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CEO / Founder

Protect your assets and secure growth through regular technical evaluations


Make informed investment decisions based on thorough technical assessments

Corporate Acquirer

Ensure the success of your ventures through technical due diligence

We’re your cold outbound growth partner

The NUOPTIMA Difference

  • Experienced team of technical experts
  • Thorough assessments covering all areas of technical risk
  • Tailored approach for each client, accounting for specific industry challenges
  • Clear, concise, and actionable reports
  • Affordable and cost-effective solutions
  • Continuous support to ensure successful implementation of recommendations

Other agencies

  • Incomplete assessments
  • Reports filled with technical jargon
  • Lack of industry expertise
  • No follow-up support

How we work

Step 1

Initial Assessment

Our team will conduct an initial assessment of your company to identify potential technical risks and opportunities

Step 2

Comprehensive Analysis

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your technology and systems to ensure a comprehensive assessment

Step 3

Actionable Recommendations

Our experts will provide clear and actionable recommendations to mitigate risk and enhance your technical capabilities

Mitigate risk and enhance your technical capabilities with our comprehensive assessments

Who you’ll work with

Each one of our team members has their own deep sector specific expertise
from eCom beverages all the way to cybersecurity

Alexej spent 10 years in investment banking, venture capital and private equity. Running the wider group’s brands and building one of Europe’s fastest growing growth agencies, Alexej is well positioned to advise founders and funds. Alexej graduated MSc from Imperial College London and is a fellow of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

Alexej Pikovsky
CEO & Founder
Alexej Pikovsky
CEO & Founder

Aman is a resident growth expert. He has run growth, marketing and sales functions for over 4 years for over 20 consumer brands and has executed over 25 growth channels including email, Amazon, SEO, Google, Facebook & LinkedIn.

Aman Ghataura
Head of Growth
Aman Ghataura
Head of Growth


What is Technical Due Diligence?

A comprehensive analysis of technical aspects of a business or investment opportunity to identify and evaluate potential risks and viability.

What’s included in Technical Due Diligence?

It includes many aspects, including thoroughly examining:
– Technology
– Systems
– Infrastructure
– Security
– Scalability
– Technical architecture.

Why conduct Technical Due Diligence?

Some reasons include:
– Identifying potential risks and challenges early
– Ensuring tech aligns with business objectives
– Confirming tech can support future growth and scalability
– Receiving an independent and objective assessment
– Enhancing the decision-making process when considering a business opportunity.

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