have vastly improved their performance on SERPs. This means they can now enjoy increased brand awareness, credibility, and visibility online, helping to drive growth to their specialized dental practice.

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Dentist Hits 6x Increase in Leads in 180 Days

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