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Search Engine Optimisation Services for Coaching

July 13, 2022 10 minutes

For any business, it is essential to obtain new customers to succeed. Therefore, many companies are creating and optimising their websites to draw more clientele to their business. A coaching business, including life, career, fitness, executive, and time-management coaching, is no exception.

Once you have created a website for your business, you must discover ways to draw clients to your site. You can do this in numerous ways, and the main options are pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation (SEO). These choices have varying pros and cons. 

For instance, both PPC adverts and social media marketing possess the benefit of giving instantaneous results. As soon as you start your advertising campaign, you will notice a substantial increase in site visitors. But, these options are by no means cheap and require significant sums of money to keep high traffic levels coming to your site each year. Plus, the moment you stop your campaign, there will be a noticeable drop in visitors. The critical point is that PPC and social media ads only last for as long as you continue to invest in these services. Consequently, these options lack long-term benefits. 

With SEO, there are different pros and cons. The primary drawback with SEO is that it usually takes several months before results become apparent. But, your website positions within search results will unquestionably improve and bring more organic traffic to your company site by using an SEO strategy. Moreover, unlike PPC ads and social media marketing, your site will maintain these positions even if you decide to stop investing in SEO services. A thorough SEO strategy means you can keep getting traffic even if you stop using SEO techniques. Plus, a customer or client will have increased trust in your company if they find it organically in search engine results instead of seeing an advert for your company appear. For these reasons, SEO is considered a superior option. 

But, how effective can a comprehensive SEO strategy be for a coaching company and its related website? This article will illustrate how valuable SEO services can be for your business. The following section considers online search demand for various coaching niches.

Online Search Demand for Common Coaching Niches

Because there are various coaching niches, below are examples of global search demand for several coaching niches. 

The first niche is life coaching. The screenshot above displays global search demand for the keywords ‘life coach’. People search for this term globally 94 thousand times a month. 31 thousand of these results occur in the United States (US), 8.7 thousand in the United Kingdom (UK), and 4.6 thousand in Canada. This shows healthy search demand across numerous countries daily.

The next niche is career coaching. There are 23 thousand global searches each month for the term ‘career coach’. 12 thousand of these searches originate from the US, two thousand from the UK, 1.3 thousand in Canada, and one thousand in India. Again, this presents good search demand across several countries.

The last niche to review is fitness coaching. For the phrase ‘fitness coach’, there are 19 thousand searches each month around the world. The majority of these searches occur in the US with 3.6 thousand, followed by Germany with 2.7 thousand, and then the UK with 1.4 thousand. 

These screenshots show that SEO services can benefit your coaching business no matter what niche it falls under. An excellent SEO agency can analyse this data and use the information to increase the popularity and success of your website. Remember that PPC ads and social media marketing are becoming more expensive. By opting for SEO, you can draw thousands of visitors to your website every month without breaking the bank. You will also be in a great position to get an increasingly strong return on investments (ROIs) for years in the future. 

People Enter Various Search Terms to Find Coaching Businesses

One of the main facets of good SEO work is keyword research. This is when an SEO agency examines search terms before deciding which pages need to be made and optimised on your website for keyword usage so the maximum traffic possible goes to your website. Terms such as ‘life coach’, ‘career coach’, and ‘fitness coach’ are just a few potential search entries used by people seeking these services. Many more keywords might be used by people looking for a particular coaching service. To illustrate, below is a list of numerous examples of search terms people might enter on a search engine, such as Google, when looking for a coaching business:

  • ‘… coach near me’
  • ‘… coach in…’ + location. For instance, ‘life coach in Birmingham’.
  • Searches for particular types of coaches, such as ‘executive coach’, ‘time management coach’, and ‘career coach’.
  • ‘Coach for…’ + issue. For instance, ‘coach for losing weight’ and ‘coach for changing career’.

Therefore, a large variety of potential keywords could be used by people seeking coaching services. This is also shown below. The following screenshots display the average monthly search volume for life coach-related and career coach-related keywords. 

Many people are entering these search queries every month. Understanding that potential clients and customers can be drawn to your website if you efficiently incorporate these key terms into search engines is vital. Consequently, it is recommended that you use a qualified SEO agency to optimise your site so you can benefit from the substantial search demand. 

Other Coaching Businesses are Already Witnessing Excellent Results from SEO

SEO is a fantastic choice as it can give you brilliant results. For instance, it can help your site show up higher in search results and assist you in saving lots of money on advertising services. Therefore, your website will have better visibility without constantly pulling at the pursestrings. Next, we look at some coaching companies enjoying great results because they have used SEO techniques to great effect.

The first example is a life coach business in London called Nick Hatter. Nick Hatter is an entrepreneur turned life coach with over 13 years of experience in the field. The organic traffic for the site is 775 each month. This is the number of people who visit after seeing it appear in Google search results. 

The traffic value is a strong $2,000 a month. This amount presents how much money would need to be spent each month to buy the identical amount of traffic that the business naturally gains from contextual advertising systems (such as social media marketing). Therefore, Nick Hatter can save $2,000 monthly just because the website enjoys great positioning on Google’s search engine. Indeed, Nick Hatter is one of the first results after entering ‘life coach London’ into Google. The following screenshot shows what pages for this company attract the most traffic:

Many pages attract traffic from Google for this site, including blog posts. A qualified SEO expert can analyse the pages on your site and competitor sites, optimise existing pages to attract more people, and create new pages to draw as much organic search traffic as possible. This is simply one facet of SEO work, and SEO agencies utilise many other techniques to both help and promote websites in being as effective as possible. 

But what about a business in a separate coaching niche? Is SEO still a feasible venture? Next, we consider a career coaching company, and the information will display that SEO is still highly effective.

Our next example is SEVEN, a coaching business that specialises in career coaching but also covers executive, graduate, life, interview skills, and leadership coaching. The organic traffic value for this website is 1,300, displaying a healthy number of organic visitors to this site each month. ranks exceptionally highly on Google for the search term ‘career coach London’ and various other keywords. The traffic value for this website is $3,400. This means that SEVEN receives almost $3,500 of free traffic. Furthermore, they can conserve this money rather than spend it on pricey PPC or social media adverts. 

The concept of PPC ads is very straightforward. You pay money in return for better traffic. But, this means that the instant you stop paying for these ads, you will no longer witness increased traffic. 

For this reason, SEO is seen as a more attractive option. A watertight SEO strategy lets you keep your search positioning within search engines and attract traffic to your site even once you have stopped using SEO services. This then equates to saving money, consistently good traffic to your website, and increased site rankings on Google. Plus, this can be achieved without spending money constantly on various advertising channels. The screenshot below shows which pages draw the most visitors to this website:

As with our first example, numerous pages collect traffic for this site from Google’s search engine. There is a range of top keywords, such as ‘career coaching’, ‘coaching companies’, and ‘executive coaching uk’. This means many keywords can be used to draw free traffic on Google. SEO experts collect all this data about your website and its affiliated pages so these pages can be made, optimised, and promoted efficiently. This will lead to an increase in visitors and more business for your company. 

The primary takeaway is that no matter the niche of your coaching company, your website and business can benefit from a comprehensive SEO strategy. 

Local SEO

Local SEO techniques are used to ensure a site is shown to people who search for particular services locally. For instance, if you were to type ‘life coach near me’ on Google, you will find websites run by coaches in your general locale. Consequently, local SEO is essential for businesses offering services in-person, such as life coaches. But, adding your website to Google My Business and including your location on Google Maps will not give you as much traffic as you might like. Only thorough search engine optimisation of a website can lead to actual results and help your site rise in search engine rankings. 

What Does an SEO Agency Actually Do?

Google holds high standards for its search engine to prevent poor-quality sites from reaching the premium positions in search results. So, expert knowledge and professional SEO services are needed to help your website be as appealing and effective as humanly possible. 

NUOPTIMA is an expert SEO agency, offering SEO services to brands in a wide range of industries for years. Our work has included offering services for companies in e-commerce, real estate, SaaS, clinics, medical providers, and more. Therefore we have a strong range of skills and knowledge within many different business industries. 

NUOPTIMA knows what needs to be done to get your website to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. Below are listed several examples of what we can do to assist your coaching company’s Google rankings: 

  • Crate SEO-optimised content so your site can rank for more keywords on Google.
  • Optimise existing pages to comply with Google’s best rules and practices.
  • Organise link placements on relevant and reputable directories. For instance, a life coaching business could be listed on life coaching aggregator sites.
  • Create any pages that are needed to assist your website in attracting as much organic traffic as possible. 

A watertight SEO strategy provides incredible results when accomplished by qualified experts. NUOPTIMA possesses a professional SEO team to help your site gain the best possible results. Book a consultation call with our expert team today to discover how we can utilise SEO techniques to get fantastic results for your coaching business.

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