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What Sellers Should Know About Amazon Review Trader Websites?

What Sellers Should Know About Amazon Review Trader Websites?

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If you have ever sold anything on Amazon, you are very well aware of how crucial it is to constantly get a decent number of positive reviews. Not only do good reviews attract new buyers and encourage them to purchase your products, but they help your listings to rank higher on Amazon’s search as well, resulting in better conversion rates and a significant boost in sales. Being at the top of Amazon rankings increases your brand’s discoverability and affects your business’ success. It is estimated that displaying at least a few reviews boosts conversion rates by 270%. The sales rates are believed to increase by at least 18% due to sufficient review availability. More than 97% of customers claim to make their final purchasing decisions based on reviews left by previous buyers.

However, receiving reviews for your products, especially brand-new ones, might turn out incredibly challenging. You will be surprised to learn that even the finest products can take over a year to acquire enough reviews to start making a good number of sales. Amazon review trading websites, on the other hand, can help you gather the reviews you need within a month. Plus, leveraging those services has proved itself to be a wonderful way of promoting your products to a larger audience of target customers. 

Now, let’s talk about how these websites work and which of them are the best for you as a seller. In this article, we will answer all your questions concerning AMZ review trading and provide you with the information we’ve gathered. In addition, we’ve created a list of our favourite AMZ review trader websites, which you should definitely check out yourself.

How Do Amazon Review Trader Websites Function?

Although receiving a lot of positive feedback for your products from customers on a daily basis is a very nice perspective indeed, you’re most likely still wondering how Amazon review trader websites work.

Each website has its own particularities, and rules and differs in some aspects from others, but the main idea is that you offer some of your products on their website with a huge discount or sometimes even for free. In exchange for a reduced-priced or products themselves, the person will be requested to write a review. Recently, the rules were slightly amended, but we’ll look deeper into the matter in the next section.

Foremost, you’ll usually need to register an account and apply to get your product featured on their website. Once your application has been approved, you’ll start receiving buy requests from people interested in purchasing your goods. There are some websites that will automatically approve a purchase request, while others will enable you to accept or refuse buyers’ queries.

Furthermore, an Amazon review website is able to limit or restrict the number of promotions and discounts a customer can claim each month.

Until 2016, such exchanges were completely compatible with Amazon’s terms of service. However, the updated Amazon policy declared that merchants are no longer allowed to use this strategy, stating that customers weren’t obliged to leave reviews to acquire products for a discount.

Such amendments couldn’t fail to affect AMZ review trader websites. Some of them went out of business. However, many others are still working. Therefore, giving products away for free or with a huge discount on these websites remains legal under one condition: customers cannot be forced or coerced into providing a review. If a trader’s website meets these requirements, selling there is completely legal under Amazon’s conditions. 

However, it’s better to always stay informed of Amazon’s policy changes. You never know if Amazon won’t abruptly prohibit AMZ review trading sites, just like they amended their rules in 2016.

Currently, these sites are effectively taking advantage of the rules loopholes. Although customers are not coerced into leaving a review, they are strongly urged to do so. Buyers are also aware that by consistently leaving positive feedback for every product they order, they increase their chances of getting more deals in the future.

Owing to the updated Amazon customer review rules, most websites might ask their customers to place a clear disclaimer claiming that they purchased the product with a discount. In addition, the customer has to finish the sale through Amazon and use the relevant promo or discount code on the checkout screen.

Basically, AMZ review trading websites continue to provide the same service, only a bit amended. Therefore, Amazon may seek to correct this situation in the future. However, for the time being, it’s perfectly legal to leverage these websites, so take your chances and benefit from them while you still can.

Is It Still Worthwhile To Leverage Amazon Review Trader Websites Now That The Rules Have Been Changed?

Yes, it definitely is. Besides, if these sites weren’t still profitable and sellers did not benefit from listing their items there at all, these review sites would simply cease to exist, now would they? Obviously, there is no guarantee that you will get feedback on each product you give away. However, you certainly will receive significantly more reviews than you would have hadn’t you signed up. Amazon review trader sites allow you to expose your goods to a much larger audience that would have probably never found out about them otherwise, and provided you sell a good quality product and ensure a great customer experience, this can only be advantageous.

While waiting for organic reviews, you’re missing out on potential sales and a possibility to increase your revenue. Acquiring products to sell is far from being cheap, and you certainly don’t want to sit there and wait for ages until you get your money back. Amazon review sites will help you start selling your goods faster and recoup your investment sooner than you expect.

In addition, many Amazon review trading websites provide you with the possibility to check your potential buyer’s Amazon profile and decide whether to decline or approve their request. This feature allows you to find out how often a person leaves reviews and how many of them are good. As a result, depending upon the profiles of individuals who have applied to acquire your product, you can choose those who are most likely to leave positive feedback.

The truth is that it is a positive reputation through reviews that brings success to Amazon sellers. To get more reviews, you need to make more sales. And finally, to make more sales, you need to receive as much positive feedback as possible. Therefore, it can be extremely challenging for a product to gain traction, especially a new one.

Regardless of the amendments to Amazon’s terms of service, AMZ review trader websites are the greatest option for new items to establish the reputation required to start properly selling on the platform. 

Top Best Amazon Review Trader Websites

If you are considering using an Amazon review trader website to boost your reviews, there is a plethora of options you can benefit from. In spite of the shutdown of several websites since Amazon’s new policy introduction, there are still dozens of similar sites that provide this service.

While some of them are trustworthy and reliable, many others are probably a waste of your time. We analyzed a variety of AMZ review trading sites and chose seven websites you might be interested in. Here are some of the best review sites to look into:

#1 Vipon (formerly known as AMZReviewTrader)

Vipon is considered one of the most established and well-known Amazon review trader websites. It is one of the oldest too. No other site’s audience can compare to Vipon’s number of customers. Buyers are drawn to Vipon because of its rules that allow them to request up to 20 items at once. This is significantly more than any other site can offer, implying that Vipon’s traffic is generally fairly high.

The site offers great discounts ranging from 50% to 100%, but to acquire your product, customers need to obtain your approval first. This is a truly amazing feature since it allows you to look through all customers who applied to purchase your product and choose the ones who are most likely to leave you positive feedback.

Once a customer receives their order, they have two weeks to review the product. As soon as they leave feedback, buyers can apply for some more goods.

All in all, Vipon is undefeated against other AMZ review trading sites due to its high number of customers and the merchants’ ability to control to who they sell their products. If you are planning to leverage only one AMZ review trading site, this one is the safest bet.

#2 Jump Send

Jump Send has established itself as an excellent tool for assisting sellers in increasing their reviews rate. Their most extensive package enables you to offer up to 100 product promotions, and customers, in their turn, receive unlimited access to a plethora of discounts and deals, making Jump Send pretty advantageous for both sellers and buyers. Although they don’t provide any free deals, their discounts are so substantial that they almost qualify as “free.” Customers can acquire products for as little as ten cents.

This website allows you to either accept or decline any purchase request you receive. However, there’s one hitch: you can’t access their Amazon profile to determine their proclivity to leave positive feedback. Though, if you’re very interested, you can always turn directly to the potential buyer and request access to their profile. This might turn out quite time-consuming, but it is a good strategy to ensure a positive review.

Overall, Jump Send is, without a doubt, one of the greatest AMZ review trading platforms and is well worth your attention.

#3 Snagshout

Snagshout is yet another highly popular Amazon review site. This website provides an outstanding customer experience, has an excellent design and structure, and, just like Vipon is one of the most established and oldest AMZ review trading platforms available.

However, there are also some disadvantages. Customers cannot make more than three purchases at once, which is less than other sites offer. On the other hand, to buy more than one product, buyers are requested to leave a review on the product, and then provide feedback on the two following purchases before proceeding with a hunt for deals, meaning the chances customers will leave reviews are significantly higher. Snagshout’s team constantly sends emails to their customers to make it easier and more convenient for them to check for new deals.

On the downside, sellers are not allowed to control purchase requests. However, there is no doubt Snagshout is another high-quality AMZ review trading website.

#4 VIP Power Club

VIP Power Club is yet another reputable Amazon review site that provides excellent service for both customers and sellers. Since the discounts on VIP Power Club are usually fluctuating from 20% to 99 %, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to deciding what kind of bargain you’ll provide. Keep in mind that VIP Power Club does not offer products for free. However, the discounts there can even reach 99%, making the website pretty attractive for customers seeking lucrative deals.

On this site, discounts are sent to customers’ email addresses via coupon codes. Then buyers can redeem the offer by leveraging the code on the website. This is an amazing opportunity to boost your traffic since these are not only active users of VIP Power Club who will be exposed to your products but customers beyond the website as well.

VIP Power Club is one of the most reputable review sites, and we highly recommend you give it a try.

#5 Deal Go! Go! Go!

Deal Go! Go! Go! It is one of the newest AMZ review websites, nevertheless, it is a great option. Due to its impeccable service and great discounts, this website has swiftly gained popularity and is currently considered one of the most trustworthy platforms.

Their discounts fluctuate from 50% to 99%, and customers may apply for 10 purchases immediately after signing up, making Deal Go! Go! Go! a popular destination for buyers seeking to quickly rack up a few nice deals.

Don’t be put off by the site’s beginner status. Deal Go! Go! Go! is completely legitimate and an excellent place for sellers striving to get more reviews.

#6 iReviewHome

iReviewHome is another outstanding Amazon review trader website that sellers can use. And one of its differences from other sites is a unique and special feature that sellers might be interested in.

iReviewHome is one of the few websites that enable you to establish timetables for your offer and limit the availability of your goods. Such actions create a sense of urgency and most frequently push customers to act quickly rather than delay purchases for later.

If you are determined to get as many reviews as possible in the shortest time, iReviewHome is just what you are looking for since a limited sale window is exactly what stimulates a lot of purchase orders in a short period of time.


A website asking customers to leave feedback on Amazon is great. A website that in addition, enables you to get reviews for your product on social media is even better. While social network reviews certainly won’t improve your Amazon rankings, they are an excellent possibility to advertise your products and attract more visitors to your product page, which will ultimately result in more sales.

On AMZ RC, sellers are allowed to list as many goods as they want, which is a great advantage since most other websites limit sellers to a specific amount of deals they can offer.

AMZ RC may not be as popular and well-known as some other websites mentioned above, but you must admit that the potential to increase the number of your social media reviews sounds quite appealing and unique. Their pricing plans are also very affordable. Hence it might be worth giving them a shot.

Other Ways to Receive Verified Amazon Reviews

Aside from review websites, there are a few more options to earn Verified Reviews for your Amazon selling business, these include:

  • Compose a good email list

    – Creating an email list, without a doubt, takes a lot of effort and precious time. However, you have a plethora of email marketing tools at your disposal to assist you in this process. 

    – After having found and analyzed a decent amount of email addresses to target your goods for, you proceed further with marketing.

    – Then you can send something different and unique to promote to everyone on your email list. Offer exclusive deals and make special discounts to your subscribers.

    – However, you can’t accomplish it without a particular landing page, which in its turn is only doable if you have your own website.

    – You can even adjust this strategy to attract more buyers through social media by launching a few promotional campaigns solely geared at collecting email addresses.
  • Make use of forums and other community groups

    – Look for some reputable online forums that are related to your interests or products. To capture the relevant audience, target those groups.

    – A typical example is Reddit, which has several Sub-reddits within it. Those are members of Reddit who establish these Sub-reddits depending on their discussions and interests. But, before you leap into those forums and start telling everyone there about your goods, keep in mind that you must first become an active participant and establish your rapport, trustworthiness, and reputation.
  • Use customer service wisely

    – Amazon’s API (Application Program Interface) is considered a very helpful feature since it allows sellers to access a few third-party tools of Amazon sellers to assist them in sending emails automatically and gaining more reviews.

    – These tools provide a great chance to boost the potential of every order and urge every consumer to write a positive and honest review about a product.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you are not obliged to leverage AMZ review trader websites to succeed on Amazon, but it’s strongly suggested, especially if you have a brand-new product with no reviews yet.

Managing all of your Amazon activities in-house can turn out to be quite a time-consuming and complex challenge. If you want to get the most out of your Amazon business and reach your goals faster, engaging an experienced agency is exactly what you need. It will help your business grow and increase revenues. Schedule your free discovery call with one of Nuoptima’s Amazon growth specialists now, or leave your email address, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.


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