Top SEO Experts in England

In the buzzing world of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, for short, finding individuals who truly shine in their craft can feel akin to locating a needle in a haystack. But we’ve taken on the challenge to uncover the crème de la crème of the SEO panorama right here in England. 

Our exciting journey unearths 15 of the most accomplished SEO experts England has to offer. These pioneers are not only reshaping the landscape but also providing valuable insights that will propel your SEO objectives forward. So, are you ready to embark on this insightful voyage and find out what makes these professionals the best in the game?

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Viktor Bartak

Meet Viktor Bartak, an SEO dynamo with a legacy spanning over 15 years. Equipped with an impressive background, Viktor took an unexpected detour from nuclear physics and discovered a consuming passion for SEO in 2007.

Viktor is an SEO juggernaut who has manoeuvred his way through the SEO terrain for various industries – from cybersecurity, social media, and eCommerce to tourism, SaaS, and fintech. He’s handled more than 300 businesses, ushering each into the forefront of their online marketplaces.

His seasoned familiarity with SEO is evident in his proficient handling of Google’s algorithm, so much so he often speaks of it as intimately as one would of a life partner. His work at NUOPTIMA, a profit-focused agency where he heads the SEO operations, attests to his prowess. 

Viktor’s track record boasts stunning achievements, from revamping search traffic for brands to boosting fintech giants’ traffic by 250%. His exceptional skill set comes with a commitment to excellent content planning and production, delivered unreservedly.


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Steve Napier

Steve Napier is a luminary in the realm of SEO who has been leaving his indelible mark for over a decade and a half. Adept at all facets of the SEO landscape, Steve has taken over 150 businesses under his wing, guiding them toward increased visibility, organic engagement, and flourishing sales.

As one of England’s most sought-after independent SEO consultants, Steve derives immense satisfaction from witnessing results blossom from his work. From entrepreneurs and public limited companies to SEO firms, Steve has significantly bolstered online recognition across various industries, earning himself a reputation as a reliable England SEO expert.

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Paul Hoda

Paul Hoda is an experienced England SEO consultant who has carved his niche in the saturated markets of London and the UK at large. If you’ve recently launched your website and are looking to stand tall among the competition, Paul’s SEO service is your golden ticket.

With his proven track record of ranking his website on Google’s first page for a multitude of SEO-related keywords, Paul is more than equipped to assist your website in gaining the visibility it deserves. Another testament to his skills is his impeccable 100% score on Google’s Pagespeed Insights, a tool used for auditing SEO scores. This perfect score mirrors his in-depth understanding of Google’s algorithms and their implications for your website.

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Daniel Foley Carter

Daniel Foley Carter’s two-decade-long journey in SEO, which started in the age of MSN and Yahoo and continues through every Google update, bears testimony to his adaptability and understanding of the SEO evolution.

The tapestry of Daniel’s clientele speaks volumes of his vast experience, with prestigious names like easyCruise, Ladbrokes, and SKY etched in his portfolio. His dedication to honesty and integrity within an industry often plagued by subpar services sets him apart as a dependable England SEO consultant. For Daniel, SEO is not just a profession; it’s an all-consuming passion that can bolster your online presence amidst the fierce competition.

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James Taylor

With a decade-long track record, James Taylor has built a rich repertoire of experience, ranging from affiliate marketing, agency-side work, and white-label services, all of which contribute to his deep-seated understanding of the SEO landscape. This SEO expert operates from Manchester, extending his top-notch digital marketing services to businesses across the UK and beyond. 

From bolstering local SEO for small enterprises to revolutionising the online performance of eCommerce giants, James’ ability to deliver desired results is matchless, thanks to his straightforward, no-nonsense SEO solutions. His bespoke, data-driven strategies are designed to propel your organic visibility and relieve the stress often associated with SEO.

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Fery Kaszoni

Beginning his journey as a 12-year-old tech enthusiast, Fery Kaszoni has now established himself as the founder and owner of Search Intelligence Ltd, a highly regarded link-building firm in the UK. His current portfolio encompasses SaaS tools and a multitude of websites that captivate millions of users each month, an impressive feat that enables him to provide businesses and online agencies with effective digital marketing advice and strategies.

If it’s superior backlinks on high-tier media you’re after, Fery and his company stand ready to supercharge your website with scalable press links earned from top-tier websites like Forbes, The Sun, Bloomberg, The New York Post, The Guardian, and Vogue, amongst many others.

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Rejoice Ojiaku

Rejoice Ojiaku is a diligent SEO Manager based in England who seamlessly intertwines natural and paid search with stellar content. With over five years of specialisation in SEO and content strategy, she is a maestro at mapping user intent with keyword utilisation to produce superior content. Throughout her journey, she has meticulously crafted and revitalised content to optimise user experience, gradually broadening her proficiency across varied aspects of marketing.

Rejoice’s innovative mindset, coupled with her exceptional project management skills, content SEO knowledge, and analytical prowess, continually contribute to the achievement of organisational KPIs. She is a strong advocate for diversity in the workplace, ensuring that the perspectives of Black individuals, especially women, are reshaped and heard.

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Samuel Jefferies

Samuel Jefferies stands tall as a proficient SEO connoisseur with a primary focus on escalating B2B SaaS businesses through effective demand generation and product-led growth. His time in affiliate marketing has equipped him with invaluable insights into the mechanics of SEO and PPC, fueling successful campaigns that defy norms and break boundaries.

A decade ago, he embarked on an exciting journey, honing his skills across a spectrum of technology firms before landing at TripAdvisor as a Growth Marketer. Today, at TripAdvisor, Samuel is the driving force behind Bokun, a B2B platform catering to global tour operators. Samuel’s fervour for SEO, combined with his knack for harnessing potential growth avenues, makes him an exceptional asset in England’s SEO realm.

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Dave Naylor

Dave Naylor boasts a career in online promotion spanning over two decades. He is a proficient navigator of the complexities inherent in promoting global brands and ambitious entrepreneurs, guiding them toward prominence in their respective search domains. Dave is no stranger to the spotlight, being a seasoned speaker at premier industry events like Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo, and various other conferences.

In 2003, he and his wife Becky embarked on a new venture, Bronco. Today, this flourishing entity accommodates 20 full-time employees, who, under their leadership, offer an array of specialised promotional services to their patrons. Most of his time is dedicated to formulating action plans for clients and deeply studying Google’s algorithm to ensure that Bronco’s offerings are at the cutting edge of the industry. 

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Will Critchlow

Will Critchlow is best recognised as the founder and CEO of SearchPilot, an independent enterprise conceived in early 2020. His journey into the world of SEO began in 2005 with Distilled, a company he co-founded with Duncan Morris. This SEO agency laid the groundwork for what would eventually evolve into SearchPilot and was later acquired by Brainlabs.

With a significant track record of business expansion in both the US and UK, Will has demonstrated his acumen in dealing with large-scale clients and customers. His deep-seated understanding of SEO derives from his extensive experience working with some of the globe’s most prominent websites.

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Dixon Jones

Dixon Jones is a veritable pioneer in the realm of internet marketing, having earned a reputation as one of its first stalwarts. His profound knowledge in crafting websites and implementing effective SEO techniques have not only bolstered his personal ventures but have also enriched countless others in the creation of their online enterprises. 

Marking over two decades in search marketing and a quarter-century of business innovation, Dixon brings forth a wealth of experience, industry contacts, and an admirable commitment to integrity. Presently, he is the driving force behind, an inventive link intelligence database; an endeavour that is fast becoming one of Dixon’s crowning achievements.

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Hannah Thorpe

Hannah Thorpe is an acclaimed figure in the domain of SEO, boasting a diversified portfolio that spans various elements of digital advertising. Her proficiency extends from addressing technical challenges on websites to devising large-scale integrated campaigns. She has a knack for recognising and forging efficacious plans for a myriad of business sectors.

Recognised as the Young Search Professional of the Year in 2017, Hannah holds the position of Managing Director at Verkeer, a UK-based, award-winning digital advertising agency. She’s also an accomplished speaker on digital themes, having shared her insights at esteemed events such as BrightonSEO, SMX Advanced, Search London, and UnGagged London & Vegas. 

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Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons is a recognised innovator, orator, and author, currently holding the title of founder and CEO at Re:signal, a London-based agency, committed to elevating organic search visibility for enterprising brands. Through his exceptional leadership, Kevin has catalysed Re:signal into a rapid-growth digital promotion agency, acknowledged by Deloitte, Fast 50 UK, and EMEA in 2017, and the FT 1000 fastest-growing firms in Europe in 2018.

Acknowledged with an impressive tally of 30 UK, EU, and Global Search Awards, Kevin was distinguished as the search personality of the year at the UK Search Awards in 2018 and was listed among BIMA’s top 100 influencers in the digital industry in the CEO and leaders category in 2019.

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Tom Capper

Tom Capper currently leads the Search Science group at Moz since February 2021. His analytical acumen and a data-driven mindset contribute to his role in developing innovative products, features, and content, all aimed at supporting SEO professionals, business proprietors, and marketers.

In his professional journey prior to Moz, Tom wore many hats as a freelance consultant and as the London Consulting Team Lead at Distilled. At Distilled, not only was he accountable for his own high-profile projects, but he also had a significant role in driving the growth and performance of the consulting group. Tom’s holistic understanding of SEO and search science sets him apart as a distinguished figure in the industry.

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Paddy Moogan

A skilled professional hailing from Milton Keynes, Paddy Moogan is one of the founding figures behind Aira, a dynamic and forward-thinking agency that delivers top-tier online visibility solutions to businesses spanning the UK, US, and Europe. With beginnings rooted in an exploratory interest in building websites, Paddy’s journey has seen him evolve into a respected voice within the SEO community. 

His hands-on involvement in Aira allows him to oversee campaigns that adeptly combine SEO, PPC, and content-led link-building techniques, catering to a global clientele of diverse scales and sectors. Paddy’s thought leadership in SEO is not confined to his agency work; he is a recurring speaker at key industry conferences and has contributed his insights to numerous industry platforms such as Moz and Search Engine Land.


Navigating the digital seas of SEO can often feel overwhelming, but with the guidance of these 15 accomplished England SEO specialists, you’re no longer alone. Whether you are just embarking on your SEO journey or have been treading these waters for a while, there’s always something new to learn from these stalwarts. They are the leaders, pathfinders, and true trailblazers who continuously redefine the SEO panorama. Incorporating their wisdom into your SEO pursuits will certainly give you a competitive edge.

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