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Top SEO Experts in UK

January 25, 2023 1 minute

In the vast landscape of digital marketing, SEO stands as the backbone of online success. And in the United Kingdom, a legion of talented experts has emerged, armed with the knowledge, experience, and British wit to help businesses conquer the search engine realm. Join us as we unveil the crème de la crème of the UK’s SEO industry – the 15 top SEO experts who possess the power to transform your web-based presence into a force to be reckoned with.

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Viktor Bartak
  • Company: NUOPTIMA
  • Specialisation: SEO Consultancy, Content Marketing, and Growth Strategy
  • Experience: Over 15 years 
  • LinkedIn Profile: /viktor-bartak/


Meet Viktor Bartak – The SEO Mastermind

Welcome to Viktor Bartak’s corner – the man who orchestrates the SEO symphony at NUOPTIMA. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in SEO and content marketing, Viktor is the driving force behind NUOPTIMA’s success and the key to unlocking your digital growth. 

A Bit About Viktor 

Viktor isn’t your everyday consultant. No, no! He’s a specialist – a maestro in the world of SEO. With a proven track record of amplifying online visibility, driving organic traffic, and catapulting sales through top-tier strategies, Viktor is the SEO consultant that you didn’t know you needed. 

His approach is holistic, tackling everything from technical SEO and backlink building to crafting persuasive content. And it’s all underpinned by data-driven insights and innovative thinking, which he’s honed over the years. He’s a staunch believer in making data talk, using analytics to forge bespoke SEO strategies that are as unique as your business.

A Peek Into Viktor’s Capabilities

Over the years, Viktor has worked with a myriad of businesses, from local service providers to public companies, across both B2C and B2B markets. His SEO wizardry has driven brands to achieve seven figures in sales and exceeded B2B SQL quotas, making him the SEO consultant that you can trust to deliver results.

Working With Viktor

Working with Viktor is akin to joining a partnership. He’s not just a consultant as he becomes an extension of your team, a true collaborator who will take time to understand your business, its special needs and challenges and craft an SEO game plan that’s just right for you. 

A single conversation with Viktor can be the difference between an ordinary online presence and an extraordinary one. He’ll objectively assess your SEO needs, provide a fair quote, and present a plan backed by growth expectations and key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Once on board, expect regular communication, thorough data reporting, and a transparent working relationship. It’s a hands-on approach, one that makes your success, his success.

How to Collaborate with Viktor?

Ready to embark on your SEO journey with Viktor? It’s as simple as clicking the contact button. Share your business aspirations and challenges, and let Viktor weave his SEO magic.

Start making your online presence felt, and experience the NUOPTIMA difference with Viktor Bartak!


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Julia Logan
  • Company: Zangoose Digital
  • Specialisation: SEO Audits and Link Building
  • Experience: Working since 2000
  • LinkedIn Profile: /irishwonder/


With numerous years of experience, Julia Logan stands tall among her contemporaries, seamlessly integrating detailed analysis with creative designs. What sets Julia apart is her diligent attitude to diagnosing and rectifying SEO shortcomings. Through comprehensive audits, she unearths hidden opportunities and untangles complex issues that might hinder a website’s performance.

Link building, another of Julia’s fortes, is as much an art as it is a science. She doesn’t just create links; she forges connections that are meaningful and valuable, ensuring the longevity of your virtual existence. With Julia Logan, you’re investing in a vision that prioritises quality, relevance, and the long-term success of your website.

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Kevin Gibbons
  • Company: Re:signal
  • Specialisation: SEO and Content Marketing
  • Experience: Working since 2003
  • LinkedIn Profile: /kevingibbons/


With a data-driven outlook and in-depth thinking, Kevin Gibbons is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of SEO. As the CEO and founder of Re:signal, he has garnered a reputation for delivering remarkable results. Kevin’s methodology is grounded in an empirical doctrine. He utilises extensive industry research, in-depth analytics, and customer behaviour trends to inform his course of action. By diving deep into the data, he uncovers valuable insights that drive effective decision-making and allow organisations to gain a competitive edge.

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Simon Cox
  • Company: Cox & Co Creative
  • Specialisation: Integrated SEO and Web Design
  • Experience: Working since 1995
  • LinkedIn Profile: /simonmcox/


Simon Cox has successfully made a mark in this distinct intersection of ingenuity and technology. Simon’s vision isn’t about stuffing your website with keywords; it’s about harmonising aesthetic appeal and functionality, allowing the true essence of your brand to shine through while also ensuring optimal exposure. The philosophy here is holistic; web design is seen as a fundamental part of SEO rather than an isolated element. Moreover, Simon Cox’s contribution to this field is defined by a keen eye for design and a deep comprehension of algorithms, creating user-friendly websites that search engines love. 

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Dawn Anderson
  • Company: Bertey
  • Specialisation: SEO Training and Data Analysis
  • Experience: Over 13 years 
  • LinkedIn Profile: /msdawnanderson/


Bertey, under the stewardship of Dawn Anderson, is a name synonymous with forward-thinking SEO. Dawn has mastered the art of integrating machine learning into SEO practices, positioning Bertey as a pioneer in the industry. Dawn’s fascination with the ever-evolving world of algorithms is palpable in her work. Bertey’s tailored processes are not only designed to improve current search engine ranking but also to anticipate future changes. This foresight is what sets Dawn and Bertey apart from their competitors. Whether it’s a small business looking to make its mark or a large enterprise seeking to maintain its dominance, Dawn Anderson offers a tailored route that leverages machine learning to optimise visibility. 

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Hannah Thorpe
  • Company: Verkeer
  • Specialisation: SEO Strategy and Growth
  • Experience: Around 10 years
  • LinkedIn Profile: /hannahjthorpe/


Hannah Thorpe uses her decade-long journey in the SEO industry to chart growth-centric techniques. Simply, she operates at the intersection of inventiveness and analytics, forming relations that breathe new life into a brand’s image on the internet while reaching all the objectives necessary for development. The strength of Hannah lies in her ability to craft narratives around statistics and analytics that not only impact a brand’s SEO but also fuel its overall progress. By choosing to work with Hannah Thorpe, you are opting for a service that blends meticulous planning with fluid execution, delivering a transformative experience for your brand.

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Steve Morgan
  • Company: Morgan Online Marketing
  • Specialisation: Freelance SEO
  • Experience: Working since 2009
  • LinkedIn Profile: /steviephil/


Steve Morgan has been at the forefront of SEO, offering his expertise as a freelance consultant. Serving under Morgan Online Marketing, his wealth of knowledge has been a game-changer for many brands, helping them scale the ladder of virtual success. Through his personalised process, Steve delves deep into each brand’s unique characteristics, crafting measures that reflect their distinct identity. His bespoke solutions aren’t created in isolation but are born out of a keen awareness of a brand’s ethos, ambitions, and market presence. Steve executes with the precision of a surgeon and the passion of a sculptor, seamlessly melding the technical aspects of optimisation with the artistic components of brand representation. 

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Chris Green
  • Company: Independent Consultant
  • Specialisation: SEO Consultancy
  • Experience: Over 10 years
  • LinkedIn Profile: /chrisgreenseo/


Chris Green brings over a decade’s worth of experience to the table. His methodology is not just technical; it’s imbued with a deep appreciation of business strategy and consumer behaviour. He thrives on helping brands harness the power of SEO to generate engagement, drive traffic, and, ultimately, boost conversion rates. Chris’ proficiency lies not just in providing custom game plans but also in offering insightful consultation on execution. He is also a Senior SEO Consultant for Torque and firmly believes that successful implementation hinges on perceiving the brand front, target audience, and trading trends. As such, he takes the time to immerse himself in each client’s industry, ensuring his style resonates with the right audience.

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Dan Sharp
  • Company: Screaming Frog
  • Specialisation: Search Marketing
  • Experience: Over 15 years
  • LinkedIn Profile: /dansharpseo/


Dan Sharp, Director and Co-Founder of Screaming Frog has been pushing the boundaries of traditional SEO, pioneering a fresh style that emphasises techniques for effective search marketing. Under Dan’s guidance, Screaming Frog has been instrumental in helping brands realise their potential, achieving high noticeability and robust engagement in cyberspace. Dan doesn’t simply focus on optimising search engines; he’s also committed to upgrading for people. He grasps the interplay between SEO and internet-based marketing, leveraging this synergy to drive organic traffic and encourage purposeful connections with the audience.

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Stacey MacNaught
  • Company: MacNaught Digital
  • Specialisation: SEO and Content Marketing
  • Experience: Working since 2009
  • LinkedIn: /staceycav/


When it comes to the dynamic intersection of content marketing and SEO, few do it better than Stacey MacNaught. With over 10 years of experience, Stacey has been an influential figure in integrating SEO tactics with captivating output. Operating from the helm of MacNaught Digital, she has managed to elevate text from being a vessel for keywords to becoming a conduit for meaningful brand image. Under her watchful eye, written material becomes a blend of art and science, conveying your brand story while attracting organic traffic. Opting for MacNaught Digital and Stacey’s expertise means you’re not just signing up for a service; you’re choosing a partner that treats your brand’s narrative with the care and respect it deserves.

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Sam Marsden
  • Company: Busuu
  • Specialisation: SEO Analytics
  • Experience: About seven years
  • LinkedIn Profile: /sam-marsden/


As the Head of SEO and Content at Busuu, Sam Marsden, the logical mind, is transforming the industry through detailed analytics. His seven-year journey has been devoted to unravelling the data behind SEO, offering insights that fuel calculated decision-making. Sam’s take is founded on statistical observation, fostering methodologies that are not just effective but also measurable. When you join hands with Sam Marsden, you are investing in a service that values transparency, accountability, and above all, your brand’s growth.

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Ben Wood
  • Company: Hallam
  • Specialisation: Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Experience: Over 14 years
  • LinkedIn Profile: /woodben/


Introducing Ben Wood of Hallam, a professional who’s redefining marketing with a novel fusion of SEO best practices. He has gained a wealth of understanding of the nuances of the digital domain, making him an authority in the field. Ben’s forte lies in designing frameworks that seamlessly weave together diverse marketing elements, placing SEO at heart. In addition to this, he focuses on all aspects of your brand’s web-based existence to ensure consistency, discoverability, and engagement across various touchpoints.

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Claire Carlile
  • Company: BrightLocal
  • Specialisation: Local SEO
  • Experience: Over 20 years
  • LinkedIn Profile: /clairecarlile/


Claire Carlile has harnessed the power of localised search tactics, aiding companies in establishing a robust connection with their immediate community and beyond. Claire’s approach to local SEO is akin to nurturing a garden. She carefully tends to each detail, ensuring that a brand’s reputation aligns perfectly with the expectations and needs of its local customer base. Her methods are built on the pillars of relevance, reputation, and proximity. Claire crafts customised SEO blueprints that ensure businesses reflect their on-ground reality, thus promoting trust and authenticity.

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Joe Williams
  • Company: Tribe SEO
  • Specialisation: SEO Training
  • Experience: Working since 2004
  • LinkedIn Profile: /josephwilliams/


Joe Williams, the dynamic energy behind Tribe SEO, brings an innovative perspective to the table. With his core focus on training, Joe has been instrumental in demystifying SEO complexities and empowering businesses to take control of their growth journey. Joe has a gift for simplifying the most difficult concepts, and presenting them in an engaging and digestible format. His training programmes have become a beacon for many, with insights and systems that enterprises can put into action immediately. His intention is not just to inform but also to inspire, sparking a sense of curiosity that encourages continuous learning. Joe ensures that you are not just subscribing to a service; you are opening the door to a world of knowledge that will put your company in good stead for years to come.

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Hannah Rampton
  • Company: Independent Consultant
  • Specialisation: SEO and Performance Marketing
  • Experience: Over 15 years
  • LinkedIn Profile: /hannahrampton/


As a seasoned player in the SEO and performance marketing field, Hannah Rampton knows that, in the end, it all comes down to numbers. Every click, every search engine ranking, and every website visit should contribute to a business’s bottom line. This viewpoint forms the foundation of her processes at her freelance agency HanR, intertwining technical tactics with marketing goals to create avenues and opportunities that deliver. Hannah’s modus operandi is not just about getting brands noticed in the crowded internet space; it’s about making sure that visibility translates into tangible performance. Moreover, working as a consultant at Torque, she deftly combines the art of SEO with the science of research, ensuring her way contributes to lead generation, conversion rates, and, ultimately, revenue growth.


In conclusion, the UK’s SEO landscape is bustling with vibrant talent and innovative minds. The individuals we’ve had the pleasure to highlight in this compilation are at the forefront of this dynamic field, each offering their unparalleled blend of experience, specialisation, and flair. From mastering local optimisation to fine-tuning e-commerce platforms, these professionals cover the full spectrum of SEO services. No matter your needs, rest assured that the perfect expert is within your reach right here in the UK.

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By: Viktor Bartak

Head of SEO


Viktor has 15 years of experience in SEO, having worked on over 300 businesses across B2B and B2C, including cybersecurity, social media, eCommerce, tourism, SaaS, fintech, private clinics, agriculture, clothing manufactures, real estate and more.

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