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Building a Martech SaaS

April 5, 2024

Interviewee Introduction: Jenny Wolfram

Jenny Wolfram is the Founder and CEO of BrandBastion, a martech SaaS company established in 2016. BrandBastion specializes in protecting and enhancing brand reputations on social media, offering solutions for comment management, brand safety, and customer engagement. The company boasts an impressive client roster, including high-profile names such as Uber, Netflix, and The North Face.

With a background in law, Jenny’s transition into the tech industry was driven by her recognition of the challenges brands faced with harmful comments on social media ads. This insight led her to develop BrandBastion’s initial solution, which has since evolved into a comprehensive suite of services supporting brands across various social media platforms.

Despite her non-technical background, Jenny successfully navigated the SaaS business landscape by securing early commitments from potential clients and assembling a team of skilled engineers. This client-focused approach has been key to BrandBastion’s rapid development and success.

Originally from Finland, Jenny has now relocated to Los Angeles. She is a passionate entrepreneur focused on building global companies and helping marketers better connect with their customers.


In this episode with Jenny Wolfram, you’ll learn:

  • How BrandBastion was founded and has grown, with a focus on managing harmful social media comments for prominent brands.
  • The steps Jenny took to transition from a legal professional to a SaaS entrepreneur, including her strategy for assembling a technical team without having a tech background herself.
  • About the evolution of BrandBastion’s offerings to encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions for brand safety, customer care, and analytics across various platforms.
  • Jenny’s strategic approach to funding and scaling the business, highlighting why she opted for strategic angel investments over venture capital to maintain a focus on the product and operational autonomy.
  • How BrandBastion positions itself competitively in the martech space by leveraging specialized AI and offering comprehensive service solutions.
  • Why Jenny moved from Finland to LA and how this relocation has influenced both her business strategy and her professional network.
  • The strategies Jenny employs for acquiring and retaining clients, particularly focusing on personalized outreach and the importance of identifying the ideal customer profiles.
  • The challenges Jenny has faced, such as recruitment difficulties and the need to adapt to changes in social media platform APIs.
  • Jenny’s commitment to continuous personal and professional development, including her participation in executive education programs and her engagement within entrepreneurial communities.
  • Jenny’s personal recommendations, including her favorite book for SaaS founders, an entrepreneur she admires, a SaaS productivity tool she finds invaluable, who she would like to see feature on the podcast, and sage advice for fellow SaaS founders.

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Book Recommendation:

  1. Amp It Up: Leading for Hypergrowth by Raising Expectations, Increasing Urgency, and Elevating Intensity by Frank Slootman

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