Bleuet Sees 5,100%+ Increase in Website Visitors


Increase in Users


Increase in Conversions From Organic Traffic


Keywords Ranking in Positions 1-3

Screenshot showing Bleuet’s staggering 5,1071.1% increase in website visitors since enlisting NUOPTIMA’s services.

About Bleuet 

Bleuet is an e-commerce brand offering bras, undergarments, and everyday apparel to tween and teen girls. 

Bleuet approached NUOPTIMA for assistance because they were witnessing low traffic, few conversions, and little engagement from customers. On top of this, they were also failing to rank for their desired keywords. 

A screenshot of the website homepage of Bleuet.


Bleuet Team

Image of Bleuet’s logo.
Image of William (Bill) Rietz, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer at Bleuet.

William (Bill) Rietz

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

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SEO Lead

Action Plan & Implementation

Upon gaining an in-depth understanding of Bleuet’s challenges online and what they wished to improve, we came up with the following set of deliverables:

  • 9,000 words of content in total each month;
  • Four monthly backlinks on relevant sites with a domain rating of at least 40.

We crafted on-page content for Bleuet because, first and foremost, it would provide more value to users. This included category pages, such as “Tween Bras” and “Sustainable Gray Bras,” to better organize the products they offered to customers, making it easier for them to find what they are looking for. 

We also developed numerous blog posts for parents, such as “A Step-By-Step Guide for Moms: How to Buy a Training Bra for Your Daughter,” and blog posts for young girls, such as “A Teen’s Guide to How to Wash a Bra” to educate the reader and increase the site’s value. This also positioned Bleuet as a point of authority in the realm of young girls’s apparel.

Plus, we created four monthly backlinks placed on high authority sites in their niche, such as parenting and lifestyle websites, which helped to improve Bleuet’s authority, credibility, and overall visibility. 

In addition, we also undertook:

  • Full-scale keyword research to help them target and rank for their dream keywords;
  • Work to upgrade their overall site structure;
  • A detailed technical audit and weekly technical SEO monitoring.


Our work with Bleuet began in July 2023, and since the beginning of our collaboration, we have seen significant improvements in their site’s online performance.

Firstly, let’s consider their monthly organic traffic, the number of monthly visitors that land on the site through unpaid sources: 

A graph showing how Bleuet’s monthly organic traffic increased from 1,300 in July 2023 to 8,181 in April 2024, a 529.308% increase.

In July 2023, their monthly organic traffic was 1,300. As of April 2024, this figure has increased to 8,181, which equates to an impressive 529.308% increase!

If we analyze their users, event count, checkouts, and conversions, we can again see significant improvements across all four metrics:

A graph illustrating that Bleuet’s users, event count, checkouts, and conversions have all improved since working with NUOPTIMA.
  • Users: This metric indicates the number of individual users who have visited Bleuet’s site. As of April 2024, the count is 291K, which represents an extraordinary 5,107.1% increase compared to the previous period! 
  • Event Count: This figure refers to the number of events tracked on Bleuet’s site. Events can be anything from button clicks to form submissions to page views, depending on what the site owner has decided to track. The graph demonstrates an impressive 354.6% increase to 4.2M events. 
  • Checkouts: This number represents the number of times a user completed a checkout process, such as making a purchase, or completed a significant action, such as signing up for a subscription. We can see that there has been a highly notable 504.1% increase to 37K checkouts.
  • Conversions: Finally, let’s look at conversions from all channels. This metric refers to the number of times users took a desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase, depending on the goals of the site. The graph shows an increase to one million conversions, a significant 3,361.1% increase. This indicates that the site is attracting more visitors, but it also suggests that Bleuet’s site is extremely effective at convincing these visitors to take action.

Let’s look now at conversions from organic traffic and total revenue:

A screenshot from Google Analytics displaying a 9,109.02% conversion increase from organic traffic and a 7,200.79% improvement in total revenue.

We can see that Bleuet has witnessed an exceptional 9,109.02% increase in conversions just from organic traffic and a 7,200.79% increase in total revenue from working with NUOPTIMA.

Finally, let’s consider Bleuet’s organic keywords, shown in the two graphs below. Organic keywords are used in SEO to attract free visitors. The first graph represents the number of organic keywords they ranked for in July 2023, and the second illustrates the number of organic keywords they ranked for in April 2024:

Image showing the number of keywords Bleuet ranked for in July 2023, prior to collaborating with NUOPTIMA.
Image showing the number of keywords Bleuet ranked for in April 2024 after several months of collaboration with NUOPTIMA.

In July 2023, Bleuet ranked for 1,124 keywords in total. By April 2024, this number had increased to 2,419, more than double. However, they did not only see an improvement in the number of keywords ranked overall. They also saw an increase in the number of keywords ranking in positions one to three. Before working with us, this figure was 30. By April 2024, this had improved significantly to 258 keywords ranking in top positions.


This case study demonstrates how NUOPTIMA went above and beyond in resolving Bleuet’s challenges, including helping them achieve significantly more traffic, conversions, and engagement. Furthermore, we also got them ranking for many more keywords, including their desired keywords. As a result, Bleuet is now witnessing enhanced online visibility and interest, helping the business to expand, grow, and enjoy greater success.

Bleuet Sees 5,100%+ Increase in Website Visitors

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