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35 LinkedIn Statistics for 2023

April 7, 2023 10 minutes
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LinkedIn is the globe’s largest online professional network. It allows business professionals to interact, share, and learn. This year marks its 20th year since its launch, but how does it stack up as a social media platform in 2023? For instance:

  • How many employees does LinkedIn have? 
  • Are there more male or female platform users? 
  • How many recruiters use LinkedIn? 

Enjoy this article to learn 35 important LinkedIn stats. 

Top 6 LinkedIn Statistics 

  • When Did LinkedIn launch?

LinkedIn was launched in 2003, making it two decades old! Many social media platforms that have been around for a long time have witnessed a decline in interest and popularity. LinkedIn, however, is still a hugely popular site with many active users despite its age. 

  • Who Has the Largest Following?

Bill Gates, the co-founder of technology giant Microsoft, has the largest LinkedIn following, with over 36 million followers! His following far surpasses any other person. Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, is the second most-followed user on LinkedIn, with nearly 20 million followers. 

  • Which Organisation Has the Most Followers?

The company account with the most followers is Amazon, with 29.7 million (as of March 2023). Google is second with 28.1 million followers. 

  • How Many LinkedIn Users Are There?

As of 2023, LinkedIn has 900 million users. Of these, 310 million are Monthly Active Users (MAUs) on LinkedIn. Its users have been increasing year-on-year, with 875 million users in 2022, 810 million in 2021, and 722 million in 2020. This is illustrated in the graph below:

  • How Many Users Are Looking for Jobs Weekly?

According to LinkedIn’s published statistics, 49 million people are using the platform to look for jobs weekly. 

  • How Many Companies Are Listed? 

As of 2023, over 58.4 million companies are listed on this social media platform. 

Top LinkedIn Statistics Summarised
Year Launched2003
Person With the Largest FollowingBill Gates (Over 36 Million Followers)
Organisation With Largest FollowingAmazon (29.7 Million Followers)
Number of Users on LinkedIn900 Million (310 Million MAUs)
Users Looking For Jobs Weekly49 Million
Number of Companies ListedMore Than 58.4 Million

4 Major LinkedIn Company Statistics

  • What is LinkedIn’s Annual Revenue? 

In 2022, LinkedIn’s annual revenue amounted to over $13.8 billion. This figure has increased every year. This increase is thought to be driven by marketing solutions. Below you can see LinkedIn’s annual revenue from 2017-2022:

  • 2017: $2.27 billion
  • 2018: $5.25 billion
  • 2019: $6.75 billion
  • 2020: $8.05 billion
  • 2021: $10.28 billion
  • 2022: $13.81 billion

  • How Many Offices Does LinkedIn Have?

LinkedIn has 36 offices around the world. 10 of these offices are in the US, including Bellevue, Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC. The remaining 26 are located internationally, including offices in Amsterdam, Dublin, Munich, London, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

  • How Many Employees Does LinkedIn Have?

LinkedIn currently employs 21 thousand people, including over 19 thousand full-time workers. Furthermore, females represent almost 42% of LinkedIn’s leadership.

  • What is LinkedIn’s Global Membership?

The platform’s 900 million users are from 200 regions and countries across the globe. 

Here is how its membership breaks down:

  • Asia-Pacific: 254 million+
  • Europe: 236 million+
  • North America: 220 million+
  • Latin America: 141 million+
  • Middle East and Africa: 52 million+
LinkedIn Company Statistics Summarised
Annual RevenueOver $13.8 Billion in 2022
Number of Offices36
Number of Employees21 Thousand
Global MembershipLinkedIn Members Are From 200 Regions and Countries Worldwide

4 Interesting LinkedIn User Statistics 

  • How Many Schools Are Listed?

LinkedIn has a community of more than 129 thousand schools on its platform. This allows schools to connect with former employees as well as

 advertise their school courses to young professionals on the site. Plus, alums can also connect with their schools and previous classmates.

  • Do Males or Females Use the Platform More? 

As of January 2023, male users accounted for 56.3% of all LinkedIn users, while female users accounted for 43.7%. Other social media platforms that have a higher proportion of male users include YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The following pie chart demonstrates this gender divide:

  • What is the Most Popular Age Demographic of LinkedIn Users?

As of January 2023:

  • 60% of all LinkedIn users were between the ages of 25-34. 
  • The second highest age demographic was 18-24 year-olds, amounting to 21.7%.
  • 35-54 year-olds accounted for 15.4%.
  • Those 55 and older comprised just 2.9%.
  • Which Countries Have the Largest User Base?

Statista announced that the US has the largest LinkedIn user base, with 200 million users as of January 2023. This means that over 22% of LinkedIn’s total users are located in the US. This figure is far higher than any other country. India has the second largest user base, with an audience reach of 99 million, accounting for 11% of the platform’s total users.

LinkedIn User Statistics Summarised 
Number of Schools ListedOver 129 Thousand
Gender of Users56.3% Male
Most Popular Age of LinkedIn Users25-34 Year Olds (60%)
Country With Largest User BaseUS (200 Million)

3 Insightful LinkedIn Usage Statistics 

  • Is there Any Post Engagement From Employees?

A 2021 LinkedIn blog revealed an interesting insight into business post engagement. When businesses post content, 30% of engagement (such as liking, commenting, and sharing) comes from their own employees. Furthermore, employees are 14 times more likely to share their business’s content compared to other types of content. 

  • Has There Been an Increase in Engagement?

In the most recent Quarter 4 of 2022, LinkedIn witnessed record levels of engagement, with 18% growth reported in total user sessions. Furthermore, three people sign up for the platform every second.

  • What is the Most Followed Hashtag?

According to follower count, as of 2022, the top LinkedIn hashtag is ‘#India’ (67.6 million). Hashtags that compose the rest of the top five are ‘#Innovation’ (38.8 million), ‘#Management’ (36 million), ‘#HumanResources’ (33.2 million), and ‘#DigitalMarketing’ (27.4 million). The bar chart below illustrates just how popular ‘#India’ is compared to other top-ranking hashtags.

LinkedIn Usage Statistics Summarised
Business Post Engagement30% From Employees
Engagement Increase18% Growth in Total User Sessions (Quarter 4 of 2022)
Most Followed Hashtag#India (67.6 Million Follower Count)

4 Engaging LinkedIn Advertising Statistics 

  • How are the Conversion Rates?

LinkedIn announced that marketers witness up to two times higher conversion rates on its platform, making it an excellent choice for marketers looking to widen their reach.

  • What is the Advertising Reach?

A LinkedIn advert has the potential to reach 14.6% of the globe’s population over the age of 18. This demonstrates how far-reaching and powerful the platform can be for advertising.

  • How Many B2B Marketers Use LinkedIn for Content Marketing?

As seen in the chart below, as many as 97% of B2B marketers use the platform for content marketing. Additionally, 80% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn ads. This makes LinkedIn the top-paid social network for B2B marketers. 

  • Does Ad Exposure Increase Purchase Intent?

LinkedIn has revealed that businesses have seen a 33% increase in purchase intent as a result of ad exposure on the platform. 

LinkedIn Advertising Statistics Summarised 
Conversion RateUp to 2X Higher
Advertising Reach14.6% of the Worldwide Population Over 18 Years-Old
Percentage of B2B Marketers Using LinkedIn for Content Marketing97%
Increase in Purchase Intent From Ad Exposure33%

8 Fascinating LinkedIn Marketing Statistics

  •  What Sort of People Use the Platform?

According to the platform, more than 65 million users of LinkedIn are business decision-makers. This illustrates that LinkedIn is a hive for business-minded individuals. 

  • Do Active Pages Get More Page Views?

Businesses with active and detailed business pages get five times more page views. This illustrates the importance of keeping your business LinkedIn profile up-to-date and accurate to attract more views and interest.

  • Is it Good for B2B Lead Generation?

LinkedIn has been rated the top platform in terms of B2B lead generation. Over 75% of B2B content marketers say that LinkedIn brings the best organic results of any social media platform. 

  • When is the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn?

The best times to post on LinkedIn to increase engagement are:

  • Friday at 9 am
  • Thursday at 9 am
  • Thursday between 1 and 2 pm
  • Wednesday between 8 and 10 am
  • Are Weekly Posts Effective?

LinkedIn pages that post on a weekly basis have 5.6 times more followers than ones that post on a monthly basis. Moreover, pages that post weekly find their following grow seven times faster than pages with monthly postings. 

  • How Many People Use Creator Mode?

In 2021 alone, 5.5 million people turned on LinkedIn’s Creator Mode. This profile setting helps users expand their reach and influence on the platform. Creator mode also gives users access to creator analytics (including both audience and post analytics).

  • How Effective is Live Streaming?

Live streams are more effective for engagement than regular videos. Indeed, research has shown that live streams get an average of 24 times more comments and seven times more reactions than normal videos. Therefore, live streaming is effective for brands looking to increase brand awareness and engagement. 

  • How Effective is Adding Images to Posts?

Data has shown that an image on a post can increase overall engagement. Indeed, even a simple stock photo can create 650% more engagements than a post with only text. Plus, high-quality visual content makes it 80% more likely for a user to read the accompanying written content. 

LinkedIn Marketing Statistics Summarised
Number of Business Decision Makers on LinkedInOver 65 Million
Active Pages Get More Page Views5X More Page Views
Ranking of the Platform for B2B Lead Generation1st
Best Times to PostWednesday 8 am to 10 amThursday at 9 am and 1 pm to 2 pmFriday at 9 am
Pages With Weekly PostsHave 5.6X More Followers
Number of Users Who Turned on Creator Mode in 20215.5 Million 
Live Streaming Effectiveness Compared to Regular Video24X More Comments7X More Reactions
Images on PostsCan Create 650% More Engagements, and Users are 80% More Likely to Read Accompanying Written Content

6 Exciting LinkedIn Hiring and Recruiting Statistics

  • How Many Skills Are Listed?

As of March 2023, there are 39 thousand skills listed on LinkedIn. Furthermore, there have been 365 million skills added to profiles by members over the past 12 months. 

  • Has There Been An Increase in Hires?

The latest data shows that in 2022, hiring was up 88% year-over-year. Therefore, many people looking for work have been successful. 

  • How Many Job Seekers Use LinkedIn?

While LinkedIn is not the most popular platform for job seeking (this award goes to Indeed), it comes in at a joint second place. 57% of people state they use the platform to look for jobs, as displayed in the below chart:

  • How Many Job Applications Are Submitted Every Second?

LinkedIn allows people to submit job applications directly on the platform. An average of 95 people submit a job application on LinkedIn every second. This equates to over eight million job applications sent every day!

  • How Many People Are Hired Every Minute?

For every minute that passes, six people are hired on this professional network (over 3.1 million a year). Employers are able to see potential candidates’ profiles, networks, and portfolios on the platform, helping them to make a decision on who is qualified and a good fit for their business. 

  • What Percentage of Recruiters Use LinkedIn?

Over 70% of recruiters use the platform to hire fresh talent. And 77% of hirers believe that people hired through LinkedIn are better skilled and more reputable than those found through other methods and websites.

LinkedIn Hiring and Recruiting Statistics Summarised 
Number of Skills Listed39 Thousand
Increase in Hires 202288% Increase Year-Over-Year
Percentage of People Using LinkedIn to Look for Work57%
Job Applications Submitted Each Second95
Number of People Hired Each Minute6
Percentage of Recruiters Using LinkedIn to Find Fresh TalentOver 70%


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