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Choose the Right SEO Partner: Our List of Top Companies in Reading Can Help

February 23, 2023 2 minutes

Located in the heart of Berkshire, Reading is a vibrant city known for its thriving digital landscape. The city has become a hub for businesses, both large and small, looking to establish a strong online presence. As a result, Reading has become home to a number of top-rated SEO agencies, each dedicated to helping businesses improve their online presence and achieve their digital marketing goals. Our list features companies with proven track records and a dedication to results.

But with so many agencies to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start. Our list contains the top SEO companies in Reading that will help you with everything – from keyword research and content optimisation to link building and analytics. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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NUOPTIMA – yes, that’s us! You’ve found this page because we’re so good at SEO we’re able to promote ourselves.

A bit about us

We’re an honest growth agency, and our goal is to drive qualified traffic & profit for your business. 

We don’t work with everyone. In fact, we actively refuse 50% of all businesses that try to work with us. That’s purely based on if we think we can make your campaign a success. We only grow as an agency if we can get you results and you refer us to your friends and family. 

Before you choose an SEO agency, reach out to our team. We’ll objectively tell you what we think, and if it’s good, we’ll propose a fair price alongside a set of growth expectations and KPIs.

Once you start to work with us, you’ll be in regular contact with our team. You’ll be provided with extensive data tracking and will see us on regular calls.

Our SEO capabilities

  • We’ve worked on over 200+ SEO projects.
  • Our Head of SEO has 15+ years of experience, and we employ over 20 content writers.
  • We’re a full-stack SEO agency and provide technical SEO, backlink building, and content writing services.
  • Costs start from $1,000 per month, depending on your requirements. 
  • We’ve worked with local service providers all the way to public companies.
  • We’ve worked across B2C and B2B, having driven brands to 7 figures in sales, and exceeded B2B SQL quotas.

Next steps

  • Firstly, you should visit our SEO services page here.
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  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Founded: 2020
  • Specialization: SEO & Content Marketing
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Creative Minds Agency

As an SEO agency, Creative Minds Agency provides a range of services designed to help businesses improve their online presence. Their Offerings include technical consultations, business analysis, user interface/user experience design (UI/UX), project management, testing, support, and advertising. 

With a team of experts dedicated to delivering results, they work closely with clients to optimise their websites for search engine visibility and traffic. Creative Minds Agency’s technical consultations and business analysis services ensure that clients’ websites are optimised for search engine algorithms and are easily discoverable by their target audience. Their UI/UX design services enhance the user experience and increase the chances of website visitors converting into customers. The digital marketing professionals at Creative Minds Agency provide project management services to ensure that every aspect of website development is executed efficiently and within budget.


  • Headquarters: Reading, UK
  • Founded: 2016
  • Specialisation: SEO, Content Marketing, & UI/UX Design
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RHILLANE Marketing Digital

For businesses in Reading seeking to improve their online presence, RHILLANE Marketing Digital offers a comprehensive range of services to help them achieve their goals. As a leading SEO agency, they provide website development, graphic design, SEO, social media management and copywriting to optimise their clients’ websites for search engine visibility and traffic. 

With a team of passionate experts who employ the latest technologies, creative thinking, and data-driven strategies, RHILLANE Marketing Digital provides innovative and efficient solutions that help businesses reach their target audience, engage them, and convert them into loyal customers.


  • Headquarters: Tangier, Morocco (serving Reading)
  • Founded: 2018
  • Specialisation: SEO & UI/UX Design
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Boopin is a global business development and digital advertising agency that maximises ROI for businesses across industries. 

Their end-to-end solutions involve proven business development strategies, paid performance, and creative content solutions, which are tailored to meet the specific objectives and interests of their clients. Boopin’s team of in-house experts conduct thorough research to innovate and prepare the best plan for quick and lasting development.

With offices in Dubai, Singapore, China, and India, Boopin provides geographic access to major metropolitans across MENA, GCC & Asia, giving businesses the initial push to achieve innovation, and the final push to go above and beyond priorly experienced capabilities, both locally and internationally.


  • Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (serving Reading)
  • Founded: 2011
  • Specialisation: SEO, Advertising, & Content Strategy
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LAHZA HM is a passionate and innovative digital marketing agency founded and led by a team of young experts with over ten years of experience in the French and international markets. 

They have successfully completed over 1000 projects in France and around the world. With offices in Paris, France; Tangier, Morocco; and London, UK, their goal is to create unique projects and to support businesses in developing and implementing profitable internet strategies. LAHZA HM is dedicated to providing exceptional marketing solutions that help businesses reach their full potential. Their team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to ensure they deliver effective and efficient solutions that meet their clients’ unique needs.


  • Headquarters: Tangier, Morocco (serving Reading)
  • Founded: 2012
  • Specialisation: SEO, Advertising, & eCommerce
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Webcomum creates interactive and functional digital solutions, designed to add value to the business of each client and enhance their online experience. Their expertise lies in online experiences, digital marketing, and brand design. 

Webcomum’s online experience services serve as a crucial business pillar. They provide solutions to enhance your online management, including website development that’s compatible with all resolutions and mobile devices, online stores, and custom IOS and Android apps designed for your target audience. They specialise in digital marketing, including planning, implementation, and monitoring of marketing campaigns, SEO actions to position websites in the first positions on Google, and Facebook and Adwords campaigns to promote your business with the most appropriate audience.


  • Headquarters: Porto, Portugal (serving Reading)
  • Founded: 2005
  • Specialisation: SEO, Advertising, & eCommerce
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Koozai is a highly regarded digital marketing agency that has been delivering top-notch services since 2006. With hubs in Hampshire, London, and Lancashire, Koozai offers a comprehensive range of services, including SEO and content marketing, digital PR, PPC, and website development. Koozai’s experienced specialists have helped hundreds of businesses smash their digital objectives since the explosion of mainstream broadband services in the noughties. Sixteen years later, Koozai is still dominating search rankings and driving strong results for their clients, ranging from SMBs to large enterprises.


  • Headquarters: Southampton, United Kingdom (serving Reading)
  • Founded: 2006
  • Specialisation: SEO & Digital Strategy
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Blue Thirst

With a laser focus on search, mobile, display, shopping, social, and YouTube campaigns, Blue Thirst is a digital marketing agency that delivers exceptional results for their clients. 

As a Facebook & AdWords Premier Partner Agency, their team of experienced specialists stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing to ensure they deliver innovative, efficient, and effective solutions that meet their clients’ unique needs. Blue Thirst’s success is built on their results-driven approach, which helps businesses achieve their goals and maximise their ROI. 


  • Headquarters: Bournemouth, United Kingdom (serving Reading)
  • Founded: 2011
  • Specialisation: SEO & Digital Strategy
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ExtraDigital is an experienced and innovative online marketing agency that offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to drive business growth. Their team of experts specialises in SEO, PPC, website design, application development, and marketing consultancy. As a Google Partner and HubSpot Partner, they bring the latest and most effective inbound marketing solutions to their clients. ExtraDigital is dedicated to delivering outstanding results and helping businesses achieve their objectives. 

With a focus on creativity, innovation, and data-driven strategies, they work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop customised solutions that maximise their ROI.


  • Headquarters: Reading, United Kingdom
  • Founded: 2002
  • Specialisation: SEO & Digital Strategy
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At Found, they understand that a combination of cutting-edge technology, insightful data, and brilliant human minds is the key to growing brands online. As a full-service digital marketing agency with a team of 70 experts, Found offers a wide range of core services, including SEO, Paid Media, CRO, Affiliate, Content, and Digital PR. By building strong partnerships with their clients and using data-driven strategies, Found ensures performance across all accounts. 

Their results-driven approach is designed to help businesses achieve their objectives and maximise their return on investment. 


  • Headquarters: Reading, United Kingdom
  • Founded: 2010
  • Specialisation: SEO & Digital Strategy
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Blue Array SEO

Blue Array SEO is a boutique SEO consulgency that provides a unique blend of consultancy-level expertise and agency-level scalability. As a specialist SEO agency, they offer a range of services that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Their team of experts has extensive experience in technical SEO, content marketing, and link building. Blue Array’s approach is built on a deep understanding of their clients’ businesses, which allows them to develop customised strategies that deliver results. They are dedicated to helping their clients achieve their SEO goals and higher return on investment.


  • Headquarters: Reading, United Kingdom
  • Founded: 2015
  • Specialisation: SEO & Digital Strategy
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Polarize LTD

Polarize LTD is an all-in-one digital agency that specialises in helping businesses build and grow their online presence. As an eco-friendly agency, they focus on building energy-conscious websites that not only look great but also perform well. Polarize Ltd offers a range of services, including website design and development, website hosting, search engine optimisation, social media management, and digital advertising. Their team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses get more traffic and increase their sales


  • Headquarters: Greater London, United Kingdom (serving Reading)
  • Founded: 2020
  • Specialisation: SEO & Digital Strategy
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Urban Element

Urban Element is a leading digital marketing agency that specialises in helping businesses to establish and grow their online presence. With their base near Oxford in the UK, Urban Element has helped a lot of businesses across a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, engineering, and education. The agency boasts a team of experts in social media, search marketing, web design, and creative design, offering a range of services to drive brand awareness, lead generation, and online revenue. Urban Element’s services are tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large national and multinational companies. Their approach involves a deep understanding of their clients’ unique business needs and providing customised solutions to help them achieve their goals.


  • Headquarters: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (serving Reading)
  • Founded: 2003
  • Specialisation: SEO & Website creation
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Mediaworks UK Ltd

Mediaworks is a dynamic and client-focused online marketing agency, based in the UK. As one of the leading agencies in the field, they specialise in organic search engine optimisation to drive leads, sales, and brand visibility for their clients. In addition, Mediaworks also offers a range of other services, including pay-per-click advertising, online reputation management, conversion rate optimisation, and content marketing. Their team of experts is committed to delivering effective solutions that are customized to meet the specific business needs of each client.


  • Headquarters: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (serving Reading)
  • Founded: 2007
  • Specialisation: SEO & Digital Marketing
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TRON Media Ltd

TRON Media is a dedicated team of digital marketing experts based in Reading, UK, providing bespoke online marketing solutions to help businesses grow and succeed in the digital landscape.

With certified expertise in pay-per-click (PPC) management and search engine optimisation (SEO) services, TRON Media delivers results-driven digital marketing strategies that meet the unique needs of each client. Their team of specialists has a wealth of experience in the digital marketing industry, and they work closely with clients to ensure that their online marketing campaigns are tailored to their business goals.


  • Headquarters: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (serving Reading)
  • Founded: 2008
  • Specialisation: SEO & Digital Marketing


In conclusion, Reading is home to many excellent digital marketing agencies that offer top-notch SEO services. From large national companies to smaller local firms, there is no shortage of options available for businesses looking to improve their online visibility.

However, if you’re looking for a company that offers personalised attention, tailored strategies, and proven results, NUOPTIMA should be your top choice. With their team of experts, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to excellence, NUOPTIMA has helped numerous businesses achieve their online marketing goals and reach new heights of success. So why settle for anything less than the best? Contact NUOPTIMA today and take your business to the next level.

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