Hex Performance – Sports Laundry Detergent – Amazon PPC Campaign Results in Six Figure Sales in Just 8 Months

Seven Figures

Combined PPC and Organic Revenue


PPC Product Orders


Amazon PPC Impressions

About Hex Performance

Hex Performance is an awesome company that’s changing the game when it comes to cleaning and laundry care products. They’re all about delivering top-notch cleaning power while keeping things eco-friendly. Founded in 2012, these guys have made a name for themselves by shaking up the traditional detergent scene and making it better.

The team at Hex Performance knows that regular detergents just don’t cut it. They leave behind residue, create build-up, and can’t handle tough stains and odours. Hex Performance has developed fantastic formulas that give you mind-blowing results without harming the planet.

The secret sauce behind Hex Performance’s success is their special tech called Hex Molecule. This genius invention works at the teeny-tiny molecular level to dive deep into your fabrics, kick out stains, and make odours disappear. Say goodbye to grime and hello to fresh, clean clothes that look and smell amazing!

And get this. You can find Hex Performance products on Amazon. So, whether you need to tackle sweat, dirt, oils, or bacteria, their lineup has got you covered. Best of all, their detergents are safe for you and Mother Earth because they ditch all the nasty stuff like harsh chemicals and optical brighteners.

Hex Performance is rocking the cleaning world with their effective, eco-friendly solutions. Get ready to level up your laundry game with these awesome products!


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Hex Performance Team

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Head of Marketing

Action Plan

Hex Performance approached us to help them with PPC advertising for their Amazon store. With our deep expertise and proven track record in maximising PPC campaigns, we were a great partner to help Hex Performance achieve their business goals.

One main reason Hex Performance sought out assistance was to supercharge their visibility and reach on Amazon. As a growing company, Hex Performance understood the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace. Our knowledge of Amazon’s advertising platform and ability to optimise PPC campaigns meant that Hex Performance could gain a competitive edge and increase their chances of being discovered by more customers.

NUOPTIMA’s expertise in PPC also helped Hex Performance make the most of their advertising budget. With precise targeting, strategic bidding strategies, and continuous campaign optimisation, we were able to maximise the ROI for Hex Performance. This meant that every dollar spent on advertising had the potential to generate more sales and drive business growth.

Our data-driven approach also allowed Hex Performance to gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour, keyword performance, and market trends. This information proved invaluable for refining Hex Performance’s overall marketing strategy and making informed decisions to drive future growth.

By partnering with NUOPTIMA for their Amazon PPC needs, Hex Performance unlocked a powerful tool for boosting their brand visibility, increasing sales, and optimising their advertising budget. Together, we formed a winning combination that propelled the company’s success on Amazon’s competitive marketplace.

Customer Review

Keyword Bidding and Organic Approach

In an effort to boost sales on Amazon, we implemented a strategy of increasing the aggressiveness of keyword bidding. However, upon analysis, we discovered that this approach didn’t lead to a significant increase in order volume. Instead, we observed that the increased PPC spending appeared to cannibalise their organic keyword performance. 

Recognising the need for a more sustainable long-term solution, we shifted Hex Performance’s focus towards improving organic impressions and positions. They soon understood that achieving better visibility in organic search results would have a more impactful and enduring effect on sales.

By prioritising organic keyword optimisation, we aimed to increase Hex Performance’s brand visibility to a broader Amazon audience without solely relying on paid advertising. Enhancing their organic search rankings would drive more traffic to their listings and foster stronger customer trust and loyalty.

This strategic shift in focus demonstrates the commitment to pursuing sustainable growth on the Amazon platform. By balancing PPC efforts with a focus on organic impressions and positions, we aimed to achieve a more holistic and effective sales strategy for long-term success.

Amazon ad spend fluctuation throughout the campaign period.

Special Offers

We implemented various Amazon deals to help attract customers and drive sales. We utilised different tactics, including adding coupons and running lightning deals. These strategies aimed to offer enticing discounts and incentives to shoppers, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversions.

By adding coupons, Hex Performance customers were able to save money on selected products. These digital coupons could be applied at checkout, giving buyers an instant price reduction and encouraging them to make a purchase on Amazon.

Additionally, we took advantage of Amazon lightning deals. These time-limited promotions offered significant discounts on select products for a short period. We strategically scheduled lightning deals in February to create a sense of urgency and drive customer engagement during that time frame.

These Amazon deals allowed Hex Performance to effectively capture the attention of potential customers and incentivise them to choose their products over competitors. By combining coupons and lightning deals, we created an attractive value proposition that enticed shoppers to make a purchase within the specified promotional period.




Six Figures

PPC Sales Generated



Hex Performance achieved some outstanding results during their 32-week contract with NUOPTIMA. They experienced a remarkable 6x ROAS, generating six figure PPC sales and achieving an improved 17% ACOS.

Ad Spend vs Total Sales

  • Hex Performance ran Amazon PPC ads over a 32-week period which resulted in six figure PPC sales.

PPC Ad Sales

  • The sales generated during the Amazon PPC campaign fluctuated due to issues with stock availability.
  • Hex Performance still produced some impressive sales figures, with the highlight being week 20, when we sold five figures worth of products in 7 days via Amazon ads.
  • Sales then took a drop following the unavailability of stock, which resulted in the PPC being switched off to not waste spend.

Organic Sales

  • As ad spend of this value is not always possible, we assisted with an organic marketing strategy to ensure continued sales and an improved 6x ROAS.
  • Total organic sales for the 32-week contract hit six figures.

Total Sales Minus PPC Spend

  • The total Amazon sales for PPC and organic for the entire contract period were seven figures.


Our partnership with Hex Performance in managing their PPC ads on Amazon has yielded impressive results. Hex Performance’s decision to seek the expertise of the NUOPTIMA team has proven to be a game-changer for their business.

One of the standout achievements is the remarkable 6x ROAS that Hex Performance experienced by the end of the 8-month contract. This outstanding result demonstrates the effectiveness of NUOPTIMA’s strategic approach in driving sales and maximising the impact of every advertising dollar spent. Hex Performance’s investment in PPC has paid off, generating six figures in PPC sales. This substantial revenue boost validates the campaign’s success and highlights the potential of PPC advertising on Amazon as a powerful sales driver.

Another key metric that showcases the effectiveness of NUOPTIMA’s efforts is the 17% ACOS. The reduced ACOS of 17% from the 46% mid-campaign point signifies the optimisation and efficiency achieved by targeting the right audience, refining bidding strategies, and continually optimising the PPC campaigns.

These impressive results highlight the tangible benefits that come with partnering with specialised marketing agencies. Hex Performance has achieved not only remarkable sales growth but also gained valuable insights into consumer behaviour and market trends.

Overall, Hex Performance’s Amazon PPC ads have proven to be a great success, leading to substantial revenue growth, a remarkable ROAS, and a highly efficient advertising cost of sales. We also managed to reduce their ad spend and help boost their organic sales, setting the stage for continued success and growth in the future. Working with our marketing and growth team undoubtedly positioned Hex Performance as a dominant player in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Hex Performance – Sports Laundry Detergent – Amazon PPC Campaign Results in Six Figure Sales in Just 8 Months

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