How a Cybersecurity Firm Generates 20 Quality Leads Per Month With SEO


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Our cybersecurity case study was shortlisted in the Drum Awards, standing out among thousands of entries from international growth agencies. This recognition highlights just how effective and innovative our Microminder SEO strategy is in this highly competitive market.

About Microminder

Microminder, with over 35 years in the cybersecurity industry, has established itself as a leading IT and cybersecurity solutions provider. Focused on servicing the dental industry, they have built a reputation for understanding and tackling unique cybersecurity challenges, transcending beyond mere IT support to become strategic IT business partners.

Their service offerings are comprehensive, including Microsoft Cloud Solutions, robust cybersecurity measures, and VoIP Telephony. This array of services ensures clients not only maintain efficient IT operations but also stay safeguarded against the latest cyber threats, keeping them technologically advanced and secure.

The company’s strength is its team of experienced professionals who are committed to innovation and delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Microminder places a high emphasis on recruitment, training, and development, ensuring their team is at the forefront of the cybersecurity field. This dedication to excellence and continuous improvement makes Microminder a trusted partner in the cybersecurity landscape.


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The Results


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Total Backlinks

The SEO efforts for the project yielded impressive results: a total of 122 backlinks were established, significantly enhancing the website’s authority and online presence. Additionally, the website now ranks for 2,700 keywords, demonstrating a broad and effective reach in search engine results. Out of these, 128 pages have achieved rankings within the top 100 search results, indicating a strong and widespread online visibility across multiple pages and topics. These improvements across key SEO areas now generate Microminder 20 quality leads every month.

Organic Traffic

  • Organic traffic went from an average of 13 when they first started working with us in July 2022 to an impressive 3,056 as of November 2023 – that’s 235x more visits from organic search.

  • Their organic traffic value skyrocketed to $14,601, a significant leap from the initial $106.

Organic Keywords

  • In July 2022, Microminder had no keywords ranking in positions 1-3. After 16 months of our SEO strategy, they now have 40 and growing. 
  • They now have 358 keywords ranking on the first page of search results. This is a fantastic result, considering when we first started working with Microminder, there was only 1.

Cybersecurity Backlink Results

How We Achieved These Results

In our SEO action plan for Microminder, we initially conducted a thorough analysis of their website’s structure, particularly after they transitioned to a new domain. We quickly identified a significant gap: the absence of dedicated landing pages for each of their service lines. This oversight was critical as it meant that Microminder was not effectively capturing service-specific search intent, leading to a loss of potential bottom-funnel traffic.

Our plan involved several key steps to help address this:

  • Development of Service-Specific Landing Pages: We advised Microminder on the creation of distinct landing pages for each service they offered. This strategy was aimed at capturing targeted search queries specific to their diverse services like Microsoft Cloud Solutions, cybersecurity, VoIP Telephony, rental, and consultancy.
  • Content Creation and Optimization: Recognizing the importance of content in SEO, we focused on producing technical yet engaging content. This content was meticulously crafted to include service-level keywords, ensuring that it would rank well in search engine result pages (SERPs) and attract the right audience.
  • Collaboration with the Design Team: We worked closely with Microminder’s design team to ensure that the new landing pages were not only optimized for search engines but also for conversion rate optimization (CRO). Our goal was to make these pages not just discoverable but also compelling and user-friendly, encouraging visitors to engage with the services offered.
  • SEO and CRO Optimization: In our collaboration, we emphasized the importance of balancing SEO with CRO. We guided the design team on best practices for both, ensuring that the pages were structured and designed to perform well on Google while also providing a seamless and persuasive user experience.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: Post-implementation, we set up a system for ongoing monitoring and analysis of the performance of these landing pages. This allowed us to make data-driven decisions and continuous improvements, ensuring that the pages remained effective over time in both attracting and converting potential clients.

By implementing this comprehensive SEO cybersecurity strategy, we went all out to significantly increase Microminder’s organic traffic, generate leads, and grow their average monthly revenue.

High Ranking Keywords

In our SEO campaign for Microminder, we focused on elevating their rankings for critical cybersecurity keywords, including: “penetration testing,” “OT security solutions,” and “cyber security company.” Our strategy involved comprehensive keyword analysis and optimization of website content to enhance relevance and authority in these areas. This targeted approach led to Microminder achieving high search rankings for these key terms, significantly boosting their online visibility and business inquiries and demonstrating the effectiveness of focused SEO in the competitive cybersecurity industry.

Here is an example of some of Microminder’s top-performing keywords in the SERPs:

uk cyber security companies140
cyber security companies dubai130
vulnerability assessment and penetration testing companies in dubai130
uk pen testing companies240
pen testing companies usa220
top pen testing companies uk330
internet security company4450
top pentest companies490
digital security companies470
vulnerability assessment company430
security solutions companies5150
cybersecurity software companies570
security operations center checklist530
pci penetration testing vendors520

Technical Content Writing 

For Microminder, a client required to demonstrate a top level of cybersecurity expertise, we recognized the need for content that is both accurate and engaging. To achieve this, we formed a specialized content team, combining technical knowledge with writing skills, to ensure the delivery of top-quality, industry-relevant content. This consisted of the following:

  • 1 Head of SEO
  • 1 Lead Editor
  • 1 Senior Content Writer
  • 1 Content Writer
  • 1 Cybersecurity Consultant

With the challenge of competing against established brands, we focused on building topical authority for Microminder. Our strategy was to create informative and comprehensive pages, positioning Microminder as a credible and authoritative source of cybersecurity information on Google, capable of outranking even the most prominent competitors. This included producing service pages, listicles, and blogs.

To maintain the highest standards of quality and accuracy possible, we also implemented the following rigorous editing process:

Initial Draft ReviewWriters created the initial draft focusing on technical accuracy and engagement. The lead editor then reviewed it for technical and readability standards.
RevisionsModifications were made based on the lead editor’s feedback to align with Microminder’s standards and guidelines.
Secondary ReviewThe lead editor conducted a second review, focusing on minor adjustments for publication readiness.
Expert ReviewMicrominder’s cybersecurity experts verified technical accuracy and industry relevance. Final changes were incorporated.
PublicationThe approved content was published on the landing page to engage and inform Microminder’s audience.

Below are some examples of the blog topics we covered, showcasing our ability to translate complex cybersecurity topics into clear, informative, and engaging content.

Landing Page SEO and CRO Optimisation

When developing cybersecurity content for Microminder’s service-specific landing pages, we adopted a bespoke approach. Each landing page was carefully crafted to highlight the unique features of the respective service, requiring close collaboration with the design team to ensure content and design coherence.

Our strategy for Microminder focused on creating service pages optimized for both search engine rankings and conversion efficiency. Recognizing the importance of bottom-funnel traffic, we emphasized conversion-oriented design and copy, including strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) elements. This approach resulted in landing pages that effectively engaged visitors, guiding them towards desired actions such as inquiries or sales.

To illustrate the effectiveness of our approach, we have included screenshots showcasing one of  Microminder’s top-performing landing pages below. These visuals highlight the specific sections of the Penetration Testing Services landing page, demonstrating how our content strategy was implemented in accordance with the site’s overall design and functionality.


Over 16 months, our team at NUOPTIMA worked closely with Microminder to revolutionize their online presence, achieving remarkable results in traffic, keyword rankings, and overall digital authority.

Microminder’s organic traffic saw an astronomical increase, resulting in a significant organic traffic value of $14,601, up from a mere $106. This growth was not just in quantity but also in quality, as they now get 20 leads every month with a website ranking for 2,700 keywords and 128 pages in the top 100 search results.

Contact NUOPTIMA today to learn more about our SEO services and how we can help you replicate similar results.

How a Cybersecurity Firm Generates 20 Quality Leads Per Month With SEO

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