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Amazon Delivery To PO Boxes: How It Works

Amazon Delivery To PO Boxes: How It Works

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Key points

  • You can use a post office box if the postal service doesn’t deliver to your street or you want extra security for your parcel.
  • Amazon can deliver to all PO boxes, but not all carriers ship to PO boxes. Shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS need a physical address and don’t perceive a PO box as one. 
  • USPS is the only company that delivers via PO boxes because it treats it as a physical address. Keep in mind that if you want to receive a package via a PO box, you’ll have limited options, and that’s why Amazon shoppers are encouraged to use either General Delivery addresses or the retailer’s pickup locations.
  • If you want to have Amazon deliver your package to your post office box, put the PO box on your shipping address line 1 field and leave the line 2 field blank. 

It’s not a secret that Amazon is the biggest retail company worldwide, and it focuses not only on the products it sells and ships but rather on customer satisfaction, which sets it apart from other companies. 

Amazon offers a lot of different products to online shoppers, but at the same time, it has diverse delivery options in order to meet each customer’s needs. If you have ever wondered whether delivery to PO boxes is among these options, this article is for you.

Infographic answers all questions related to whether Amazon or Amazon Prime delivers parcels and post to PO boxes in the USA

Does Amazon Deliver To Post Office Boxes?

The short answer is yes, Amazon does ship to PO boxes, but whether you will actually get your parcel in your PO box or not depends on how you fill out the address during checkout. It’s rather simple – if you want to have your package delivered to your PO box, put the PO box number in the 1st line of the shipping address field, as this means that your PO Box will be the sole shipping address. That way, you’ll tell Amazon that you want to receive the package with your purchased item via USPS to your box.

That’s the simple way to put it, but of course, there are more details that you should know, so keep reading the article.

Can Amazon Deliver All Parcels To a PO Box?

Yes, Amazon ships to all PO boxes, and all you need to do is to provide the PO box number in the shipping address. 

But what if the package is too large? There’s no need for you to be worried since if your parcel is too big to be delivered to your PO Box, post offices have a way of handling it. 

Here’s what will happen: you’ll get a notification saying that your package was delivered but was too big to fit in your PO Box. After that, you’ll be notified that you can pick up the parcel at the closest post office. You should do that within 15 days after you are notified.

Post offices usually leave the parcel that doesn’t fit into a PO box in a special locker and leave the key to the locker in the owner’s box. 

However, if the parcel is too big for the locker, you’ll need to claim it at the counter. 

Sometimes, a post office may leave a notice in your PO Box instead of the actual parcel when a signature is required upon delivery. 

Keep in mind that FedEx, DHL, UPS, and other private carriers and shipping companies don’t deliver items or mail to PO Boxes. So if you know that your package will be shipped by one of them, don’t waste your time trying to get it sent to a PO box. You should use General Delivery addresses instead. While this increases the risk of the mail getting lost, you can pick up the package at the post office just like you would at a PO box.

Only United States Postal Service (USPS) can deliver parcels or mail to a PO box. The reason for this is that they consider a PO box a physical address, and FedEx, DHL, and UPS require an actual physical location. 

Also, remember that if you want to purchase medications from Amazon Pharmacy, you have to be aware that this service requires only a physical eligible address. The same applies to Amazon Fresh, as it only delivers to qualifying street addresses. But if you live near an Amazon Fresh Pickup location, you can get your groceries there instead.

Today, Amazon uses their own drivers and a mix of different shipping companies to deliver packages to buyers. The reason why Amazon is choosing independent contractors for most of its deliveries is primarily financial. However, the postal service has low charges for delivering small, lightweight packages, while other carriers offer better rates for heavier packages.

So while customers can enjoy Amazon’s low shipping rates, this does present some minor inconveniences when it comes to figuring out what can and cannot be delivered to your PO box.

How To Have Your Parcel Delivered To A PO Box: Easy Steps

The key to having your package delivered to your PO box is to fill in your shipping address correctly. Amazon is known for its ultra-organised, customer-focused system. So as a customer, you’ll be notified whether your parcel can be sent to a PO box or not. You’ll see a pop-up on your screen when you place your order. 

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to inform Amazon that you want your package delivered via a PO box:

Step 1: Log into your Amazon account

If you want to make purchases on Amazon, you have to have an account on the platform. However, if you don’t have an Amazon account, you can sign up within a few minutes. Make sure to use a valid and active email address that you can easily access.  

Step 2: Click on the checkout

The next step is to go to “Your Amazon cart”, which you can find in the top right-hand corner and then click on “Proceed to checkout”.

Step 3: Fill in your shipping address

After proceeding to checkout, make sure to change the address details. You need to put your PO box number in the Address line 1 field. You can leave address line 2 blank because if you do fill in address information there, Amazon can choose the line 2 address by default and skip your request to deliver the parcel via a PO box.

And that’s it! A very easy and fast way to instruct Amazon to deliver a package to your PO box.

Pros And Cons Of Shipping From Amazon To A PO Box

You may experience a moment of hesitation when choosing how you want your item to be delivered, regardless if you’re buying the product for yourself or planning to resell it.

A lot of people choose PO box delivery because of the benefits this method offers. But it also has some drawbacks, so let’s have a look at both of them.

Benefits of Amazon delivery to po boxes such as faster delivery, steady access, notification, security and easier mail access

PO box delivery pros:

  • Faster delivery. Because USPS handles deliveries to PO boxes, you can receive your direct mail or package much faster. It’s because, unlike Amazon couriers, USPS personnel don’t travel hundreds of miles to an office or residence in order to deliver the parcel.
  • Easier mail access. If you own a PO box, you can get your mail at any time in most locations, as they work 24 hours a day.
  • Steady address. If you travel or change your location frequently, you may be concerned about missing important mail. Well, if you have it delivered via a PO box, you’ll have a steady address, and thus, you won’t miss out on any mail.
  • Notification. You’ll be notified whenever your package is delivered to a post office. However, this only applies to those who use premium PO box services.
  • Security. Post offices are usually under tight surveillance, and PO boxes are located inside the post office. Thus, if you want to have a safe space to have your packages delivered, then a PO box is a great choice. You can access your item by using a key or a combination lock, which gives you peace of mind that your parcel is secure. Your personal data and home address will be hidden from the public as well. 
  • Easy to manage. Thanks to technological progress, USPS customers now have an opportunity to manage their PO boxes online.
  • Great for independent business owners. If you own a business and don’t want to use your home address as the business address, having your packages delivered to a PO box is a great option for you. 
Among the disadvantages of Amazon delivery to PO boxes are size limitation, limited shipment options and age restriction

PO box delivery cons:

  • Size limitation. Unfortunately, not all items can be stored in PO boxes, and there’s a size limit. 
  • Limited shipment options. Keep in mind that only USPS can deliver mail to PO boxes, and companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS can’t. 
  • Age restriction. If you want to have your own PO box, you have to be over 18 years of age.
  • Seller’s suspicion. Sometimes, if you ask a seller to ship an item to your PO box address, they might misunderstand your intentions to protect your privacy and suspect you of trying to commit fraud. 

Because the rate of fraudulent activities in the e-commerce space has increased, consumers and buyers try to thoroughly check every detail before making a purchase. If your contact information doesn’t have a physical address, you may be perceived as a scammer. However, most buyers don’t check whether the destination is a PO box address.

Does Amazon Prime Ship To PO Boxes?

If you have an Amazon Prime membership and have a post office box, you can still get some of the free shipping benefits that come with the membership.

Amazon Prime covers most PO boxes in the continental United States if you make purchases from qualifying marketplace sellers or directly from Amazon. However, Prime members who have PO boxes don’t qualify for Amazon Day or release-date deliveries. 

Does Amazon Ship To PO Boxes In Puerto Rico?

If you live in Puerto Rico or want to ship a parcel to somebody who lives there, here is what you need to know. 

Amazon can deliver to PO boxes in Puerto Rico, but not to all of them. You’ll know if the address is eligible for this delivery during the checkout process.

Also, Amazon doesn’t provide priority or expedited delivery options for PO boxes in Puerto Rico.

Another thing to remember is that packages that weigh over 70 lbs or anything considered potentially dangerous won’t be eligible to deliver to Puerto Rico, regardless of whether it’s a PO box or street address.

What Stores Deliver To PO Boxes?

If you are eager to get your parcel via a post office box, you can if other retailers that carry similar items to what Amazon offers. There are many other stores that offer delivery to PO boxes. However, you won’t get overnight or free two-day shipping when an item is delivered to a PO box.

Companies that do offer PO box delivery include Bed, Bath, and Beyond, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Rite Aid, Dollar General, Five Below, Kroger, The Vitamin Shoppe, and many others.

Some retailers like Target also deliver certain items to PO boxes if they fit under the weight limit. You can check the shipping information under the item details or contact the store directly to get more information.


Can I have Amazon packages delivered to the post office?
Yes, Amazon can deliver your package to a post office. During the checkout, you simply need to choose your local post office or preferred pickup location and bring your IP when you go to pick up the order.
Can you have packages delivered to a PO Box?
Yes, you can have packages delivered to a PO box, but keep in mind that private carriers, such as UPS, FedEx and Amazon, are not able to ship to a PO box. Only USPS can deliver mail to a PO box, as it considers PO boxes as a physical location.
Who doesn’t deliver to PO boxes?
Private shipping companies like FedEx, DHL and UPS don’t deliver packages to PO boxes because they don’t consider them physical addresses. Amazon Pharmacy and Amazon Fresh also require you to have an eligible physical address.
How do I ship to a PO Box on Amazon?
It’s very easy to receive your package via the post office box. All you need to do is add your PO box number to the shipping address 1 line when filling out your Amazon shipping information. If you only put the PO box as your shipping address, Amazon will know that you want your package delivered with USPS.
Why does FedEx not deliver to PO boxes?
FedEx, DHL, USP and other private carriers don’t deliver mail to PO boxes because, unlike USPS, they don’t perceive them as physical addresses.
What companies deliver to PO boxes?
Companies that ship to post office boxes include Rite Aid, Bed, Bath u0026 Beyond, Five Below, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, The Vitamin Shoppe, Dollar General, and Kroger.

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