, VPN Services, Grows 3x Organic Keywords In 2 Months!


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About is a trusted provider of digital security solutions. The VPN company uses advanced data and traffic encryption to secure the privacy of its users across different channels, platforms and devices. After doing a series of technical work and experimentation to become the most effective and reliable VPN provider in cyberspace, the developers seemed unhappy with the initial results. So they reached out to us at NUOPTIMA in hopes of finding the best marketing solutions to their needs. Hand in hand, we started working with in November 2019 with the goal of optimising every little detail of their web structure to get their traffic and sales multiplied.   

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Action Plan

Our main priority was to help increase authority and brand awareness, targeting potential consumers from e-commerce sectors, streaming services and B2C. At first glance, the site seemed to be working pretty well; however, some issues cannot be concealed easily. There were multiple errors in URL structures and redirects, and some content pages are duplicated, which is obviously not appealing to search engines.

Technical SEO

After conducting an in-depth SEO audit, we made quick changes to ensure we were meeting Google’s guidelines. 

  • Fixed duplicate/canonical pages
  • Resolved indexation problems
  • Created proper meta tags for each page
  • Set up Google Search Console configuration
  • Removed language detection and redirects 
  • Created suitable Hreflang tags
  • Improved page loading speed
  • Retrieved some previously deleted pages
  • Enhanced Core Web Vitals
  • Added Table of Content to every blog post
  • Practised internal linking
  • Switched from www to non-www
  • Repaired server-side rendering issues

By combining technical SEO and content strategies, which will be discussed below, we were able to refresh the domain anew and witness positive results in just a couple of months. 

Content Strategy


Content pages

The goal for was to rank for the keyword “Buy VPN” in the Russian and Ukrainian markets. So we planned to write at least 50 pages of niche-related content, all optimised with our targeted keywords, as shown in the screenshot below.

Those pages were basically a combination of landing pages and blog articles tailored to achieve the top, middle and bottom of the funnel marketing. We created landing pages that underline specific keywords, such as “VPN for XYZ website” and “Top VPN services”, with the intention to rank for those keywords on Google and drive as many top-funnel audiences to the site as possible. The top of the funnel (TOF) is the marketing stage where you start generating leads and converting people from being “unaware” to “fully aware” of your business. Once people know a thing or two about the brand, our next step was to wriite blog pages that touch on topics like “How to Access Hidden Websites”, discussing potential solutions to the pain points of the targeted consumers. This strategy, known as the middle of the funnel (MOF), is highly essential in customer acquisition and engagement. We also extended our blog campaign toward specific websites that might benefit most from VPN services. The last stage of the marketing funnel aims to reach bottom-funnel traffic, particularly these are audiences that manifest their buying intent.

>, VPN Services, Grows 3x Organic Keywords In 2 Months!

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