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17 B2B SaaS Conferences for Networking, Tech Trends, and More

17 B2B SaaS Conferences for Networking, Tech Trends, and More

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of B2B SaaS, staying updated and connected is not just an advantage – it’s a necessity. Where better to plug into this dynamic ecosystem than B2B SaaS conferences? Far from being mere events, these are places of innovation, networking, and growth. Whether you’re an established player or an emerging startup, the benefits of attending these events can be monumental.

This guide is your ticket to unearthing the most promising B2B SaaS conferences from around the globe. Beyond just listing them, we’ll illuminate their unique advantages and offer practical tips to maximize your attendance – no fluff, no filler – just straightforward advice and insights. So, prepare to supercharge your SaaS journey with the knowledge and connections these conferences promise.  

1. SaaStock

Dip into the heart of the SaaS universe with SaaStock, an illustrious conference for SaaS entrepreneurs aiming to reach the enviable milestone of over $10M in annual recurring revenue (ARR). While this event unfolds amidst the stunning backdrop of the Irish countryside in Dublin and venues across the USA, its core mission transcends its picturesque locales.

Focused heavily on facilitating meaningful connections, SaaStock is a networking haven. With 100+ hours of opportunities to meet people, imagine engrossing back-to-back chats with fellow SaaS pioneers, potential clients, and a staggering 400+ investors with a keen eye for promising software ventures. 

Yet, it’s not just about numbers. Quality takes precedence, evident in the hand-picked array of 150+ speakers. Past speakers included Victor Riparbelli, who revolutionized video production with AI at Synthesia, and the formidable Denise Hemke, who is redrawing the boundaries for women leaders in tech at Checkr. Plus, let’s not overlook Jonathan Anguelov, the driving force behind Aircall’s impressive global growth.

If you’re interested in attending SaaStock, here are some notable programs they run:

  • Startup Program: An immersive platform for emerging SaaS startups to connect with leading VCs and investors, bolstered by the Global Pitch Competition.
  • SaaSociety: An exclusive retreat for scaling software founders, ensuring a curated post-conference experience (entry by application only).
  • Investock: A dedicated day for international software investors to converge, collaborate, and discuss the future of SaaS investments.


Boston, USA, becomes a hotspot of innovation during INBOUND, the dynamic four-day event steered by HubSpot. This isn’t your average tech summit; it’s where global tech dreamers exchange groundbreaking ideas. From interactive booths offering glimpses into the next innovation to a diverse, energetic crowd from over 150 countries, the opportunities for meaningful networking are boundless.

INBOUND’s reputation is solidified by its stellar line-up of speakers, with past icons like former US president Barack Obama gracing the stage. Moreover, the discussions span a spectrum: from the inception of HubSpot and leadership insights to the intricacies of health and wellbeing in the corporate space and even the nuances of integrating AI in sales and marketing.

However, it isn’t all corporate talk. Amidst the intellectual buzz, there’s time for gastronomic delights from an array of food trucks. Plus, for the VIPs? An exclusive pre-event launch party sets the celebratory mood.

In short, diversity is at INBOUND’s heart, with over 250 SaaS experts sharing their insights on topics like product management, SaaS marketing, and B2B/B2B startups. Moreover, the summit now seamlessly blends offline and online, offering a hybrid event for wider accessibility.

3. Collision Conference

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Toronto, the Collision Conference stands as North America’s beacon of innovation and industry collaboration. Its impressive growth is hard to overlook, with its trajectory seeing tens of thousands from diverse tech avenues flocking in. That said, this isn’t just a North American spectacle; the global draw is evident, with attendees spanning over 130 countries. It’s this diversity that turns this option into a hotbed of fresh, transformative ideas. They give you the opportunity to hear about intricate data science discussions and pressing concerns on environmental sustainability. 

Delivering these discussions are various industry juggernauts, such as previous personalities like:

  • Influential YouTuber and Podcaster Marques Brownlee, 
  • Adam Selipsky from Amazon Web Services, 
  • AI guru Geoffrey Hinton from the University of Toronto,
  • Kelly Burton, the driving force behind the Black Innovation Alliance.

Although, it’s not just about listening. Collision promises engagement with masterclasses, in-depth roundtables, and revealing Q&As, ensuring every participant walks away enlightened.

However, what truly sets Collision apart is its spotlight on the future – startups. The much-anticipated PITCH competition is the crown jewel for emerging businesses. Here, backed by industry giants like Siemens and the ever-popular TikTok, they get to showcase their groundbreaking ideas. 

4. DesignOps Global Conference

Go head first into design and innovation with the DesignOps Global Conference. With its carbon net-zero initiative, this virtual summit stands out as a forward-thinking beacon for a range of professionals – be it design leaders, service innovators, or product managers.

Attendees are in for a treat as the conference examines pivotal topics, from UX and UI design to more nuanced subjects like product and service design operations. If you’re interested in elevating your customer journey or creating a smooth user experience, consider tuning in to these talks. 

But what makes DesignOps a must-attend? It’s their dedication to shaping the future. The meeting illuminates the metaverse’s significance, a realm of immersive 3D virtual worlds, heralding a monumental tech transformation. Parallely, it underscores the need for sustainable, circular economic models, challenging the degrading systems of the old. Plus, Apple, BBC, and Meta, among other industry giants, have already acknowledged its value by stepping in as sponsors. There is a lot to learn from this option, and it will go far in shaping and preparing you for new software trends.

5. DigiMarCon

Dreaming of mastering the intricate tapestry of digital marketing? Turn that vision into a reality with DigiMarCon, the premier pitstop for digital enthusiasts across the globe. With a robust line-up of over 40 conventions scheduled annually in 18 captivating countries, it’s no hyperbole to dub DigiMarCon the world’s largest digital marketing, media, and advertising symposium. In the past, they have secured sponsors such as Microsoft, Oracle, Netflix, and Nike, further highlighting its prestige. 

As you navigate its vibrant avenues, be prepared to immerse yourself in riveting sessions led by digital marketing luminaries, such as:

  • Christi Olson from Microsoft, 
  • Nadia Tan from Facebook,
  • Folake Dosu from The Walt Disney Company.

These leaders have graced the stage, focusing on audience building, brand amplification, and campaign strategies. Thus, those who attend a DigiMarCon event gain invaluable insights from tech visionaries, all while networking amidst the sector’s brightest. 

Whether you’re yearning to supercharge lead generation, bolster brand loyalty, or drive potent consumer engagement, this B2B SaaS conference promises actionable tips tailored to every ambition. Each session, peppered with compelling case studies, underscores the transformative power of digital marketing. 

6. Business of Software 

Embarking on a SaaS adventure? Let the Business of Software be your compass. Originating from the academic hubs of Cambridge, UK, and having transitioned from Boston’s bustling streets to the vibrant landscapes of North Carolina in the USA, this event has consistently been at the forefront of the SaaS revolution. It’s not just another checkbox in your annual calendar but a meticulously curated confluence, offering an alchemy of growth blueprints, incisive group debates, and pearls of wisdom from SaaS visionaries.

Are you wrestling with the intricacies of storytelling and branding? Or maybe you’re seeking the golden key to pricing, retention, and scaling? Whatever your quest, this conference covers vast topics, from leadership to product marketing. 

But here’s the best part: the learning doesn’t stop when the speakers step down. The real magic happens off-stage: the coffee chats, the serendipitous interactions, and the shared moments with fellow enthusiasts. As a SaaS founder or fanatic, imagine being cocooned in an atmosphere buzzing with collaboration, where every conversation is an opportunity. It’s not just an exciting talk but an intimate SaaS community. Plus, in the software world, where the journey can often feel solitary, the Business of Software promises camaraderie, wisdom, and a collective drive toward excellence.

7. Product-Led Summit 

The Product-Led Summit stands as essential for ambitious SaaS leaders. It’s not just a conference; it’s a masterclass on turning your product into a growth powerhouse.

Picture this: over 200 global product gurus, including Dennis Ryu from Shopify and Penelope Madry from American Express, all sharing game-changing insights. From the intricacies of mastering AI in product-led growth to understanding the art of cross-functional collaborations, the summit is a deep dive into the strategies that truly matter. 

If challenges with a product-led strategy or the complexity of data-driven growth keep you up, the summit offers solutions. You’ll find sessions led by industry pioneers like Darshy Narine from Hinge and Nick Waddingham from Warner Bros. Discovery.

The insights you’ll gather aren’t just for note-taking but for immediate application. So, step into this haven of learning and emerge with strategies that not only understand your customer’s core requirements but also transform them into tangible results.

8. SaaStr Annual Conference

In the throbbing hubs of San Francisco and Singapore, the SaaStr Annual Conference emerges as an unmissable rendezvous for SaaS devotees. Not just another tech occurrence, this conference is an expanse of inspiration, where stories of scaling from scratch to staggering ARR figures resonate in every corner.

Have you ever dreamt of mingling with over 15,000 like-minded SaaS professionals? This one makes it possible. With more than 300 software maestros spilling their trade secrets, the occasion is a treasure trove of actionable insights. Whether it’s seeking wisdom from top-tier speakers or embarking on one of the 150 workshops, opportunities to grow and evolve are omnipresent.

However, SaaStr doesn’t stop at the classics; they’ve redesigned networking. You can find yourself having in-depth conversations in one-on-one braindates or perhaps in group discussions where every participant becomes a contributor. And if you’re venturing into the Asian market, the Singapore edition promises the same vibrancy.

Furthermore, for those thinking of investment avenues, the line-up is ripe with potential, having a flock of over 1000 investors with whom you might just strike that golden partnership. Yet, it’s not all business. As the sessions wrap up, the atmosphere morphs into an exhilarating party where new connections become lifelong comrades.

9. B2B Marketing Exchange 

Emerging from the sun-kissed landscapes of Scottsdale and now blossoming in the digital expanse, B2B Marketing Exchange (#B2BMX) isn’t just an event – it’s a movement, one shaping the essence of B2B content marketing and sales.

More specifically, championed by the vanguards of the industry, Demand Gen Report and ABM in Action, this three-day event offers attendees an immersive educational experience in the heart of B2B content marketing and sales, along with opportunities for networking. The agenda also navigates the shifting buyer preferences and evolving market conditions.

Yet, where #B2BMX truly distinguishes itself is its unrivaled emphasis on ABM. In today’s agile business, with leaner teams managing vast pipelines, pinpointing the right accounts has never been more crucial. The event’s ‘Next Level ABM’ agenda ensures you’re informed and empowered, ready to elevate your strategies. With insights ranging from campaign measurement to content strategy, all dissected through a finely honed lens, you’re set for an enriching journey.

Beyond theory, #B2BMX is a celebration of interaction. Engage in over 30 diverse sessions, oscillating between strategic insights and granular case studies. Revel in hands-on workshops, where learning is tactile and immediate.

10. South by Southwest

Ah, South by Southwest (SXSW), where Austin’s vibrant energy melds with a festival flair, pushing the envelope of tech evolution. Just mentioning its name conjures images of innovation where every corner is bursting with inspiration.

It’s a place where your passion for digital creativity is shared by thousands, surrounded by visionaries and the freshest pools of knowledge. Simply, SXSW is your springboard into the future, a blend of technology, film, culture, and music. Peek behind the scenes of film creation from the conception of an idea to its virtual production. Alternatively, immerse yourself in debates around climate change. In addition to this, the event explores strategies across a number of industries and how to adapt to our changing world.

Furthermore, celebrate groundbreaking business models, the eureka moments of startups, and the tales of audacious ventures. Plus, as the lines between work and life blur, delve into the metamorphosis of our workspaces and the new expectations they birth. This is a multifaceted occasion for founders to think holistically about how they operate in the B2B sphere. 

11. Adobe Summit

Step into Adobe Summit, where LA’s digital horizon expands beyond the imaginable. This meet caters to the SaaS founders, content gurus, and the advertising elite.

With both virtual and in-person avenues, you’ll enjoy three days of education and networking, thanks to the 200+ sessions and hands-on workshops. The goal? To hone your craft in campaign management, absorb the genius of Adobe’s Experience Platform, and master the finesse of content creation.

Plus, the keynote speakers add an additional layer of insight into marketing automation, analytics, commerce, and more. Listen, learn, and let luminaries impart their wisdom, such as past talks, like the one where Olympian Allyson Felix and fashion maven Dame Vivienne Westwood explored the realm of transformation and change-making.

It’s not just about the now but also the next. Future-forward topics like B2B marketing, revenue optimization, and the intriguing realm of generative AI for customer experience are on the platter. Throw in discussions on content supply chains and candid insights from industry giants like Marriott, Eli Lilly, and T-Mobile, and you’ve got a summit that’s unmissable.


If there’s a global rendezvous for the fervent followers of future tech, it’s TECHSPO. Imagine a collection of technological wonders that’s not confined to one location but has painted its vision across 30 cities, spanning 12 countries and even stretching to an international cruise. 

Diving into TECHSPO is like stepping into tomorrow. The arena is home to developers, brands, innovators, and even the most audacious tech evangelists. Their mission? To keep you ahead in the technological decade – from the wizardry of Adtech and Martech to the transformative spells of internet, mobile, and SaaS tech. 

As you wander, be prepared to encounter exhibits that are both an epiphany and an education. These showcases are not just glimpses but vibrant dialogues about how tech can catalyze your business’s evolution. Plus, you may have caught whispers of TECHSPO on prominent channels like CNN, ABC, and NBC, testaments to the event’s stature.

Moreover, if you’re an exhibitor hungry to parade your innovations, TECHSPO provides a focused and targeted audience. Thousands of discerning consumers, eagle-eyed investors, press mavens, and a swirling vortex of tech aficionados await your narrative. Here, connections are forged, collaborations birthed, and visions shared.

13. Mind the Product

The Mind the Product (#mtpcon) is an embodiment of product wisdom, creativity, and strategy. Hosted in the bustling hubs of Hamburg, San Francisco, and London, this event is where product mastery is celebrated and cultivated.

Ever yearned to explore the intricate web of business, technology, and design? This gathering doesn’t just touch upon it; it looks at each nuance and corner. With speakers who are the very epitome of product prowess, every session promises actionable insights, each more profound than the last.

Yet, beyond the stages and slides, the real magic of #mtpcon lies in its community. Envision a space where over a thousand product fanatics congregate, each with tales of trials, tribulations, and triumphs. As you weave through the crowd, you’ll get opportunities to meet and converse with diverse minds, learning from different professionals. From shared challenges to collaborative solutions, the discussions here are not mere chit-chat – they’re the start of meaningful network building.

14. Product Con

Step into a realm where product innovation isn’t just discussed – it’s experienced; that is what you can expect from ProductCon. The convergence combines London’s rich history with San Francisco’s tech brilliance, and New York’s dynamism mingles with the global reach of online platforms. And here, amidst this melange, you find yourself surrounded by over 100,000 like-minded souls, each with a passion for product prowess.

Brought to life by the esteemed Product School, their showcase isn’t your run-of-the-mill conference; it’s a forward-thinking festival. What’s that buzz in the air, you ask? It’s the collective energy of attendees from diverse backgrounds, all converging to decode the future of product management.

Your journey at ProductCon promises rich takeaways. With each session, unveil industry trends that redefine conventional wisdom. But what truly sets ProductCon apart is its star-studded roster of thought leaders. Picture this: Jessica Hall sharing morsels of wisdom from her time at Just Eat Takeaway or Yi-Wei Ang drawing parallels from his experiences at Delivery Hero. Add to this the insights of Carlos González De Villaumbrosia, the visionary behind Product School, and you’re in for a treat.

Furthermore, with the backing of industry giants like Loom, Insight software, and Mixpanel, ProductCon assures not just knowledge but also tools – the perfect combo to elevate your product journey.

15. Dublin Tech Summit

Nestled in one of the world’s leading tech hubs, the Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) is a two-day culmination of innovation, expertise, and business insights. With Dublin as the base for major global tech firms, the conference has evolved into one of Europe’s rapidly ascending B2B tech events.

If you’re set on propelling your SaaS business, DTS offers a deep dive. Boasting over 200 global leaders from 70 countries, the event guarantees a knowledge reservoir from renowned figures such as Google’s Cassie Kozyrkov and Huawei’s Bryan Che, which is a testament to its stature. You’ll have the opportunity to get involved with Q&As, asking direct questions from the sector’s top figures.

Additionally, every year, DTS anticipates a diverse congregation of 8,000 tech enthusiasts. Keynotes traverse from the Future of Work to the nuances of 5G and IoT. Topics span AI, quantum computing, the burgeoning Metaverse, and much more. Plus, with backing from notable brands like Mastercard and Lenovo, DTS isn’t just an event – it’s an experience. A vibrant global village, dynamic workshops, and live podcasts make it a holistic tech celebration. 

16. SaaSiest

Ready to rub shoulders with the brightest minds in B2B SaaS? Pack your bags for Malmö, where SaaSiest stands as Sweden’s leading community-driven SaaS event.

Imagine a space buzzing with over 1,200 founders, industry captains, and venture capitalists, all zealously exchanging insights, creating partnerships, and unveiling the secrets to business success. SaaSiest provides just that. With 50+ international orators, including the brilliant April Dunford of Ambient Strategy and HubSpot’s Susanne Rönnqvist Ahmadi, you’re in for a wealth of knowledge. But it’s not all lectures and PowerPoints. Dive into engaging ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions, gain access to coveted templates, or partake in niche workshops tailored to your interest.

The ‘CEO and Executive’ exclusives will grant leadership figures a distinct platform, while the ‘VC & Capital Matchmaking’ can be the golden ticket for startups looking to woo investors. Of course, after a day of intense learning, SaaSiest ensures attendees unwind in style with side events, delectable cuisine, and a party that truly encapsulates the Nordic spirit. For those based in Scandinavia or aiming to penetrate its SaaS market, this event is a go-to. 

17. MozCon 

If you’re eager to enhance your knowledge of SEO, search marketing, and beyond, then MozCon, nestled in the vibrant city of Seattle, might be the utopia you’ve been yearning for.

Marketed as the ‘summer camp for digital marketers,’ it steers clear from the mundane conference norms. By sidestepping expos and exhibitions, the summit places emphasis on fostering genuine connections wrapped in an informal ambiance. So, if the thought of engaging in Birds of a Feather Lunch Table Discussions intrigues you, be sure to grab your plate and dive into the spirited debates that unfold daily.

And what’s a marketing fest without its roster of luminaries? At MozCon, you’re not just another face in the crowd. Here, you’ll be absorbing insights from stalwarts like Aleyda Solis of Orainti and Uber’s SEO Lead, Jackie Chu. These experts will unveil the latest strategies in areas ranging from search engine ranking nuances to the magic behind data-driven decision-making. Given the evolving landscape, where the likes of ChatGPT and TikTok are taking the digital world by storm, you can bet on MozCon to demystify the present and future of SEO.

Beyond the sessions, it embodies an ethos: a commitment to the community. So, whether you’re an SEO enthusiast, a budding marketer, or an industry veteran, the doors are open wide. Step in and let this two-day revelry elevate your digital marketing game to unprecedented heights.

Summary Table: 17 B2B SaaS Conferences

ConferenceKey ThemesEvent TypeLocation
SaaStockStartup development, SaaS networkingIn-person Austin, USA and Dublin, Ireland
INBOUND by HubspotLeadership, marketing, work-life health In-person and VirtualBoston, USA
Collision Conference Tech trends, data science, startupsIn-personToronto, Canada
DesignOps Global ConferenceUX, UI, product designVirtual N/A
DigiMarConDigital marketing, media, advertisingIn-personVarious locations
Business of Software Leadership, growth hacks, branding and storytellingIn-personCambridge, UK and North Carolina, USA
Product-Led Summit Product development, team building, leveraging data, AI in product growthIn-personSan Francisco, USA and London, UK
SaaStr Annual ConferenceScaling, B2B, investingIn-person and VirtualSan Francisco, USA  and Singapore 
B2B Marketing Exchange ABM, content strategy, campaign managementIn-person and VirtualScottsdale, USA
South by Southwest (SXSW)Tech trends, AI, branding, startupsIn-personAustin, USA
Adobe Summit Customer journey, AI, revenue optimization In-person and VirtualLas Vegas, USA
TECHSPOBusiness, tech, innovationIn-personVarious locations
Mind the Product Product development, leadership, management In-person and VirtualLondon, UK, San Francisco, USA, and Hamburg, Germany
Product ConProduct management, software trendsIn-person and VirtualLondon, UK, San Francisco and New York, USA
Dublin Tech SummitSustainability, AI, startups, In-person Dublin, Ireland 
SaaSiestB2B, startups, VC, investingIn-personMalmö, Sweden 
MozConSEO, software trends, conversion optimizationIn-person and VirtualSeattle, USA

Why Should You Attend a B2B SaaS Conference? 

Navigating the intricate world of B2B SaaS can often feel overwhelming. However, attending the right conventions can demystify the maze and hand you a map. Below are compelling reasons why you should consider marking your calendar for these pivotal events:

Networking OpportunitiesSurround yourself with potential clients, competitors, and industry peers. You’ll have the opportunity to develop meaningful connections that could lead to future collaborations, partnerships, or even clientele. Plus, gain insights, feedback, and a clearer understanding of the market pulse.
Stay Ahead of Trends and InnovationIndustry gatherings often become the launchpad for the latest in SaaS. It’s where whispers of new products transform into full-fledged announcements and where you’re first introduced to emerging features and industry shifts. 
Learn From The BestSaaS conferences are frequented by industry heavyweights and influential keynote speakers. Gleaning insights from their journeys, strategies, and unique market positions is truly enlightening. 
Identify CompetitorsGet a front-row seat to identify industry leaders and promising newcomers. Keep an eye out for solutions that echo yours, and consider attending their sessions. It provides a first-hand view of their offerings, strategies, and potentially, areas where you could outshine or collaborate.
Online video conference landing page concept, colleague team chatting at laptop, group of men and women have meeting call and discussion, working from home. Vector illustration in flat cartoon style.

5 Tips to Get the Most From Your B2B SaaS Conferences

The difference between a productive event and a missed opportunity often boils down to preparation and engagement. Here’s a suite of actionable tips to ensure you extract maximum value from every B2B SaaS conference you attend:

1. Be Selective

Not all conferences are equal. When deciding which events to attend, filter by those that align closely with your business interests and objectives. Scrutinize the list of speakers – do they echo your business ethos? Are they touching upon a topic currently at the top of your mind? The more aligned an event is with your vision, the more rewarding your experience will be.

2. Plan Meticulously

While spontaneity has its merits, strategic planning is key when attending a SaaS event. Research the itinerary and pinpoint the sessions that resonate most with your goals. Booking early not only secures your spot but often comes with cost advantages as well. Remember, the best talks tend to fill up quickly, so being proactive pays off.

3. Engage Actively

Passive attendance is a no-go. Immerse yourself fully in the experience. Jot down your top takeaways during sessions, identify competitors and significant speakers for post-event research, and, where appropriate, capture moments with photographs. The more involved you are, the richer your learning will be.

4. Master the Art of Networking

In the B2B domain, conferences transform venues into melting pots of potential clients and competitors. It’s not just about showcasing your solution but also about active listening. While exchanging business cards and securing contacts is vital, the real gold lies in tuning into conversations. Engage with attendees, asking them about the challenges they face, the talks they’re keen on, or if there’s a particular speaker they’ve earmarked. Forge genuine connections by delving deeper into their interests and roles. After all, understanding your audience directly from the source can be invaluable.

You also might consider approaching speakers post-session with insightful questions or thoughts. However, always listen actively and, post-conversation, make brief notes to ensure meaningful follow-ups. Whether it’s a personalized email or a LinkedIn connection request, referencing your conversation can solidify your new relationship.

5. Share Your Insights on Social Media

Social media isn’t just for post-event; it’s a vibrant part of the live experience. Engage in real-time conversations using the conference’s hashtags. Share your insights, retweet intriguing points, and partake in discussions. Not only does this amplify your presence, but it also positions you as an engaged industry player, all while enhancing your experience.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the B2B SaaS landscape can be both exhilarating and challenging. The right conference not only enlightens you but also serves as a catalyst for growth, innovation, and invaluable connections. 

As you embark on this journey, consider partnering with experts who truly understand the nuances of this dynamic sector. At NUOPTIMA, we pride ourselves on being more than just a digital marketing agency; we’re your strategic partners in B2B SaaS growth. With a trophy cabinet that boasts numerous awards and an array of successful case studies, our team has an unparalleled knack for crafting bespoke strategies tailored to drive sustainable growth. 

If you’re keen on transforming your SaaS game, book a free call with us. Together, we can brainstorm strategies and methodologies to elevate your marketing and sales to the next level. 

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