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Watch: How To Grow Your Twitter Profiles by 10k Followers & Generate Leads in 90 Days

Get Free 18 Page Twitter Growth Guide

Learn the exact process we used to add over 300k followers to 20+ Twitter profiles and generate them ready-to-buy leads

Get Free 18 Page Twitter Growth Guide

Learn the exact process we used to add over 300k followers to 20+ Twitter profiles and generate them ready-to-buy leads

How Our Twitter Ghostwriting Agency Works

Monthly Guided InterviewsFounder

Every month we’ll prepare questions and run a guided interview. You’ll answer with your unique hot takes, point of voice, controversial thoughts, and insightful leadership. We’ll record the call and use your own words as inspiration for your ghostwritten content.

Unlimited Content Revisions

Want content changes? You get unlimited content revisions until we capture your voice exactly right.

1 Month Trial

Want to give it a go? Before committing to a longer-term partnership work with us on a first month trial. You’ll see how we work without the risk of a lengthy contract.

Twitter Ghostwriting Services


We’ll write 3-5 tweets per day for your profile. Tweet topics include controversial takes, affirmations, value drivers, opinions and brand builders


We’ll write 2-3 threads per week for your profile. Threads are a series of tweets in a row designed to go deep into a topic. They usually are “How to”, “How I”, case studies or deep analysis.

Lead Magnet Creation

We’ll repurpose your existing marketing and sales assets into gated content. We’ll distribute this over viral giveaways to generate potential leads for your business.

DM Management

Want to start conversations and make real contacts? We’ll manage your inbox and DMs on your behalf for whatever your goals – whether that is sales calls or networking.

Appointment Setting

If you’re a B2B business, we’ll convert leads into booked sales calls in your calendar.

Paid Retweeting

Need an impression boost to kickstart your growth? With your permission we can pay for retweets with relevant influential Twitter accounts to help grow your profile faster.

How to Choose a Twitter Ghostwriter?

Choosing a Twitter Ghostwriter isn’t easy.

These are the questions you should ask before you make your choice.

  • Who will be crafting my tweets?
  • Can you explain your client onboarding steps?
  • How do you ensure the content aligns with my unique voice?
  • Given my deep experience in this field, how will you represent my expertise?
  • How far in advance do you provide the content?
  • What kind of growth can I anticipate?
  • Can you share success stories from clients in my specific sector?
  • Is my industry a good fit for this service?
  • Would my brand benefit more from Twitter or perhaps LinkedIn?
  • Where can I find my target audience within the industry?
  • Are there brands in my sector thriving on Twitter?
  • How many new clients can you currently accommodate?

Twitter Ghostwriting Case Studies & Results

Mentorship Program:

  • 4 students onboarded monthly at launch.
  • Engaging lead magnet giveaways.
  • Insightful course snippets in threads.
  • Documented student achievements.

SaaS Email Marketing Guru:

  • Boosted by +$12,000 MRR in just 90 days.
  • Fresh content with captivating angles.
  • Amplified retweets.
  • Comprehensive thread breakdowns.

E-commerce Strategist:

  • Secured 2 clients ($25k each) within 3 months.
  • Tailored lead magnets for call bookings.
  • Deep dives into client success stories.
  • Swift pipeline build with free audits.

Sales Training Hub:

  • A whopping $500,000 pipeline in 120 days.
  • Content tailored for every learner.
  • Highlighted student success tales.
  • Relatable personal anecdotes.

Real Estate Maverick:

  • 5 weekly consultations in month 1.
  • Gained 700 followers in a fortnight.
  • Fresh content with unique angles.
  • Retweet surges and detailed threads.

Google Ads Expert:

  • Elevated by $28,000 MRR in 180 days.
  • Standout expert insights.
  • Proactive engagement and comments.
  • Attractive giveaways and DM strategies.

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What will my Twitter follower number be in 3 months?

This completely depends on your goal! Do you want a large follower number to gain clout, or do you want a smaller follower number who has a specific persona? Generally, if you want to build the following count we can generate 5-10k new followers in 3 months. If you want to generate leads and sales your follower count will increase by 1-2k

How will you capture my tone of voice authentically?

Every month we will run a guided interview. That means we’ll ask you questions, prepared in advance, that you’ll answer. We’ll record the interview and use your own words, combined with what works on social platforms to create Twitter native content!

I am in a very specialist niche. Do you have a ghostwriter for that?

We have worked in lots of industries such as agencies, web3, crypto, SaaS, legal, health tech, and more. Chances are we can cover your niche – book a call and let’s find out!

How much time do I need to dedicate every month?

For a guided interview and reviewing monthly content you’ll need to dedicate around 2-4 hours per month.

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