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Search Engine Optimisation for Fintech Companies

Search Engine Optimisation for Fintech Companies

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Running a fintech business involves more than just developing a revolutionary product that simplifies the way people do business and carry out financial transactions in their personal lives. You also need to make it easy for customers to find out about your product and SEO can help.

There are several ways that founders, including fintech company owners, can draw people to their online website. Some of the most popular methods include pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation (SEO). These methods vary in terms of their pros and cons. For example, PPC and social media marketing will provide you with instantaneous results because you will start to gain new website visitors as soon as you begin the ad campaign.

However, these options are expensive and do not give you long-term results or benefits. New website visitors will only continue coming to your site as long as you keep paying for adverts. On the other hand, search engine optimisation methods generally take a few months to start showing results. But, if you invest in SEO, your site’s positions in search results will improve, bringing more organic traffic to the website. And your website will maintain these positions even if you choose to stop using SEO services in the future. This means you will continue getting free traffic indefinitely after investing in SEO for several months or years.

In the long-term, investing in SEO services is a far superior option to paying vast sums of money for PPC or social media adverts year after year. Furthermore, potential customers will trust you more if they locate your website organically through search results rather than seeing an advert for your services.
But many founders wonder whether fintech companies can actually attract high-quality leads to their websites and businesses using SEO. The answer is simple. Absolutely! Below, we will show you just how successful your fintech business can be if you employ an effective SEO strategy.

Search Demand for Fintech Companies on Google

The above screenshot shows Google search data on the term ‘online banking’. As we can see, people globally search for this phrase 459 thousand times a month on average. Roughly 162 thousand of these searches occur in Argentina, 77 thousand in Germany, 50 thousand in the United Kingdom, and 39 thousand in the United States. This shows that there is an enormous amount of people looking for online banking and other fintech services in your country daily. Therefore, effective SEO can help you attract tens of thousands of visitors to your website every month.

And we can see that Google Trends paints a similar picture. The above screenshot shows clear growth in the popularity of the ‘fintech companies’ search term from 2004 until the present day. This essentially means that an increasing number of people are looking for fintech companies online each year. Therefore, if you decide to hire an SEO company to promote your fintech company website in search results, you will be in excellent stead to continue getting an increasingly high return on investment (ROIs) for years in the future, especially as PPC and social media ads are becoming more costly and competitive.

People Use Lots of Search Terms to Find Fintech Companies

It is important to be aware that ‘fintech’ and ‘fintech companies’ are only a couple of possible keywords, and there are countless other terms people might use when looking for fintech services. One critical part of SEO is keyword research, during which experts examine search queries and determine which pages need to be created on the website and optimised for keyword usage to draw maximum traffic. Here is just a small number of examples of search queries people enter on Google when they require fintech services:

  • ‘Fintech services’
  • Searches for subsets and types of fintech, such as ‘insurtech’ and ‘open banking fintech’
  • ‘Fintech for…’ + a particular issue. For instance, ‘fintech for auditing’.
  • Specific fintech services such as digital banking and investing apps.

The screenshots below show the average monthly search volume for various fintech-related keywords. As you can see, there are vast numbers of people searching for these keywords every month, meaning that a good SEO-optimised fintech website can attract thousands of free visitors each month just by showing up for these keywords on Google.

Other Fintech Companies are Already Getting Results from SEO

Effective search engine optimisation can bring outstanding results, helping websites show up higher in search results and potentially saving website owners thousands of dollars on advertising every month. But don’t just take our word for it! Below, we look at several examples of fintech company websites that are enjoying an excellent return from their SEO efforts.

Our first example is, formerly TransferWise, an online platform that allows people to send money abroad or get paid in other currencies as well as pay for purchases in other countries using a Wise debit card. The website has 15.5 million average monthly visitors. These are people who visit the website after seeing it pop up in Google search results.

At the same time, the website’s average monthly traffic value is roughly $9.5 million. This amount shows how much money the website owner would need to spend each month to buy an identical amount of traffic they get organically from contextual advertising systems such as PPC ads. Therefore, this means that the owner of the website can save $9.5 million per month because their website has fantastic positions in Google’s search results.

The screenshot below shows which pages bring the most traffic for this website.

Some of the keywords that bring the most traffic to these pages include ‘pound to euro’, ‘dollar to pkr’, and ‘transferwise’, demonstrating that there is a significant range of keywords that websites can use to collect free organic traffic on Google, including brand traffic. Moreover, as we can see, there’s a variety of pages that attract impressive amounts of visitors from Google. A good SEO expert can analyse the pages currently on your website (and on competitor sites), optimise existing pages to help attract even more people, and create brand new pages that will collect as much organic search traffic as possible.

Let’s now look at another fintech company.

Our next example is, an omnichannel payment processing company website. This website gets 172 thousand average monthly visitors from Google search results. The site’s monthly traffic value is approximately 111 thousand, so this is the amount of money the website owner can save every single month because of Adyen’s excellent positions in Google’s search results.

Let’s now consider which pages bring the most traffic for this website:

And again, we can see that the website draw substantial traffic to a wide range of pages. Remember, a great SEO agency can optimise and create website pages to collect the maximum amount of organic search traffic.

You might be thinking it is hardly shocking to see impressive results with websites of larger fintech companies, but how about a smaller one? Is SEO still a feasible investment? Our screenshot below will demonstrate to you that it most certainly is.

Clearly, even for a smaller website, the results remain encouraging. This London-based international money transfer company attracts roughly 91.7 thousand organic website visitors every month and has a traffic value of about $12,900. TransferGo ranks highly on Google for the search term ‘fintech companies London’ and many other keywords and is attracting highly impressive traffic. This website gets $12,900 worth of free traffic from Google, which means they can save this money that would otherwise have been spent on PPC adverts.

The key factor to remember is that PPC ads involve basically purchasing traffic in exchange for money. So, it makes sense that once you stop paying for these adverts, you also stop getting traffic. But, with SEO, you will keep your search positions and keep getting traffic even if you no longer use SEO services. By hiring a qualified, expert SEO agency and boosting the rankings of your website on Google, you can save money and keep your website’s traffic without having to splash out cash on advertising channels such as PPC.

Let’s now look at the pages bringing the most visitors to this website:

Once again, there is huge amount of traffic flowing to a broad spectrum of pages, and this is a vital part of SEO to keep in mind. This website also enjoys traffic from many different countries. A qualified SEO agency can effectively create, optimise, and promote those pages, bringing more business to your company from around the world. Of course, this is only one aspect of SEO work, and there are numerous other things SEO agencies do to promote websites.

What Does an SEO Company Do?

While SEO is undeniably a great investment for fintech companies, attaining fantastic results takes a lot of expertise, due diligence, and skill. This is no exception for websites that provide services. Google has very high standards to ensure that websites of low quality do not reach the highest positions in search results.

However, NUOPTIMA has been working with brands in a whole variety of industries for many years. Our experts have a wealth of experience doing SEO for clients, including e-commerce, startups, real estate, SaaS, and fintech. Therefore, we know exactly what to do to get your website to appear on the very first page of Google. Here are just a handful of things that we can do to improve your fintech company’s Google rankings:

  • Arrange link placements on reputable fintech company directories and websites.
  • Create SEO-optimised content to assist your website in ranking for more keywords on Google.
  • Optimise existing pages to ensure they comply with Google’s best practices and rules.
  • Create all the necessary pages to help your website collect as much organic traffic as possible.

Efficient search engine optimisation can bring incredible results if done both correctly and properly by qualified experts. At NUOPTIMA, we have a substantial SEO team full of expertise to help your website attain great results. Book a free discovery call with our professional team today to explore how we can use SEO to get outstanding results for both your website and your fintech business.

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