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Unveiling the Top 10 SEO Agencies for Your Gambling Business

April 5, 2023 2 minutes
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Does your online casino or gambling website need a traffic boost? Perhaps you’re struggling to rank high on search engines or effectively reach your target market. The world of digital marketing can be complex, especially when you’re operating in a niche industry like gambling. That’s where SEO agencies step in – they have the key to your virtual success. In this high-stakes game of internet visibility, these industry-savvy experts will help ensure you’re always holding a winning hand. 

Crafted to cater to the unique needs of your business, these SEO firms have the expertise, industry knowledge, and cutting-edge tools to push your brand to the top of search engine results. Whether you want to improve your organic reach, attract high-quality leads, or achieve better conversion rates, we’ve got you covered. Stick around as we unveil the top 10 SEO providers that can bring your company to the forefront of the digital landscape.

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Welcome to NUOPTIMA, the growth agency that’s redefining the SEO landscape. We’re a collective of seasoned professionals united by a common goal – to fuel your business with qualified traffic and profit within a specified or client-allotted budget.

Our team, boasting 15+ years of SEO experience, has successfully executed 300+ SEO projects. Our portfolio is diverse, ranging from local service providers to public companies across both B2C and B2B sectors. We’ve propelled brands to 7 figures in sales and surpassed B2B SQL quotas. Some of our many proficiencies include:

  • Comprehensive SEO (technical SEO, content writing and creation, backlink building)
  • eCommerce email marketing
  • SEO for eCommerce platforms (B2B & B2C) 
  • Amazon marketing
  • PPC

This diverse skill set, coupled with our competitive pricing starting from $1,000 per month, makes us a one-stop full-stack solution for all your SEO needs.

At NUOPTIMA, we’re selective about our collaborations because we’re committed to ensuring the success of your campaign. Furthermore, we understand that choosing an SEO agency is a significant decision. That’s why we encourage you to have a conversation with our team before making your choice. We’ll provide an honest assessment of what we can achieve for you. If we’re a good fit, we’ll propose a fair price and outline clear growth expectations and KPIs.

Once we embark on this journey together, you’ll be in regular contact with our team. We’re committed to transparency and communication, so you’ll receive extensive data tracking and regular updates.

As a highly-rated gambling SEO agency, we offer tailored strategies to boost your internet presence, drive targeted traffic, and increase conversions. Our experts specialise in understanding the unique needs of the industry, and we leverage cutting-edge tools and techniques to deliver results. Whether you’re a casino, sportsbook, or other gambling-related business, we’re here to help you prosper in the competitive web marketplace. Click here to learn more about what specific services we offer to gambling companies, and when you feel ready, book a call with our dedicated team to embark on your journey towards online success.


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  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Founded: 2020
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: N/A
  • Address: 1 Beauchamp Court, 10 Victors Way, Barnet, London, EN5 5TZ, UK
  • Specialisation: SEO, Backlink Building, B2B, B2C, SaaS, Content Writing and Creation, PPC, eCommerce Email Marketing, SEO for eCommerce Platforms, Amazon Marketing, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Gambling SEO
  • Clients: Microminder, Quolum, Bonnet, FUL, Eden Data
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iGamingSEO is a firm that provides sustainable organic traffic solutions for the iGaming industry. They understand the challenges businesses face in this sector, such as struggles with long-term growth and penalties that are difficult to resolve. Their approach is to offer straightforward, actionable recommendations that are aligned with both short-term and long-term goals.

The firm’s experience has aided iGaming companies in growing organic visibility and acquiring real money players sustainably. They also help reinvigorate stale organic traffic and improve visibility for consumer brands and white-label partners. Their team has held Google ranking positions for key terms such as “Poker,” “Bingo,” “Gambling Games,” and “Online Casino.” 

iGamingSEO also offers support such as removing long-standing manual and algorithmic Google penalties, implementing content strategies that align with brand and players, launching single page applications/progressive web apps (SPAs/PWAs), resolving issues around crawling and ranking JS framework-based platforms and educating and training stakeholders about the importance of SEO within iGaming.

Another pivotal service rendered by iGamingSEO is its audit and compliance checks. They ensure that a webpage aligns with the rules and regulations of online gambling, thereby avoiding penalties and fines. This is essential as it ensures the business stays within legal boundaries and maintains good standing in the industry.


  • Headquarters: Tonbridge, UK
  • Founded: 2012
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +44 (0)330 043 7526 
  • Address: N/A
  • Specialisation: Gambling SEO
  • Clients: Betfair
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Digital Fuel

With over a century of combined experience in areas such as iGaming, sports, Esports, and entertainment, Digital Fuel is well-versed in attracting audiences to gambling sites. Their main emphasis is on understanding people and enhancing brands; to do so, they conduct the following:

  • Backlink and Content Optimisation: Enhancing backlinks and content for better performance
  • Keyword Planning: Identifying achievable and relevant keywords for targeted traffic
  • SEO Consultancy: Reviewing and improving marketing tactics for better traffic from Google
  • GEO Targeted Search Campaigns: Implementing techniques for local and international ranking

One of the main aspects of Digital Fuel’s support is its competitor analysis, enabling customers to grasp what other brands are doing and how they can improve their own strategies. This service is vital in staying ahead in the fast-paced and emulous online gambling industry. Digital Fuel enables casinos to enhance their visibility and outshine their competition by leveraging the power of metrics.


  • Headquarters: Norwich, UK
  • Founded: 2013
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +44 (0)160 397 5049
  • Address: Fuel Studios, Kiln House, Pottergate, Norwich, NR2 1DX, UK
  • Specialisation: Paid Media, Design, Affiliate Marketing, Content, and SEO
  • Clients: Undisclosed
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If your interest lies in augmenting the visibility of your website, then Blueclaw has something to offer. They are an award-winning agency that operates in markets such as iGaming and eCommerce, creating strategies with clear deliverables. 

At the heart of Blueclaw’s operations is a staunch belief in the power of content. They assist gambling websites in producing engaging, informative, and high-quality material that resonates with users. The essence of SEO lies in its ability to attract and retain potential gamblers. The organisation does this by streaming content to match algorithms. 

Distinctively, Blueclaw sets its sights on semantic search optimisation. This involves making content to match the context of searches rather than just the keywords. The evolving nature of search engines gives precedence to the intent behind a user’s search, making this an essential aspect of modern SEO practices.


  • Headquarters: Leeds, UK
  • Founded: 2006
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +44 (0)113 234 3300
  • Address: 7 Park Row, Leeds, LS1 1NX, UK
  • Specialisation: SEO, Content Marketing, Link Building, PPC Management
  • Clients: AMT Vehicle Solutions, OLBG, Betway
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Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon offers a range of services to casinos looking to enhance their online presence. Recognising the shift towards digital platforms in this industry, they give solutions tailored to this specific niche. This includes:

  • Local SEO: Targeting the local audience, they ensure that a casino’s entertainment is visible to residents in the vicinity, aiming to make it a preferred choice.
  • Google Maps Optimisation: By standing out on location searches, they help businesses become the top result for queries like “casinos near me.”
  • Web Design & Optimisation: They focus on aesthetics and functionality, enhancing the user experience (UX) and making the site search engine friendly.
  • SEO Audit & Analytics: Through detailed analysis and audit reports, they identify what’s working and what’s not, providing customised suggestions.
  • Keyword Research: They research high-quality keywords and internet trends to generate more traffic.
  • Content: They supply relevant, original, and valuable content, ensuring it’s optimised for search engines.
  • Mobile SEO: They improve organic search visibility on mobile phones and other handheld devices, ensuring the site is functional on smaller screens.
  • Penalty Checker: If a site has been penalised by search engines, their expert team evaluates it and offers insights and tools to recover.

Pearl Lemon’s approach is about more than just ranking on search engines; it’s about creating an improved UX, driving more traffic, and increasing brand awareness. 


  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Founded: 2016
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +44 (0)207 183 3436
  • Address: Kemp House, 152-160 City Rd, London, EC1V 2NX, UK
  • Specialisation: Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Keyword Research
  • Clients: LoanPig, Lina, Elevano
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Assertive offers a range of services designed to enhance the online visibility of gambling platforms, ensuring they stand out in a highly competitive market. Their support includes on-page optimisation, which focuses on keywords and enhances the webpage and content strategy to highlight the brand. Technical SEO is another vital aspect, where they examine the website’s health, including loading speed and architecture, to ensure optimal UX. 

Link building is integral to their offerings, utilising techniques such as help a reporter out (HARO) and direct outreach. Their specialists approach prominent publications to secure high domain authority backlinks, which can significantly increase organic traffic.

Assertive’s process is transparent and includes a free consultation, website audit, planning and implementation, and regular reviews to monitor progress. They emphasise a results-driven approach, providing monthly reports detailing the campaign’s effectiveness, changes in search engine ranking, and information about backlinks.


  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Founded: 2007
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +44 (0)207 965 7623
  • Address: Gresham House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN, UK
  • Specialisation: SEO Services, Content Marketing, SEO Consultancy, SEO Audits
  • Clients: Allianz Global Investors, SQS, Quick Move Now
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As the iGaming landscape has evolved, Stickeyes has developed multi-discipline search marketing tactics that engage the right audiences across various channels, devices, and key behavioural triggers. They are known for helping platforms enrich their companies through search engine optimisation. Their understanding of the gambling sector sets the foundation for their work.

The company offers specific services such as:

  • Technical SEO, focusing on the right infrastructure for search marketing success
  • Local SEO, delivering hyper-local search tactics to generate footfall and drive sales 
  • International SEO, with a global team working on worldwide brands

Stickyeyes leverages tools like Roadmap, SCOT, KIT, Equilibrium, Audit, District, and Pinpoint to provide a data-led approach to keyword strategy, local presence enhancement, and more. They also offer insights into the behaviour of consumers through data analysis. By integrating these observations into their SEO, they assist their clients in connecting more effectively with their target audiences. 


  • Headquarters: Leeds, UK
  • Founded: 1997
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +44 (0)113 391 2929
  • Address: West One, 100 Wellington St, Leeds, LS1 4LT, UK
  • Specialisation: SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Consumer Insight, Online Reputation Management, and Gambling Sector Digital Solutions
  • Clients: LG, Adobe, Lloyds Bank
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Ocere is an agency with over a decade of experience in the iGaming industry, providing a range of services specifically tailored for online casino and sports betting companies. Their offerings include SEO and metadata, social media advertising, and creative content. They focus on optimising websites to enhance their presence on search engine results pages (SERPs), a vital aspect in the highly competitive iGaming world.

Enhancing SERPs ranking ensures steady growth within authentic audiences, making SEO for casinos a crucial part of any digital campaign. They offer help ranging from iGaming content to blogger outreach, and their capability extends to over 20,000 relationships with publishers and news outlets.

Ocere has worked with many well-known casino brands, including Betway, Unibet, 888, and Ladbrokes and has established relationships with over 40,000 website owners and webmasters. They are not limited to English-speaking casinos; they have also assisted in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Scandinavian, and Italian markets. 


  • Headquarters: Cheltenham, UK
  • Founded: 2009
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +44 (0)124 252 5557 
  • Address: Formal House, 60 St George’s Pl, Cheltenham, GL50 3PN, UK
  • Specialisation: Managed Services, SEO Outreach
  • Clients: eToro, Betway, William Hill
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Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence is a digital agency that caters to the iGaming, casino, and betting industries. Recognising the shift towards a more internet-connected world, especially in the post-COVID era, they provide essential services to help companies in these sectors conquer the organic search market.

Their offerings include managed operations to help businesses climb Google ranks and become more visible to potential customers. They also provide local SEO to build traffic and revenue within specific areas and international campaigns to help clients expand into new global areas.

Additionally, Click Intelligence offers pay-per-click (PPC) support, including Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising strategy and management. Their approach is data-driven, and they have a dedicated account manager for each client to ensure that campaign goals and objectives are met. With offices in London and Cheltenham, Click Intelligence has worked with many companies, such as Gumtree, 888poker, and Crowne Plaza, to help them succeed in their online efforts. 


  • Headquarters: Cheltenham, UK
  • Founded: 2013
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +44 (0)197 852 6964
  • Address: Unit 4&5, Rockfield Business Park, Cheltenham, GL53 0AN, UK
  • Specialisation: SEO, Link Building, Paid Search, Paid Social, Content Writing
  • Clients: Cotswold Eco Rooms, The Frameless Glass Company, Roberto and Co Estate Agents
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In this final entry, we explore the offerings of Mediacle, another agency with a specialisation in the iGaming industry. An important part of their service is their thorough keyword research. The significance of this lies in identifying the right terms and phrases that users of platforms might use in their queries. By optimising a website to respond to these keywords, they ensure that the site is more likely to appear in results, thereby increasing the chances of attracting a potential new audience.

UX is a crucial aspect of any website, especially in betting. A smooth, user-friendly page is more likely to retain consumers, leading to lower bounce rates and higher engagement, which are metrics that Google values highly. Mediacle, therefore, integrates UX considerations into its SEO practices, which aids in delivering audiences a seamless and enjoyable experience, boosting satisfaction and improving SERPs rankings.

Furthermore, Mediacle places significant emphasis on on-page optimisation. This practice involves fine-tuning various website elements, such as the title, meta description, content, and internal links. This detailed work enhances the chances of search engines indexing the site correctly, which is a critical step towards achieving higher visibility.


  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Founded: 2013
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +44 (0)203 608 8364
  • Address: 16 Upper Woburn Place, London, WC1H 0BS, UK
  • Specialisation: Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO Affiliate Marketing, Keyword Research, On-Page Optimisation, UX Integration, Link Building Services, SEO Consulting
  • Clients: LeoVegas, Royal Panda, Cofina Media


So there you have it – a carefully curated list of the top SEO agencies that can propel your brand to dizzying heights. No matter your specific needs, these firms boast the proficiency and specialisation necessary to significantly enhance your online presence. Remember, it’s all about reaching your audience effectively and efficiently in the fast-paced and highly competitive virtual gambling world.

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By: Viktor Bartak

Head of SEO


Viktor has 15 years of experience in SEO, having worked on over 300 businesses across B2B and B2C, including cybersecurity, social media, eCommerce, tourism, SaaS, fintech, private clinics, agriculture, clothing manufactures, real estate and more.

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