Pzizz’s Traffic Skyrockets by 228% Resulting in 40x App Installs

Pzizz’s Traffic Skyrockets by 228% Resulting in 40x App Installs

July 12, 2024


Organic Traffic Increase


Organic Keyword Increase


Best Sleep Apps for iPhone

About Pzizz

Pzizz is a company that offers a unique solution to help people improve their sleep and relaxation. Their flagship product is a mobile app that uses a combination of soundscapes, music, and voiceover to create a personalised sleep and relaxation experience.

Pzizz’s app has been designed to address the growing need for better sleep and relaxation in today’s fast-paced world. By combining clinically-proven techniques with state-of-the-art technology, Pzizz provides an effective solution to help people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

Their app is highly customisable, allowing users to personalise their sleep and relaxation experience to their unique preferences. Users can choose from a variety of soundscapes, music, and voiceover options, as well as adjust the volume, duration, and intensity of each element. The app also includes features such as a sleep tracker and a power nap mode to help users optimise their sleep and relaxation.

Their app has already helped millions of people around the world improve their sleep, and the company continues to innovate and improve their offerings to help even more people in the future.


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Pzizz Team

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Chief Executive Officer

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Director of Marketing

Action Plan

When we first started working with Pzizz, there were concerns about irrelevant traffic to their website. Pzizz had noticed that despite high website traffic, their conversion rate was not increasing, indicating that the visitors to their website were not their target audience.

We began our analysis by conducting an in-depth SEO audit of Pzizz’s website, revealing that their website received significant traffic from irrelevant keywords. Their original content contained a lot of information on generic sleep topics, such as ‘fabrics for bedding,’ ‘most comfortable mattresses,’ and ‘sleeping pills.’ This meant the visitors were not actually interested in downloading the sleep app, leading to a lack of conversions.

To address this issue, we devised a comprehensive SEO strategy that involved optimising Pzizz’s website for relevant keywords, creating high-quality content to engage with the target audience, and implementing technical SEO improvements to enhance the website’s user experience.

As a result of the SEO strategy, Pzizz experienced a significant increase in organic traffic from their target audience, leading to a surge in app downloads and an improvement in their ROI. Pzizz was now in a position to find people with sleep problems and position their sleep app as the solution.

Keyword Research

Our Head of SEO conducted a thorough analysis of Pzizz’s website using Ahrefs (an SEO tool) to identify relevant keywords that could drive bottom-funnel traffic to their website. During the analysis, we discovered that keywords related to iPhone apps had high intent and search volume and were relatively easy to rank for.

KeywordCurrent positionVolume
free sleep apps for iphone1600
best free sleep apps for iphone1100
sleep apps for iphone170
best sleep apps for iphone160
relaxing sounds to fall asleep to160
sounds for concentration3150
noises to help you sleep4250
sounds to help you sleep53900
productivity apps iphone5600
bedtime app iphone5350
best iphone apps for productivity5350
best iphone sleep tracker5150
best iphone apps productivity5150
sleep tracker app iphone6100
best ios sleep tracker6100

Bottom-Funnel Content

Bottom-funnel content for Pzizz is highly effective in driving conversions and increasing app downloads. One strategy we adopted was to create listicles that compare different types of apps available on the market. These listicles were optimised for relevant keywords such as “best sleep apps”, “top meditation apps”, and “compare sleep apps” to attract users who are actively searching for these types of apps.

By providing informative and comparative content, we have established the Pzizz brand as a reliable source of information for potential users. This has helped to highlight Pzizz’s unique features and benefits, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and more installs. With the right bottom-funnel content strategy, Pzizz effectively engages with potential app users and positions itself as a leader in the sleeping aid industry.

Sticky Banner

We implemented a sticky banner which proved to be an essential tool for promoting Pzizz’s website and app downloads. This banner stays fixed on the home page, ensuring maximum visibility and exposure. By using sticky banners, Pzizz can prominently display its call-to-action, encouraging visitors to download the sleep app.

Sticky banners are particularly useful for mobile users (Pzizz’s target audience) as it ensures the app download button is always within reach and doesn’t get lost in the content. This makes it easier for users to engage with Pzizz’s app and ultimately increases app installs.



Monthly Traffic Increase


Relevant Keyword Increase


App installs

The results of our SEO efforts for Pzizz have been impressive. With carefully calculated ROI from SEO, we can confidently estimate that the more content and pages we have on the website, the faster Pzizz grows. Based on current growth rates, we expect to have a 10x increase in traffic and installs in the next 5-9 months.

App installs

  • By tracking data from one sticky banner alone, we found that it drove around 150-200 installs per month. This number is likely an underestimate since some people may not click on the exact links.
  • We estimate that around 450 people landed on the blog, clicked on the Pzizz homepage, and then installed the app, resulting in another 150 installs. In total, we estimate that the SEO efforts have driven a minimum of 150 installs, with a potential 30% conversion rate.
  • To make SEO a profitable channel, we need to increase the number of installs by 10x, which is achievable since we were able to increase the number of installs from blog SEO traffic by roughly 30x in less than four months from the start of the project.

Organic Traffic

  • Organic traffic increased by 227% from 5,653 to 18,523

Organic Keywords

  • Organic keyword rankings in positions 1-3 have increased from 76 to 120

  • Organic keyword rankings on the first page have shot up from 343 to 980

  • Organic keyword rankings between 11-20 have gone from 488 to 1,697


Pzizz had been struggling to attract relevant traffic to its website and convert those visitors into app installs. We provided a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including keyword tactics, carefully structured long-form content, banners, and strategic tracking to address this issue.

Thanks to our expertise, Pzizz was able to increase its website traffic by 160% and improve its conversion rates significantly. This helped the app to reach a wider audience and position itself as the go-to sleep app. 

The six-month project proved to be successful, with some remarkable results to show. However, there is still much more that can be done to improve their ROI from SEO efforts. One main area is implementing improved CRO techniques to encourage visitors to take action and convert them into app installs. By implementing our recommendations, we would predict a further 20% increase in app installs.

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