FaaS Platform Generates 223% Increase in Leads in 89 Days


Increase in Leads


Keywords in Top 3 Positions


Increase in Organic Traffic in 3 Months

Screenshot from Google Analytics demonstrating a 223.21% increase in leads in 89 days for Bezos.

About Bezos

Bezos is a Fulfillment-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform that provides e-commerce brands with fulfillment and logistics solutions. This means that they assist online businesses with the storing, picking, boxing up, and delivery of their inventory. 

They approached NUOPTIMA because they were looking to increase their organic traffic from core markets, namely the EU, UK, USA, and Australia. Additionally, they wanted to optimize visibility and boost lead generation in these key regions and markets.

A screenshot of the website homepage of Bezos.


Bezos Team

Image of Bezos’s logo.
Image of Freddy Bruce, Head of Growth at Bezos.

Freddy Bruce

Head of Growth

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Initial Action Plan & Implementation

Bezos enlisted our services in February 2023 and is still doing so today (as of May 2024). In this 15-month period, we have carried out numerous comprehensive optimizations and strategies to improve their online performance. 

Our initial plan of action was to implement technical SEO tactics to improve their site’s crawlability and ranking opportunities. Here is a rundown of some of the core technical SEO work we carried out:

  • Added sitemap link to footer: Our first port of call was to add Bezos’s sitemap link to the footer menu of their website. This is important to include as it provides site visitors with a visible and easy-to-access tool to help them navigate the site, and it assists with crawlability. 
  • Removed unnecessary pages: We advised Bezos to remove specific web pages from their site if they were unnecessary, as it is a good SEO practice to remove or update content that does not provide value.
  • Fixed links in sitemap.xml: Their main web address is “https://www.bezos.ai,” but all links in the XML sitemap pointed to “https://bezos.ai.” By addressing this, we could better optimize the site’s visibility.
  • Stopped HTTPS pages internally linking to HTTP pages: If an internal link on a site leads visitors to an HTTP URL, browsers generally display a warning about it being a non-secure page, negatively affecting site authority as well as user experience. Therefore, we adjusted the internal links on affected pages so that they pointed to HTTPS versions.
  • Resolved issues with redirect chains: Redirect chains can slow down page loading speeds and complicate internal linking for crawlers so, where possible, we resolved these issues to improve efficiency and accessibility.
  • Optimized meta tags: This involved removing unwanted words from meta descriptions, ensuring all pages had meta description tags, and making sure they were of an appropriate length. We also optimized titles and H1s, making sure there were not any missing or duplicates, were logical, and that the primary keyword had been inserted where appropriate.
  • Enhanced page speed: Many pages on Bezos’s site had a slow loading time, which is detrimental to SEO efforts as well as conversions. Our team identified issues for those pages, such as poorly organized code structure, unoptimized images, and a higher use of JavaScript. We successfully resolved these issues and increased the site’s page speed.

After concluding our technical SEO work for Bezos, we then began producing high-quality content based on in-depth keyword research and a content strategy we created for the first 12 months of organic traffic development. Our aim behind this content strategy was to target keyword clusters that would provide authority to the client’s site while simultaneously combining informational and transactional keywords to increase both organic traffic and conversions.

Action Plan & Implementation for Q2 2024

For Q2 2024, we decided to increase our monthly word count deliverables for Bezos. For the first 12 months of collaboration, we provided a monthly allocation of 13,000 words, which equates to roughly five to seven articles and six backlinks each month. The new strategy for Q2 means we increased our offerings to 19,500 words monthly, a 1.5x increase, so we can now produce seven to 10 highly relevant articles monthly, allowing us to improve both our content output and coverage.

Also, one of our main aims for Q2 2024 is to improve the quality of leads from the US and Australia. To achieve this and penetrate these markets efficiently, we focused on using high-converting keywords for developing content that generated leads from these markets, ensuring our strategy correlates with the local audience’s search behaviors and preferences.

Unlike previous content strategies, which were primarily focused on informative keywords and traffic acquisition, we have integrated a different approach toward terminology for Q2. This new approach ensures that bottom-of-the-funnel leads reach Bezos’s site, addressing content gaps and generating more qualified traffic. By establishing high-quality keyword rankings, we better position the client in their niche and optimize their overall SEO performance.


Throughout our work with Bezos, we undertook numerous steps to provide them with an effective strategy, including technical SEO, thorough keyword research, content planning and creation, and continuous optimizations to achieve the biggest possible impact. As our approach is data-driven, we have been able to adjust our tactics according to various metrics and feedback (a vital aspect of good SEO). 

By following our action plan and tweaking it accordingly, we were confident that Bezos would see a substantial increase in traffic and lead quality on their site. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant results we have gained for the FaaS platform.


One of Bezos’s primary goals is to boost lead generation. The image below shows data on their key events (conversions). A key event is something you want a user to do, such as click a button or make a purchase. In Bezos’s case, this is filling out a form. We can see that there has been a significant 223.21% increase in conversions from January 25th – April 23rd, 2024, compared to the previous period of October 26th, 2023 – January 23rd, 2024 (we have only measured these dates because Bezos did not have conversions prior):

Screenshot displaying a significant 223.21% increase in conversions for Bezos.


One of the primary keywords we targeted for Bezos was “UK fulfillment service,” a term highly relevant and desirable to the client. Their ranking position for this keyword was 45 on May 22nd, 2023, as seen in the screenshot below:

Screenshot from Ahrefs showing the keyword “UK fulfillment service” at position 45 on May 22nd, 2023, for Bezos.

The next image shows the current ranking position of the highest ranking Bezos page — “https://www.bezos.ai/resources/best-fulfilment-companies-uk” — that generates the most leads to their site by ranking for this keyword. We worked to increase the keyword rankings for the page as well as the keyword through detailed on-page SEO, content optimization, and high-quality backlinks to this page. The screenshot shows the page has reached position six in SERPs, demonstrating a substantial 39-position increase in keyword ranking:

Screenshot from Google SERPs showing Bezos’s highest ranking page currently at position six for the keyword “UK fulfillment service.”

Furthermore, the overall amount of keywords increased from 2,635 to 5,200 in the last 12 months. This means that Bezos ranks for 5,200 keywords in the top 100 organic search results. They also have 69 keywords in the most desired top three positions:

Screenshot showing that Bezos now ranks for 5,200 keywords and has 69 keywords in the top three positions.

Another one of Bezos’s aims is to increase their organic traffic (visitors landing on the site from unpaid sources). In May 2023, they had 157 unique visitors per month coming from organic searches on SERPs:

Image showing Bezos’s monthly organic traffic as 157 in May 2023.

By May 2024, this figure has notably increased to 4,267 monthly unique organic visitors, accomplished through our on-page SEO work, keyword research, content strategies, and acquisition of high-quality backlinks on authoritative domains:

Screenshot showing Bezos’s monthly organic traffic as 4,267 as of May 2024.

Moreover, Bezos’s organic traffic increased by an impressive 2,600 within a three-month period, and we can see this metric continuing to increase at a rapid rate:

Screenshot displaying Bezos’s organic traffic increasing at an impressive rate, with a 2,600 increase within three months.

Next, let’s consider organic pages. These are web pages on Bezos’s site that appear in SERPs without being paid for placement. In May 2023, the client had 67 indexed organic pages:

Screenshot showing that in May 2023, Bezos had 67 organic pages.

Fast forward to May 2024, and Bezos now has 373 organic pages, displaying stable and steady growth over the course of our collaboration:

Screenshot showing that as of May 2024, Bezos has 373 organic pages.

Finally, let’s analyze data regarding clicks and impressions. Clicks refer to the number of times users click on the site’s URL from SERPs, and impressions show how many times a web page from Bezos appears in users’ search results. Again, we can see there is a marked improvement over 12 months. In May 2023, Bezos generated 10 clicks and 4,316 impressions:

Screenshot from Google Search Console showing that Bezos generated 10 clicks and 4,316 impressions in May 2023.

By May 2024, both of these metrics have increased significantly, with 126 clicks and 17,522 impressions:

Screenshot from Google Search Console showing that Bezos generated 126 clicks and 17,522 impressions in May 2024.

Over the course of 13 months, we have created 96 backlinks — links from a page on one website to another — for Bezos. Below, you can see a portion of the backlinks NUOPTIMA built for the client on reputable sites, helping to drive better conversion growth and rankings:

Image showing some of the 96 backlinks NUOPTIMA built for Bezos.

The creation of these backlinks helped increase Bezos’s domain rating (the strength of a site’s backlink profile) from 25 to 53, a dramatic improvement. This is considered an extremely valuable asset for the client as it has a higher authority than its competitors. We can see Bezos also has 916 backlinks coming from 292 referring domains — sites linking back to their site — that empower and strengthen the domain rating metric:

Screenshot from Ahrefs displaying Bezos’s impressive domain rating of 53, as well as 916 backlinks and 292 referring domains.

Effects of Google’s March 2024 Core Update

Google’s March 2024 Core Update rocked the search industry with its sudden and significant changes to its search algorithms, negatively affecting many websites that were penalized or even de-indexed as a consequence.

However, throughout this update, Bezos’s website remained stable, as shown below:

Screenshot showing how Bezos’s site remained stable throughout Google’s March 2024 Core Update, demonstrating NUOPTIMA’s value.

This demonstrates the value of our comprehensive strategies, including our content strategy, and how we managed to bring stability and continued growth to the client even through turbulent and unpredictable times.


Throughout this case study, we have shown how our team at NUOPTIMA has assisted and continues to assist Bezos in improving their website performance, including their lead generation, organic traffic, and visibility. Through our efforts, the client is now generating much better results and continues to grow, catapulting their business into greater success.

FaaS Platform Generates 223% Increase in Leads in 89 Days

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