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How Two Brothers Built a Waste Management SaaS

May 27, 2024

Interviewee Introduction: Charlie Dolan

Charlie Dolan is the Co-Founder of DSQ Technology, a pioneering software company specializing in waste and water management solutions. Alongside his brother, he embarked on a journey of building and selling a tech-enabled SaaS in waste management to establishing DSQ Technology, a vertical market software company. 

Leveraging his expertise in data analytics, Charlie spearheaded the development of internal tools that laid the foundation for DSQ Technology and its innovative software solutions, Discovery and Pioneer. Today, DSQ Technology stands as the leading independent provider of waste and recycling software services, embodying Charlie’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in the waste market. 

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Charlie resides with his wife and four children, driving DSQ’s mission to revolutionize the waste market with cutting-edge technology.


In this episode featuring Charlie Dolan, you’ll discover:

  • Charlie’s journey of building DSQ Technology, a software company in the waste and water industry.
  • Insight into the initial growth strategies employed by DSQ as well as the challenges faced during scaling.
  • Charlie’s decision-making process behind selling his previous business and transitioning to software development.
  • Charlie’s approach to bootstrapping and hiring technical talent.
  • The driving force behind DSQ’s product development.
  • Strategic marketing tactics DSQ employs to reach new clients, drive network effect, and increase customer satisfaction.  
  • Charlie’s perspective on the acquisition trend in the vertical market software space and DSQ’s stance on potential acquisitions.
  • How Charlie tackles distractions and maintains focus in a dynamic business environment.
  • The challenges Charlie faced with delegation and empowering teams for sustainable growth.
  • The management framework he uses to align teams and streamline goal timelines.
  • Important lessons Charlie has learned that would benefit other SaaS founders. 

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