MarketFinance, Fintech Giant Raised Over £500m Increases Organic Traffic by 250% over COVID

MarketFinance, Fintech Giant Raised Over £500m Increases Organic Traffic by 250% over COVID

July 12, 2024


Traffic increase


Traffic value


Unique visitors

Market Finance saw a 250% increase in organic traffic with NUOPTIMA

About Market Finance

Market Finance is a British finance and invoicing lender. They were the first company to allow businesses to borrow against outstanding invoices and raised over £500m from VCs and incumbent banks such as Barclays and Santander.

Market Finance approached NUOPTIMA when they saw the huge growth Alphagreen.io, the CBD marketplace, was undergoing as NUOPTIMA scaled the internal content team. We were engaged during COVID to help launch new financial products and ensure they capitalised on the changing search patterns from consumers, including bounce back loans.

MarketFinance is the leading fintech for invoice financing in the UK


Market Finance Team

Zubair Mohammad

Head of Marketing

Robyn Schuleman

Content and Editorial Lead

Responsible NUOPTIMA Team

Viktor Bartak

SEO Lead

Isobel O’Sullivan


Isabelle Day


Katie Lestner


Action Plan


Months engagement 


COVID waves

NUOPTIMA has worked with the Market Finance team for nearly two years. During this time, the SEO goals have changed as the UK has come in and out of COVID waves. As a result, financial regulation also adapted, which meant there were a regular new wave of financial products that Market Finance could offer.

Given SEO can sometimes take 3-6 months to see effects, it was imperative that we worked closely with the Market Finance team to predict the need for future financial products and write content in advance of search traffic.




Average domain rating

Market Finance regularly generates authoritative press links from a strong PR team. Therefore, NUOPTIMA focused on building relevant links from sites that were contextually relevant. To Google, contextual links are highly valuable and help drive the correct rankings to your domain.

NUOPTIMA focused on building links in the Business and Financial industries 

As a result, Market Finance saw a 3.2x increase in referring domains throughout our engagement. During this time, we have also garnered a strong roster of financial and business publications, relevant for a wide variety of B2B segments.   

3.2x increase in referring domains for Market Finance

Content Writing


Words written


Articles written 

After analysing the competitive SEO space, hunting for the green space opportunities and meeting business needs, we regularly presented high-quality content plans for the Market Finance team. Every few months, the team would batch approve and discuss the content for the following months before our writers began.

Content plans varied from being covid-related and timely to highly technical pieces focusing on the intricacies of financial products.


By MarketFinance

5 Ways Covid-19 Has Accelerated Software Development


By MarketFinance

What is Hybrid Work and Will it Work for My Business


By MarketFinance

How to Apply for CBILs


By MarketFinance

5 Types of Alternative Funding for SMEs

As a result of the content writing and backlinks, Market Finance saw a 250% increase in organic traffic. 

Huge 250% increase in organic traffic when working with NUOPTIMA

Technical SEO

We also conducted one-off in-depth SEO audits for Market Finance as they transitioned their website and blog. This involved our SEO specialists spending 2 to 3 days taking a complete deep dive into the Market Finance site and producing an actionable report. This was a 39-page report for their development and content team. It also included a strategy session to discuss any open questions. 

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