RC Visions Generates 15x Incremental Revenue in 180 Days


Increase in Total Revenue


Actual ROAS


ROAS on Black Friday

Screenshot from Google Analytics showcasing RC Visions’s staggering 15,543.34% increase in total revenue since working with NUOPTIMA.

About RC Visions

RC Visions is a retailer of RC hobby vehicles, operating both online and physically with a brick-and-mortar storefront. 

They approached NUOPTIMA looking for professional help with their website and online performance. The client found that they had fairly slow growth over the past few years despite their company generally performing well on the whole. They enlisted our services as they wished to increase their revenue as much as possible while simultaneously staying above 500% return on ad spend (ROAS).

A screenshot of the website homepage of RC Visions.

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Action Plan & Implementation

After our kick-off call with RC Visions, we established that our overarching aim is to maximize revenue as much as possible and maintain ROAS above 500%. We started off our work by conducting an audit of the current account state. From this initial audit, we noticed that the site’s clickthrough rate (CTR) and conversion rate were fairly low and needed addressing. We also gauged that their website had room for improvement. As a result, we felt our SEM package, which involves a combination of SEO and Google Ads management services, was most appropriate.

Here is a breakdown of the work we undertook to help RC Visions with their online performance:

  • Conducted detailed competitor analysis to get a greater idea of RC Vision’s competition and the market;
  • Carried out website analysis and made recommendations about possible improvements that could be made outside of SEO;
  • Assisted with their paid marketing strategy by conducting a Google Ads account analysis, preparing a robust paid ads strategy, undertaking in-depth Google Ads keyword research, preparing ad copies, and carrying out daily ad performance checks;
  • Performed organic keyword rankings analysis, organic keyword gap analysis, exhaustive organic keyword research, and analyzed top organic ranking opportunities;
  • Made consistent, monthly page updates to RC Visions’s site;
  • Launched individual campaigns for specific promotions, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Spring Sales;
  • Crafted and implemented a new sitemap recommendation, improving the user experience (UX) of the website and contributing to more sales.


RC Visions’s Initial Account State

RC Visions started collaborating with us in October 2023, and we have achieved numerous impressive results for them. To better compare and understand the effects of our work, let’s first consider their initial account state. The two charts below display their previous ad performance from April 2022 until October 2023:

Screenshot from Google Ads showing RC Visions’s advertising performance prior to working with NUOPTIMA.
Second screenshot from Google Ads showing RC Visions’s advertising performance prior to working with NUOPTIMA.

Let’s break down each metric:

  • Clicks: This is the number of times users clicked their ads. Up until October 2023, they had received 567K clicks.
  • Conversion Value: This details the total business value that Google Ads generated. In the 18 months from April 2022 until October 2023, they achieved a conversion value of 1.17M.
  • Cost Per Conversion (CPC): CPC tells you how much, on average, each conversion costs, and this was $29.88 for RC Visions.
  • Cost: This is the amount of money they have spent on paid ads, which was $217K.
  • Conversion Rate: This explains how often, on average, an ad interaction led to a conversion. Their conversion rate was 1.25%.
  • Actual ROAS: Finally, this metric details the actual return on ad spend their strategy achieved. This figure was 539.73%.

Now, let’s consider how their paid ads performance has changed since hiring our services in October 2023. Let’s begin by looking at a general overview of our key results:

Screenshot from Google Ads showing RC Visions’s advertising performance since enlisting NUOPTIMA’s services.

The above image displays ad performance data from October 2023 to April 2024. In these six months alone, we have helped RC Visions achieve 303K clicks, a conversion value of 1.15M, a 2.31% conversion rate, and an actual ROAS of 745.20%.

Let’s now compare these statistics to the previous period:

Screenshot from Google Ads comparing RC Visions’s ad performance to the previous period.

We can see that compared to the previous period, we improved across all areas, achieving 120K more clicks, a 602K increase in conversion value, a 0.59% increase in conversion rate, and an impressive 129.81% improvement in actual ROAS.

Let’s now see how our results stack up against the previous year:

Screenshot from Google Ads comparing RC Visions’s ad performance to the previous year.

Again, there are improvements across the board. Compared to the previous year, we achieved 29.1K more clicks, a 598K increase in conversion value, a 1.04% improvement in conversion rate, and a 163.78% increase in actual ROAS.

These graphs also demonstrate that:

  • Conversion value has roughly doubled compared to both the previous period and year;
  • The conversion rate has almost doubled compared to the previous year;
  • ROAS has increased by over 100% compared to the previous period as well as the previous year.

Additionally, we were able to generate a 75.14% increase from organic traffic for RC Visions! This refers to the number of visitors that originate from unpaid search engine results.

Black Friday Weekend Performance

As outlined in our action plan, we decided to launch specific campaigns for certain promotions. So, we decided to run seasonal campaigns, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday (which lasted five days in total from Thursday, 23rd November to Monday, 27th November 2023), to maximize promotional opportunities around the festive period. This was done in the hopes of increasing visibility and chances of conversion during this high-traffic shopping period.

Below is an image from Google Ads showcasing the results we garnered during these five days:

Screenshot from Google Ads displaying the results NUOPTIMA helped RC Visions achieve from their Black Friday weekend campaign.

During their Black Friday weekend campaign, RC Visions saw:

  • 247.69 conversions (the number of times users interacted with the ads);
  • a 2.88% conversion rate;
  • a conversion value of 74.5K;
  • 1456.19% actual ROAS!

In particular, Black Friday itself proved to be the most successful date of the campaign, as RC Visions witnessed on that day alone 85 conversions, a 5.15% conversion rate, a conversion value of $27,000, and a huge 2689.04% ROAS!

RC Visions’s primary goal included maintaining ROAS above 500%, and the screenshots show that our services have helped them achieve and exceed this aim. The client also wished to increase their revenue as much as possible. Let’s evaluate how their total revenue has changed since collaborating with our expert team at NUOPTIMA. 

Total Revenue

Screenshot from Google Analytics displaying a staggering 15,543.34% increase in total revenue since RC Visions started working with NUOPTIMA.

As we can see from the image above, we have gone above and beyond once again. Total revenue is the overall amount of revenue the site generated minus refunds. Since hiring our services in October 2023, RC Visions has witnessed a highly substantial 15,543.34% increase in total revenue, a fantastic achievement for the RC hobby vehicle retailer. 

Final Thoughts

This case study has illustrated how NUOPTIMA has assisted RC Visions in significantly improving their online website performance, helping them maintain a high ROAS and maximize revenue. Consequently, the client can enjoy better visibility, sales, and, ultimately, business success.

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RC Visions Generates 15x Incremental Revenue in 180 Days

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