How This B2B SaaS Hit 874 First-Page Keywords and 253 Quality Links


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About Kolleno

Kolleno, a London-based B2B SaaS company, specializes in transforming financial operations for businesses. Over 1,000 companies trust their platform to simplify receivables, payments, and reconciliation processes. Their tools integrate seamlessly with existing finance systems, which not only minimizes manual labor and errors but also offers real-time insights, customizable workflows, and automated collection tasks. This innovative approach has proven effective, with clients seeing a significant reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and an increase in on-time payments, leading to an average of two days per week saved in manual work.

At the heart of Kolleno’s success is its use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies prioritize and automate workflows, enhancing the efficiency of credit control and customer payment experiences. Although they were growing at a healthy rate with their small in-house marketing team, they recognized the benefits of reaching out to NUOPTIMA as a B2B SaaS growth agency to help expand their reach. 


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From looking at their top-performing pages, we can see our SEO campaign for Kolleno yielded impressive results. A total of 85,000 words were carefully crafted and published, contributing to an improved online presence. This content push played a pivotal role in propelling 874 keywords to the first page of search engine results, a clear indicator of the campaign’s effectiveness in enhancing Kolleno’s visibility and searchability. Additionally, the strategy successfully secured 253 quality backlinks from reputable sources, further solidifying Kolleno’s authority and trustworthiness in the SaaS space. These combined efforts not only enhanced Kolleno’s SEO performance but also established a strong foundation for its ongoing organic growth and success.

Organic Traffic

  • Once Kolleno published the content, traffic began rising and went up 48x from when we started working with them in October 2022.

Traffic Value

  • During March 2023, the traffic value began to rise as the impact of our SEO strategy started to take effect. It went from an average of $1.5k to an impressive $12,491 in September 2023.

Organic Keywords

  • Keywords ranking in positions 1-3 on Google search results went from only 1 when we started working with them to a much healthier 59 following the rollout of our content.
  • Reffering domains have continued in a positive direction, going up from 123 in October 2022 to 253 as of November 2023.

How We Achieved These Results

Our strategy to boost Kolleno’s organic traffic involved a targeted technical SEO audit, focusing on key areas like site speed, mobile responsiveness, and URL structure, alongside a site structure audit for optimal search engine indexing. We provided specialized technical optimization advice, including schema markup, metadata optimization, and site architecture improvements, and utilized Google Webmaster Tools for detailed performance monitoring.

The strategy also encompassed site speed enhancement and comprehensive keyword research tailored to align with Kolleno’s services and customer search patterns. We conducted a rigorous content audit to evaluate SEO effectiveness and identify improvement areas while also analyzing external factors like backlinks and market competition.

Throughout this project, we ensured transparency with Kolleno, delivering regular, detailed reports on SEO progress, including improvements in search rankings, web traffic, and key performance metrics. This approach kept Kolleno actively involved and informed, demonstrating our commitment to delivering impactful results.

Project Preparation

In the initial phase of our project for Kolleno, we concentrated on establishing a robust foundation for the SEO campaign. Our efforts began with monitoring Kolleno’s website positions in search engines and closely analyzing the website traffic. This provided us with essential insights into their online presence and user interactions.

We also conducted an in-depth analysis of Kolleno’s business model. Clarifying the target audience in collaboration with Kolleno enabled us to refine our strategy to attract and engage the right segments.

Keyword Research

We carried out an exercise to identify and organize the most effective keywords for the Kolleno site. This involved compiling an extensive list of potential phrases, drawing from a variety of sources to ensure a well-rounded selection.

A significant part of our research involved analyzing Kolleno’s competitors. We identified their websites in search results and meticulously collected the keywords they were ranking for. This not only provided us with insights into the competitive landscape but also helped us uncover additional valuable keywords. Here is an example of data we looked at from their main competitors:

Beyond traditional sources, we also gathered search suggestions, which are often indicative of trending and long-tail keywords. Analyzing the search engine results pages (SERPs) gave us further insights into the types of content ranking for our chosen keywords and how we could tailor Kolleno’s content to compete effectively.

Once we had a comprehensive list of keywords, we grouped them into clusters. This clustering was based on relevance and search intent, ensuring that each group represented a distinct aspect of Kolleno’s business. Finally, we assigned these keyword groups to relevant pages on their website, laying the groundwork for targeted content optimization and a cohesive SEO strategy.

Content Optimisation

Our SaaS content strategy was meticulously crafted to enhance the website’s relevance and appeal to both search engines and users. This involved a series of key actions, including the following:

Analysis of Heading Tags (H1-H6)Conducted a thorough analysis of heading tags across the website, evaluating the length, presence, and order of H1 to H6 tags to ensure effective content structuring and emphasis on key points.
Plagiarism CheckChecked all website pages for plagiarism to maintain content originality and integrity, ensuring Kolleno’s content was unique and valuable.
Content Relevance CheckEvaluated the relevance of existing content on the website, ensuring alignment with Kolleno’s business goals and the target audience’s needs and interests.
Content Quality AnalysisRigorously analyzed quality, assessing readability, engagement level, and the inclusion of relevant keywords while maintaining a natural text flow.
Content Plan CreationCreated a detailed content plan based on the analysis, outlining content types, topics, and a schedule for content creation and publication.
Optimization of Titles and DescriptionsRevised and optimized title tags and meta descriptions for each page to improve click-through rates and ensure content relevance.
Heading Tags OptimizationCreated and corrected H1-H6 heading tags to effectively structure content and highlight key information in a user-friendly and SEO-friendly manner.
Enhancing Uninformative PagesAdded relevant and engaging material to new or uninformative pages, enhancing visitor value and improving search engine rankings.
Writing New ArticlesWrote new articles with a mix of informational and transactional content tailored to Kolleno’s audience and SEO goals.
Publishing Optimized ContentPublished new, optimized pages and articles, ensuring proper formatting, relevant keyword inclusion, and alignment with the overall content strategy.

Below are screenshots taken from their top-performing pages for traffic volume so you can see the key aspects we included as part of the article structure:


The SEO campaign for Kolleno demonstrates the impact of a strategic digital approach. Through meticulous planning, execution, and continuous optimization, we achieved remarkable results that significantly elevated Kolleno’s online presence and authority.

The creation of 85,000 words of targeted, high-quality content was a cornerstone of our plan, laying the groundwork for improved engagement and visibility. The successful ranking of 874 keywords complemented this effort on the first page of search results, a clear indicator of the campaign’s effectiveness in boosting Kolleno’s search engine visibility. Moreover, the acquisition of 253 quality backlinks from reputable sources further cemented Kolleno’s position as a trusted and authoritative player in the industry.

These achievements not only reflect the immediate success of the campaign but also set the stage for sustained growth and online presence. The increase in first-page keyword rankings and the robust backlink profile have laid a solid foundation for Kolleno’s future SEO endeavors, ensuring long-term benefits and continued improvement in its digital marketing efforts.
For B2B SaaS businesses looking to replicate Kolleno’s success and reach a broader audience, we offer expert SEO support tailored to your unique needs. Reach out to NUOPTIMA today to explore how we can help transform your digital strategy and achieve remarkable results in the software industry.

How This B2B SaaS Hit 874 First-Page Keywords and 253 Quality Links

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