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Does this look like you?

B2B SaaS

You’re either selling a low LTV or enterprise level SaaS solution and are looking for new customers to increase MRR

B2B Services

You’re selling high touch services through an agency / professional services company and looking for high LTV customers


You sell a coaching program aimed at professionals and want to acquire higher value clients

How we work

Step 1

Target the right audience

We’ll analyse your historical won deals and interview you to identify your highest LTV customers. We’ll then convert this into cold targeting of:

  • Company size
  • Industry 
  • Job function
  • Job seniority
Step 2

Building your funnel and creatives

Your funnel will be built out to prospect cold audiences and show strong social proof, testimonials and case studies to your retargeting audience. If you’re running other cold marketing channels like Google Search Ads, we’ll layer on LinkedIn to improve the ROAS:

  • Build out your campaign structure
  • Ideate your cold offers (trial, giftcard, gated content, etc) 
  • Design your ad creatives

Step 3

A/B testing ad variables

We’ll start to see conversions and begin to pull testing levers. In order of priority they will be:

  • Targeted audiences
  • Your offer 
  • Landing page
  • Ad creative
  • Ad scheduling

Acquire high LTV customers through LinkedIn Ads

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How much ad budget do I need to spend?

As a rule of thumb you want to start with at least $3,000 monthly ad spend budget for LinkedIn. We’ve scaled budgets profitably far beyond this to $50,0000 per month

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