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Building a $3m/y SaaS Testimonial Service

July 12, 2024

Interviewee Introduction: Sam Shepler

Sam Shepler is the Founder of Testimonial Hero, a company specializing in creating video testimonials for SaaS and professional services firms. His journey into entrepreneurship was fueled by his extensive experience in video production and a deep understanding of its impact on marketing and sales. 

Sam’s academic background includes several degrees from Clark University. This educational foundation, combined with his professional experience, has enabled Sam to identify and exploit the niche of video testimonials effectively.

His approach to business emphasizes the importance of authentic customer feedback and the strategic use of video content to build trust with potential clients. Under Sam’s leadership, Testimonial Hero has grown to become a key player in its sector, recognized for its quality services and innovative solutions.


In this episode with Sam Shepler, you’ll learn:

  • The concept behind Testimonial Hero and its role in leveraging video testimonials for SaaS and professional services firms
  • How Sam’s experiences with his first video production agency influenced the creation of Testimonial Hero
  • The rationale behind choosing a service-based agency model over a software business, and the advantages for non-technical founders
  • Strategies for identifying and targeting ideal customer personas (ICPs) within the SaaS and professional services sectors
  • The significance of video testimonials in building trust and accelerating deal closures, and why they outperform written testimonials
  • Insights into Testimonial Hero’s business growth, focusing on customer acquisition strategies and the importance of targeting larger, well-funded companies
  • The process and technology behind producing high-quality, strategically aligned video testimonials remotely
  • Challenges and lessons learned in scaling a service-based business, including the importance of proper financial management and accounting practices
  • Sam’s perspective on entrepreneurship, including advice for founders on comparing oneself to others and the value of focusing on one’s strengths
  • Sam’s recommendations for books, admired entrepreneurs, useful SaaS tools, and personal growth advice for entrepreneurs.

Book Recommendation

  1. The Road Less Stupid: Advice from the Chairman of the Board by Keith J. Cunningham

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