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About Alphagreen

Alphagreen is an e-commerce that is the result of a love for health and wellbeing merged with a passion for technology and innovation. Founders Alexej and Viktor realised there was a gap in the market for trustworthy and effective CBD products that go beyond oil and vapes and there the seed for Alphagreen was planted.

One of the challenges within the CBD market is, as a relatively new product to the market the audience needs to be educated and guided to find what is right for them. So qualifying and segmenting their email database was key to sending the right message at the right time. And testing would be paramount.

Full-Funnel Flow Success

We knew that one of the keys to success for Alphagreen would be implementing flows to support their shoppers throughout the entire funnel, demonstrating their authority in the space through content. Most ecommerce businesses using email marketing will have your classic flows: Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart, and Order Thank You. These are a great place to start, but as you begin to understand and gather more information there are a few others that we found can dramatically increase the success of your email marketing.   


To ensure we empowered Alphagreen’s subscribers and customers every step of the way we created multiple flows for pre-purchase and post-purchase along with monthly segmented sales campaigns.

  • Pre-purchase flows: Welcome Series, Starter Quiz, Abandoned Browse, Abandoned Cart, Abandoned Checkout
  • Post-purchase: Thank you Instant Upsell, Product Specific How To, Replenishment, Customer Winback
  • Monthly segmented sales emails to highly engaged lists
Pre Purchase
Welcome SeriesConvert users who have given their email but not purchased
Starter QuizConvert users who have taken a product recommendation quiz but have not purchased
Abandoned BrowseEncourage users who browsed the product page, but didn’t add to cart, to revisit the product page and complete checkout
Abandoned CartEncourage users who added to cart, but didn’t complete checkout to visit and complete checkout
Abandoned CheckoutEncourage users who started checkout to now complete checkout
Post Purchase
Instant UpsellAsk a user who has just placed order to add an additional item to their order before delivery goes out
Thank You Thank the customer and after an amount of time ask for a review.
Product Specific How ToEducate a user on how to have the best results on a product and continue to reorder
ReplenishmentEncourage a user after 30 days to restock up on their previous order.
Customer WinbackEncourage a user who has not placed an order for 60 days to now place an order.
SunsetTo give users who have not engaged with your brand in 180 days to either stay on your email list or unsubscribe.

Implementing five new flows that focused heavily on sales we did not want to oversaturate their audience with promotions and lessen the value of their products. Throwing sales at the shoppers was not the right answer. So we incorporated discounts that were timed, to build a sense of urgency, and would be offered in email two. By keeping the first email in these flows more product education and social proof oriented, we gave the shopper the chance to have their questions—or doubts—answered.  

Pre Purchase Flows

The Pre Purchase flows focused on the top and middle of the funnel. We first optimised Alphagreen’s preexisting flows to incorporate new brand aesthetic and messaging. Then implemented in the new Abandoned Browse and Checkout with streamlined design. 

  • Welcome Series & Starter Quiz Series
  • Abandoned Browse: 10% Off for 24 hours
  • Abandoned Cart: 10% Off for 24 hours
  • Abandoned Checkout: 15% Off for 24 hours

The Welcome Series is a staple for any company investing in email marketing, this is the first touchpoint for many shoppers who are looking to learn more (or get a nice discount). At this point they are in the Awareness stage. Here we wanted to focus on educating and building trust with the audience. We get into more detail on the performance further in the case study.

Then as they move into the consideration phase of the funnel we send them into the varying Abandoned flows. Being sure to cover all the differing abandon scenarios we had an average of 50.5% Open Rate across the three abandoned shopping flows, with a 2.6% conversion. 

Video Walkthrough

Post Purchase Flows

Getting shoppers to make a purchase is just a piece of the puzzle. Alphagreen struggles, as many marketplaces do, with retaining customers who once finding a product they like will likely head straight to the source. 

We decided to entice shoppers right away to make another purchase with 25% off when they first ordered. This resulted in a 70% Open Rate with a 1.8% reorder rate within 24 hours of purchasing. 

The Post Purchase Email Flows:

  • Instant Upsell [Email and SMS]
  • Customer Thank You
  • Replenishment 
  • Winback

Sales Campaigns 

With 2000+ products across Alphagreen’s catalogue segmentation is necessary for successful brand or product sales. Nuoptima created 5+ segments per customer pain point, based on previous brand or product purchases. These were used to test differing offers from money off to free gifting to help inform future sale period sales such as Black Friday.     


In order to increase conversion on Alphagreen’s Sales emails we created 20+ segments around buying behaviour, shopping behaviour, and engagement. This was able to pinpoint the right message and offer to the right customer. 

Some of the higher converting segments were:

  • Engaged last 120 days
  • Purchased Specific Brand 
  • Window Shoppers
  • VIP Customers

Segmented 2-Step Signup & Welcome Series 

Alphagreen had already deployed signup forms in English promoting their welcome series discount of 10% off which had a 5.6% order rate across two generalised emails. In order to increase this, Nuoptima knew that this audience needed guidance and we would need to understand why shoppers were there, to ultimately send the right message and products.   


We created localised signup forms optimised for mobile and desktop with a multiple choice question to better segment our database. Then these subscribers would 

  • Self-segmentation with “Why are you shopping?” question
  • Sign-up forms in the local language for English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Japanese
  • 10% Off welcome discount offer 
  • Welcome Series segmented by shopping type 

Localised Sign-up Forms

In a new category shoppers need to feel reinforced throughout the entire process. By translating and serving shoppers with messaging in their native language it helps to increase form conversion across different markets.

With new signup forms deployed we saw an average list size increase of 6% month over month. Prior Alphagreen was seeing around 2-3% increase month on month.

Welcome Series by Product Category

In order to engage subscribers past email one we used the 2-step questionnaire on the new sign-up forms to segment and customise emails by why they were shopping. In Alphagreen’s original general Welcome Series they were seeing conversion on email one but losing engagement and conversion as subscribers continued through the flow. 

Using this shopper segmentation we created a five email flow, three of which were unique to that subscribers pain point. We wanted every email to feel personal and reinforce to the reader that we are here to support them, opting to have all the emails send from Rob at Alphagreen, their Head of XX, to build a personal connection. We also redesigned their emails, elevating and matching the experience they were getting on the website. 

Video Walkthrough


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127% Increase Email Revenue Month on Month with 12 email flows

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