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Raised $16m to Build an AR & AI SaaS

July 12, 2024

Interviewee Introduction: Vadim Rogovskiy

Vadim Rogovskiy is the co-founder of 3DLOOK, a pioneering company at the forefront of integrating AR and AI technologies with diverse industries, including fashion, apparel manufacturing, retail, and digital health & fitness. 3DLOOK has made waves by raising $16 million from global tech investors to develop and deploy its innovative solution aimed at solving the pervasive issue of apparel returns due to poor fit by using body scanning technology. This technology provides accurate body measurements, allowing consumers to find perfectly fitting clothes online, thereby reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction. Additionally, 3DLOOK ventures into digital health, offering tools that track body shape changes over time, which can significantly enhance the user experience in fitness and health tracking.

Before his groundbreaking work with 3DLOOK, Vadim founded and led numerous companies to successful exits and partial exits. In addition to these achievements, Vadim plays a crucial role as a Partner at Geek Ventures, where he actively supports immigrant entrepreneurs, leveraging his position to provide mentorship, resources, and support to help them navigate and succeed in the startup ecosystem.


In this episode with Vadim Rogovskiy, you’ll learn:

  • The founding story of 3DLOOK and Vadim’s journey from Ukraine to New York, including the transition to the AR AI space for the fashion industry.
  • Challenges faced in the early stages of product validation and strategies for acquiring the first customers.
  • The importance and impact of content marketing and thought leadership in growing a tech startup.
  • Experiences and lessons learned from raising a significant Series A round and the effects on scaling the business.
  • Insights into strategic decision-making for startups, including how to approach reversible vs. irreversible decisions.
  • Leadership advice for founders, emphasizing the importance of team engagement and prioritization.
  • A recommended read for B2B founders that offers valuable insights into market penetration and growth.
  • Personal tools and resources that have been beneficial in managing and growing a tech startup.

Book Recommendation

  1. Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers by Geoffrey A Moore

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