eCom Brand Hits 3x ROI & 165% Organic Traffic Increase in 180 Days


Increase in Purchases


Increase in Total Revenue


Increase in Organic Traffic

Screenshot from Google Analytics demonstrating a 144.92% increase in purchases and $120,321.03 increase in total revenue (139.78%) for Hidden Botanics since enlisting NUOPTIMA’s services.

About Hidden Botanics

Founded in 2019, Hidden Botanics provides sustainable dried and preserved wedding flowers to customers through its website. To date, their handmade flowers have been purchased by almost 50,000 brides. 

Hidden Botanics approached NUOPTIMA back in September 2023 as their website was underperforming in comparison to major competitors despite reaching promising spots within search engine results pages (SERPs). We found that their site structure was not optimized, which resulted in slow loading speeds, negatively affecting search engine optimization (SEO) as well as overall user experience (UX). 

Hidden Botanic’s competitors, meanwhile, had intensified efforts to optimize their websites, putting the client at a distinct disadvantage, which highlighted to us the need for strategic improvements in site optimization as well as SEO practices in order to improve their performance online.

A screenshot of the website homepage of Hidden Botanics.


Hidden Botanics Team

Image of Hidden Botanics logo.
Image of Cagla Cantimur, Founder of Hidden Botanics.

Cagla Cantimur


Image of Mert Cantimur, Chief Executive Officer at Hidden Botanics.

Mert Cantimur

Chief Executive Officer

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CEO & Founder


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Head of Clients


SEO Lead

Action Plan & Implementation

Upon learning about the challenges faced by Hidden Botanics, we came up with the following set of deliverables:

  • An in-depth kick-off audit;
  • Technical monitoring and fix requests;
  • 15,000 words of content in total each month;
  • Five monthly backlinks on relevant sites with a domain rating of at least 40;
  • Five hours of developer support per month;
  • Monthly tracking reports.

In order to improve their content and site structure, one of their key issues, we undertook several effective tasks, including:

  • Promoting new media content within a “Featured Media” section on the homepage;
  • Linking to educational content, such as tutorials and videos, from relevant product pages to add value and supercharge the customer shopping experience; 
  • Updating and optimizing meta tags on all existing category pages to improve SEO;
  • Adding insightful text at the bottom of each existing category page to further inform the customer about Hidden Botanics’s offerings;
  • Creating 13 new category pages — such as “Cream Dried Flowers” and “Dried Daisy Flowers” —  complete with meta tags and insightful text at the bottom of the page to better organize their site;
  • Producing dedicated blog pages, such as “Elegant Wedding Hairstyles With Dried Flowers” and “How to Store Dried Flowers,” to educate audiences, add value to the site, and be seen as a point of authority.


Hidden Botanics invested in NUOPTIMA’s services from September 2023 until March 2024. In that time, we achieved impressive results that accelerated their online performance.

The screenshot below demonstrates how NUOPTIMA helped Hidden Botanics achieve 3x ROI! We helped generate a whopping 144.92% increase in purchases and $120,321.03 in total revenue (139.78% increase) since they enlisted our services:

Screenshot from Google Analytics demonstrating a 144.92% increase in purchases and $120,321.03 increase in total revenue (139.78%) for Hidden Botanics since enlisting NUOPTIMA’s services.

The graph below illustrates their website performance between 20th August 2023 – 20th September 2023 (prior to our collaboration) compared to 20th March 2024 – 20th April 2024 (after our collaboration):

A screenshot from Google Search Console demonstrating Hidden Botanics’s improved website performance since investing in NUOPTIMA’s services.

Total clicks represent the number of times users click on the website after seeing them appear in search results. As we can see, Hidden Botanics’s website received 2.79K clicks in the period before using our services and 3.73K clicks after. This represents a 33.6918% increase.

Meanwhile, if we look at the total impressions — which is the number of times a web page from Hidden Botanics appeared on users’ search results — we can again see a marked improvement. In the August to September 2023 period, they received 131K impressions, and in the March to April 2024 period, this figure was much higher at 340K impressions. This is a 159.542% increase!

Finally, for average position, the mean ranking of the site in search results, we can see it has improved from 17.7 to 15.8, a 9.71429% increase.

Let’s now look at data collected from Google Analytics:

Screenshot from Google Analytics showcasing Hidden Botanics’s improvements in users, sessions, conversions, and total revenue since working with NUOPTIMA.
  • Users: This metric refers to a person who has visited the site. We can see that their number of users has increased by 222.41% since working with us.
  • Sessions: This illustrates the number of visits the site has from new and returning users. This metric has also increased, this time by 189.05%. 
  • Conversions: This is when a site visitor completes a desired goal, such as buying something or filling out a form, and there is an increase for Hidden Botanics of 76.86%.

If we consider the number of referring domains Hidden Botanics has as of April 2024, compared to September 2023, we can again see a positive change:

Graph showing a marked increase in referring domains from 127 in September 2023 to 329 in April 2024.

Referring domains are the number of external websites from which Hidden Botanics has one or more backlinks. In September 2023, they had 127 referring domains. By April 2024, this figure had increased to 329, a 159.055% increase.

And finally, let’s consider their change in organic traffic — the number of visitors who land on the site from unpaid sources. Before hiring NUOPTIMA, their organic traffic was 3.5K. By April 2024, at the end of our work for Hidden Botanics, we can see this metric has increased by a significant 165.714% to reach 9.3K!

A graph representing Hidden Botanics’s increase in organic traffic from September 2023 (3.5K) to April 2024 (9.3K).


This case study has illustrated how NUOPTIMA has effectively optimized Hidden Botanics’s performance online. We have improved numerous important metrics by significant amounts, including number of purchases, total revenue, total clicks, total impressions, average position, referring domains, and organic traffic. We achieved this by optimizing their website and site structure and improving their SEO practices. As a result, they are now enjoying a much better-performing site that is garnering increased interest from potential customers and stacks up against the competition, helping their business grow and thrive.

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eCom Brand Hits 3x ROI & 165% Organic Traffic Increase in 180 Days

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