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A Full-Service Management Agency for Amazon Brands
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NUOPTIMA is a leading growth agency for Amazon sellers, leveraging our experience from all corners of the Amazon marketplace to help brands scale their business, gain market share and become true category leaders on Amazon.

£Millions sold on Amazon
100+ brands managed
40+ years of combined experience
Experienced Amazon advisors

Amazon Services to Increase your Sales

management services for Amazon companies

We create top-performing Amazon accounts with our expert day to day management. By allowing us to handle your complete Amazon selling activities, you can focus on your core business and product development. Our reporting methodologies will provide insight to enable strategic decisions to be made on your Amazon account and other sales channels.

PPC Management

One of the fastest and best ways to stay ahead of the competition is using Amazon PPC. Once you have reached a high organic ranking for your key search terms, you will be able to reduce your PPC spending and enjoy a decent return on your investment. We are leading Amazon advertising experts who have millions of pounds worth of experience supporting clients over the past 10 years.

Amazon Listing
and Content Creation

To achieve a successful ranking on Amazon, you need to have fantastic product listings. There are over 20 aspects to get right, and falling short on just one of the areas can lead to the difference between landing on page 1 or page 30 plus. Nuoptima can manage all aspects of your listings and content creations to ensure your products have the best chance possible of becoming top sellers.

Research and SEO

The world of keywords can be a competitive place, and using the wrong ones will do nothing for your top standing on the world's largest marketplace. Using specialist keyword tools and our years of SEO experience, we conduct thorough research to select the most appropriate keywords and search phrases for buyers to find your products. We then apply this research to your product listings to boost organic traffic for your brand – both on and off Amazon.

Media Marketing

Brands that solely focus on Amazon will end up stagnant. To scale your business to the next level, you will need to utilise the power of social media marketing channels. Nuoptima can help you beat the competition with Facebook ads, social media growth and influencer marketing so you can reach a whole other customer base.


Outsourcing Amazon account management is not for everyone, and we understand some sellers like to retain control. So we offer 1-1 consulting to help you through any difficulties you may be having. Our in-house experts can walk you through any part of your eCommerce business – whether to help with growth, Amazon brand registry or launch a new product. Book your free Amazon consultation and tell us about your business.

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Our Amazing Amazon Clients

Case Studies

Here are some examples of the fantastic work completed by NUOPTIMA for our Amazon clients

PelliTec, Patented Product Cuts ACoS and Grows 5x in 1 Month with Refreshed Listings & Better PPC Management
PelliTec, Patented Product Cuts ACoS and Grows 5x in 1 Month with Refreshed Listings & Better PPC Management
PelliTec, Patented Product Cuts ACoS and Grows 5x in 1 Month with Refreshed Listings & Better PPC Management
This Is Nuts, From $1m Wholesale to Amazon Leader in 2 Geographies
This Is Nuts, From $1m Wholesale to Amazon Leader in 2 Geographies
This Is Nuts, From $1m Wholesale to Amazon Leader in 2 Geographies
This Is Nuts, From $1m Wholesale to Amazon Leader in 2 Geographies
Wine Glass Brand (NDA) Reduces ACoS from 31% to 19% and Increases Sales 6x from $10k to $60k
Wine Glass Brand (NDA) Reduces ACoS from 31% to 19% and Increases Sales 6x from $10k to $60k
Wine Glass Brand (NDA) Reduces ACoS from 31% to 19% and Increases Sales 6x from $10k to $60k
Apparel Brand (NDA) Cuts ACoS 50% and 4x Revenue
Apparel Brand (NDA) Cuts ACoS 50% and 4x Revenue
Ola Bamboo, Dragons Den Winner, from $0 to $25k+ monthly on Amazon
Ola Bamboo, Dragons Den Winner, from $0 to $25k+ monthly on Amazon
Ola Bamboo, Dragons Den Winner, from $0 to $25k+ monthly on Amazon
Ola Bamboo, Dragons Den Winner, from $0 to $25k+ monthly on Amazon
Supreme Nutrition Supplement Brand Selling $16k+/mo in Under 3 Months
Supreme Nutrition Supplement Brand Selling $16k+/mo in Under 3 Months
Supreme Nutrition Supplement Brand Selling $16k+/mo in Under 3 Months
Supreme Nutrition Supplement Brand Selling $16k+/mo in Under 3 Months

Client Testimonials

"It was great working with Alex and his team. We worked with him to launch kitchen utensils, a very saturated niche. They still got us to the 1st page in less than seven days, and we had three reviews in a week. By the end of the 1st week, we were doing over $800 per day in sales. I would recommend him and his team."
Luis Leite
CEO of Hoppandhempco
"Alex and his team were professionals and experts in their field. Firstly they helped me with my social media, and now they are launching my products on Amazon and eBay."
Private earnings
Amazon Brand Manager
"I can't fault my experience with Alexej. He and his great team are very knowledgeable in the Amazon space. Thank you Alexej and team for all your hard work - 5 stars for me!"
Private earnings
Amazon PPC expert
"Alexej did a great job at managing our PPC. His team was very professional in the research and analysis phase, I did help them ofc but they seem like pros! we actually saw a 15% drop in our ACOS already! thanks"


Package 1
Listing Conversion and Optimisation for Amazon Brands
Learn more
Best fit for small and growing brands looking to optimise their listings to rank and increase conversion rates.
Complete Listing Optimization (£1,000-2,000 one-time):
  • Niche and competitor analysis
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Professional Copywriting
  • 7 Fully optimised Gallery Images
  • Beautiful A+ Content (copy and graphics included)
  • Keyword & SEO Optimization (optimised title, bullets, description and backend search terms)
  • Infographics
  • German translation
* unlimited revisions included.
A-Z Total Management Services for Amazon Brands
Learn more
Best for fit for brands looking to scale or at scale and looking to automate their Amazon channel entirely.
Everything from Package 1 and package 2 - included in total management services for Amazon companies is all the backend admin.
Seller Central Management
  • Dealing with Seller Support
  • Opening & Managing Cases
  • Replying to Buyer Messages Daily
  • Account & Listing Health Monitoring
  • Listing Adjustments
Account Setup
  • Adding ASINs
  • Uploading Content
  • Category Approval
  • Brand Registry Setup
  • Virtual Bundles
  • Global Marketplace Expansion
  • FBA Inventory Monitoring
  • Creating FBA Shipment Plans
  • IPI Score Monitoring
  • Buy-Box Monitoring
  • Kicking off Hijackers
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Profit Tracking by Product
  • Quarterly P&L Reports
  • Monthly 1-1 growth consulting
Optional Add-ons
  • New product development: £2k/mo
* Base Retainer scale:
1-10 Parent ASINS: £4,000 p/m
11-25 Parent ASINS: £5,000 p/m
26-50 Parent ASINS: £6,000 p/m
51-100 Parent ASINS: £7,000 p/m

** We charge per region basis, UK, EU and North America. Each new region includes a £1,000 management monthly fee.

Meet NUOPTIMA Team Members Who Work With Amazon Brands

Alexej Pikovsky

Alexej’s involvement in tech-enabled services and venture funding puts him in a strong position to assist brands scale both locally and internationally. He can help clients with access to his distribution channels, data science and an extensive external omnichannel network.

John Li

Growth Advisor for Amazon Sellers
John is an impressive eight-figure Amazon seller and CEO of Spartan Brands. After only four years of solopreneurship, he managed to scale his Amazon FBA brands to eight figures and successfully sold to a German private equity firm. John now focuses on building more 7-8 figure Amazon FBA brands under Spartan Brands.

Aman Ghataura

Head of Growth
Aman has a varied professional background – including Investment Banking with JP Morgan and selling data into private equity firms. Since joining Nuoptima, he has been instrumental in building and managing multiple brands across extensive marketplaces.

Bilal Sayed

Brand Associate for Amazon Sellers
Having launched two Amazon FBA brands back in 2017 Bilal has developed a real passion for eCommerce and Amazon. After working at Google as a marketing associate, he started his own Amazon FBA growth agency assisting over 50 Amazon FBA brands. Bilal joined Nuoptima in 2021 to help Amazon sellers fulfil their growth goals.

Oleg Chizhevskiy

Amazon Brand manager
Oleg started his Amazon journey when managing a department that provided seller support services. His main area of expertise was launching and developing private label brands. Oleg's role within the Nuoptima team involves evaluations and development of existing and planned launches and acquisitions.

Dmitriy Savitskiy

PPC Manager for Amazon Brands
Dmitriy has worked with Amazon brands for over four years as a PPC specialist. Dmitriy's most impressive PPC work to date is growing a brand from £200k a year to over £1m in sales in only 12 months of trading. He joined the Nuoptima in 2021 where he creates and manages customised Amazon PPC campaigns for clients.

Why Choose NUOPTIMA?

We have worked with over 100 eCommerce/Amazon brands
The team has experience working with brands in every major niche on Amazon, including health and beauty, electronics and toys, and children and babies. This means we have an in-depth understanding of the marketplace, along with the entire direct to consumer business model.
Team of Trusted
The NUOPTIMA team consists of highly qualified eCommerce professionals and digital marketing experts with over 40 years of combined experience. This group of ex-Amazon sellers, finance experts, seasoned PPC specialists and in-house creative team can help grow your Amazon brand to the next level.
Growth Oriented and Brand Obsessed
We are data-driven and use strategic analysis to help scale Amazon brands. In addition, our unique blend of Amazon and Social Media marketing strategies will stand your brand above the intense competition.
Amazon FBA advisors
We are lucky enough to have 8 figure Amazon FBA brand builders who we can call an advisor, and we regularly work with eCommerce experts who are building the next generation of DTC brands. We are always happy to share our insights from innovators and experts with our clients. Working with Nuoptima, you’re getting access to exclusive secret knowledge that 99% of Amazon FBA brand owners will never hear about.

The Difference Between NUOPTIMA and Other Agencies

Have you got a great brand or product idea but are unsure how to get started in eCommerce? Hiring an Amazon agency with the knowledge and tools to get you running could be your first step to building a successful Amazon business. However, knowing who to partner with can be challenging as there are seemingly hundreds of agents out there offering the same services.

You need to choose an agency that shares your values and understands your goals. So many Amazon consultants out there only focus on one or two aspects of Amazon marketing, but in the competitive world of eCommerce, there is so much more to explore.

Our team knows every nook and cranny of the Amazon platform and all its features and tools, which can be exploited for maximum sales. We also have the digital marketing expertise to ensure multiple channels are utilised to bring about the best business results.

Here are more reasons to make us your Amazon Agency of choice:

Amazon sellers and brand creators

– Unlike other Amazon agencies, which may have all the whizz but no practical experience, we have grown our own brands to six/seven figures on Amazon. We know what it is like to be in your position, and with our unique marketing perspective, we can help your brand grow.

Unique insight and experience

– Alphagreen Group (a growth and acquisition business) is the parent company that runs Nuoptima. At Alphagreen Group, they build and acquire high performing Amazon FBA brands. We apply all of their learnings gained during the building and buying brand process to our clients.

Going beyond simple PPC management

– At Nuoptima, we provide the full Amazon marketing management package. Our holistic approach involves maximising all possible strategies using the Amazon platform as a tool. Ranking on page one involves so much more than managing sponsored PPC Ad campaigns. Other agencies will tweak your campaigns and call it good – Nuoptima will look at your Amazon presence from a bird's eye view and implement all appropriate marketing tactics to maximise growth.

World-class investors and advisors

– We are lucky enough to have some of the most innovative Amazon FBA sellers around. For example, John Li has built multiple eight-figure Amazon FBA brands and is creating even more. Just think what his input could do to boost your sales.

How to Start Working With Us


Initial Outreach

After you have completed our short questionnaire and scheduled your free Growth Consultation for Amazon FBA Sellers, you will be contacted by one of our Amazon experts.


We will explore your business's unique challenges and identify your Amazon business goals during our first call. From there, we will take everything learned about your business so far and design a comprehensive success strategy.

Growth Projection Analysis

Our team of experts will work together to review your account and complete a Growth Projection Analysis. You will then be assigned an success manager, and they will walk you through the comprehensive strategy we have designed to achieve your goals.

Sign Agreement

After reviewing your Growth Projection Analysis, we will send you an agreement.
Once everything looks good to you, we can start work on the next stage of your Amazon seller journey.

Communication and Reporting

We understand that communication is key to establishing a strong long-term relationship with you.
Your main point of contact for day-to-day communication will be your success manager for Amazon sellers. They will aim to reply to all messages within one business day, but this is usually sooner. If something urgent arises, you can call them directly via Slack. As this relationship is a two-way street, we ask that you reply to our messages within one business day. If we need something quickly as it may have a detrimental impact, we will call you.
We pride ourselves on excellent communication and reporting at Nuoptima. You will likely have a preferred way for us to reach out, but here is an example of what many of our clients find helpful:

Weekly Updates

The weekly updates are generally conducted via Slack (or email), where we will communicate closely. For those new to Slack, it is a messaging app designed for businesses where we can conduct voice and video calls and messaging when needed.

Monthly Consulting Calls

We like to use video conferencing so we can see your happy face and go over status updates, KPI's, and strategic adjustments. This is a more comprehensive meeting than the weekly updates to review the prior month's progress, align with the quarterly planner, and design the upcoming month.

Strategic direction calls

Together, we will create a Quarterly Planner that will act as the design we follow to get you to your goals outlined during your Discovery and Growth Projection Analysis Call.

Quarterly Planning

Every quarter we will set new goals and growth plans. Your success manager will discuss this with you in detail during your first month working with us.

Book Your Free Growth Consultation Call

A Few Expectations and Understandings

  • From our experience, we have found it helpful to review upfront, so we are all on the same page – it helps to avoid misunderstandings down the road. Here are some of our requirements to make sure things run smoothly:

  • We require control of Amazon PPC and Amazon marketing strategy. We will ensure a carefully crafted custom strategy will be executed based on your business goals. Your input is always welcome, and we will frequently touch base to discuss strategy. Know you are in safe hands with our systems and methods.

  • Many aspects will require your action. Therefore, we ask that you complete the tasks we assign to you within one business day. The swift response will help keep project momentum and get sales rolling in sooner.

  • Please remember we are your partners – not your employees. This means we are in control of how, when and where we work.

Monthly Retainer

  • Unlike many other contractors and agencies who charge per hour, we find a fixed monthly retainer is a better and easier option. The retainer fee is based on our agency's hourly rate, but it doesn't get charged if less or more work needs to be completed during a month.
  • If we cannot complete work for 14 days or more due to uncontrollable reasons (such as Amazon account suspension), we will pause the billing period until we can resume.
  • We offer separate quotes if a required task arises that is beyond the outlined scope of work.
management services for Amazon companies

Term Agreement

  • Our minimum term agreement is three months. The first three months are treated as a trial period to discover whether our agency is a good fit for your Amazon business. If things are going well, we will extend to a 6-month agreement.
  • By the end of the 6-month agreement, we should have a good idea if strategies are trending in the right direction. If both parties want to continue, we will then extend the partnership agreement to an annual rolling agreement.
  • We base our business model around partnerships with the aim to scale your brand to 6-7 figures in 2-3 years.

Growth Strategy Call

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