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Essential Snapchat Statistics For You to Know

Essential Snapchat Statistics For You to Know

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Snapchat is an instant messaging and social media platform launched in mid-2011, originally under the name Picaboo. Since then, Snapchat has become a hugely popular platform with no signs of slowing down in 2023. But what are some important statistics to know? For instance:

  • What is its market cap? 
  • What is the average age of a Snapchat user? 
  • How many times do Snapchatters open the app every day? 

Enjoy this article to uncover the answers and learn more interesting facts about Snapchat for 2023. 

5 Top Facts About Snapchat

  • Market Cap

As of March 2023, Snapchat’s market cap is $16.35 billion, making it the globe’s 984th most valuable business.

  • Social App

Research showed that 14% of its user base uses Snapchat at social gatherings, 19% when shopping, and 34% with friends. This shows that Snapchat is a highly social app. As it allows users to share videos, photos, and stories of their daily happenings, it makes sense that people use the app while enjoying collective activities. 

  • Popular On the Go

The same research illustrates that Snapchat users like to use the app when on the move. 24% said they used the app while travelling, 29% when commuting, and 32% used it on the go.  

  • Snapchat Spotlight

Snapchat launched Spotlight in late 2020, and the platform revealed that it pays more than $1 million every day to content creators on the site.

  • Global Use

The latest advertising audience figures indicate that globally, just over 10% of people 13 years old and over are Snapchat users.

Fun Facts About Snapchat Summarised
Market Cap$16.35 Billion
Social App14% Use Snapchat at Social Gatherings19% When Out Shopping34% When With Friends
Popular on the Go24% Use Snapchat While Travelling29% While Commuting32% While On the Go
Amount Platform Pays to Spotlight SnapsOver $1 Million Daily
Percentage of People Aged 13+ Using Snapchat WorldwideJust Over 10%

3 Facts About Snapchat User Demographics

  • Age of Users

As of January 2021, data reveals the following facts about the age of the users: 

  • Approximately 39% of all Snapchat users were 18-24 year-olds. 
  • The second highest Snapchat age group was 25-34 year-olds (22%).
  • The third group comprised 13-17 year-olds (21.1%).  
  • 13.4% of all Snapchat users were 35-49 year-olds. 
  • The age group with the least Snapchat users was 50+ (3.7%).
  • Gender Distribution

Data from January 2023 reveals that 51% of all Snapchat users were female, and just over 48% were male. This demonstrates that Snapchat is a slightly more popular social media platform with women than men. This is also true for TikTok, where around 54% of all users were female as of January 2023. On the other hand, Twitter is more popular with males, accounting for 56.4% of its global users. 

  • Country With the Most Users

Data collected from April 2022 shows that India has the biggest Snapchat user base, with 114.35 million users. Other countries making the top five include the United States (US) with 107.95 million, France with 24.7 million, Pakistan with 22.25 million, and the United Kingdom (UK) with 21.35 million users. 

Snapchat User Demographics Summarised
Most Popular Age Group18-24 Year-Olds (39%)
Gender of Users51% Female
Country With the Most UsersIndia (114.35 Million)

6 Snapchat Usage Statistics 

  • Snapchat Popularity 

As of January 2023, Snapchat is ranked the 10th most popular social network globally based on its Monthly Active Users (MAUs). The three most popular were Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp. Instagram, TikTok, and Telegram also made the top ten. 

  • Snapchat Daily Active Users (DAUs)

As of Quarter 4 of 2022 (October – December), Snapchat had 375 million DAUs globally. This figure increased from Quarter 3 of 2022 (July – September), which had 363 million worldwide DAUs. 

  • Snapchat Monthly Active Users 

In February 2023, Snapchat held its Investor Day, revealing it now has up to 750 million MAUs. This is an improvement on the 600 million MAUs stated in April 2022. 

  • US Customer Satisfaction Rating

In a survey released in July 2022 by Statista, it was revealed that Snapchat scored 70 (out of 100) for US customer satisfaction. Other social media platforms that did better include Pinterest and YouTube, each gaining a score of 76, TikTok with 73, and Reddit with 71. Facebook was rated last with a customer satisfaction score of just 61 index points. 

  • Time Spent on Snapchat

The average user spends around 30 minutes daily on the platform. This compares to the daily average of 95 minutes users spend on TikTok and 57 minutes that mobile users spend on Facebook. 

  • Snaps Sent Per Day

An average of five billion snaps are made every single day! Some of the most popular classic filters include a dog with tongue hanging out, a puking rainbow, and a face swap.

Snapchat Usage Statistics Summarised
Snapchat Popularity10th Most Popular Social Network
DAUs375 Million
MAUs750 Million
US Customer Satisfaction Rating70/100
Time Spent on App Daily 30 Minutes
Snaps Sent Per Day5 Billion

4 Useful Snapchat Statistics for Businesses

  • Snap Map

The Snap Map feature uses device location data to display users on a map that other users can see. Businesses can also be added to the Snap Map. Data shows that over 250 million Snapchat users check this feature daily. This shows that brands can effectively use Snap Map to reach new people and market their business locally. 

  • Consulting Before Purchasing

Research has also shown that 39% of all Snapchat users consult with family and friends before they commit to a purchase. Snapchat users also often share snaps whilst browsing, which can assist in raising brand visibility. 

  • Impulse Purchasing

Snapchatters are 60% more likely to make impulse purchases. This means businesses can use the platform to persuade people to buy their products spontaneously.

  • Number of Times the App is Opened Per Day

Snapchat has revealed that the average user opens its app over 30 times daily. This demonstrates that users access the app very regularly. It can therefore be a great opportunity for brands to update their Snapchat content multiple times a day to keep the viewer’s interest. 

Useful Snapchat Statistics for Business Summarised 
Number of Users Checking Snap Map DailyOver 250 Million
Percentage of Users Consulting Before Purchasing39%
How Much More Likely Are Snapchatters to Make Impulse Purchases?60%
Number of Times the App is Opened DailyOver 30

4 Snapchat Advertising and Marketing Statistics

  • Ad Revenue

According to Statista, in 2021, Snapchat generated $3.1 billion in ad revenue. By 2026, this figure is predicted to reach $5.9 billion. Snapchat, as a whole, is responsible for approximately 0.6% of worldwide ad revenue.

  • Advert Recall

A Snap study found that 55% of Generation Z correctly remembered a skippable ad after watching it for under two seconds, beating every other age demographic. This is significant because a large proportion of Snapchat users are Generation Z, so Snapchat can be a fantastic platform to advertise your brand and be remembered by the user.

  • Ads Watched With Sound On

Snapchat company data reveals that 64% of Snapchat Ads are watched with the sound on. For advertisers on Snapchat, sound can therefore be a powerful bargaining tool and a great opportunity to better interact with users.

  • Potential Ad Reach

Adverts on the social media platform have the potential to reach 9% of the worldwide population. This demonstrates just how widespread Snapchat is globally.

Snapchat Advertising and Marketing Statistics Summarised 
Ad Revenue$3.1 Billion (2021)
Percentage of Generation Z Correctly Recalling a Skippable Ad After Viewing It For Under 2 Seconds55%
Ads Watched With Sound64%
Potential Ad Reach9% of the Global Population

2 Snapchat Filter Statistics

  • Percentage of Users Interacting With Augmented Reality (AR)

Snap has revealed that more than 250 million of its active user base engage with AR elements on a daily basis. 

  • New Filters Increased Downloads

In 2019, following the release of its new gender swap and baby filters, Snapchat saw weekly downloads double. In April 2019, the app was downloaded 16.8 million times, but downloads catapulted to 41.5 million in May. This shows that Snapchat has a strong user growth strategy through innovative product releases. 

Snapchat Filter Statistics Summarised
Percentage of Active Snapchat Users Engaging with AR DailyOver 250 Million
How New Filters Affected Downloads in 2019Downloads Doubled

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