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Amazon Return Policy After 30 Days Explained

December 3, 2021 4 minutes

Key points

  • Most items purchased on Amazon can be returned within 30 days.
  • However, if you miss the return window, you can contact Amazon customer support and ask them to make an exception. The marketplace has been known to grant these exceptions fairly regularly, especially to long-time customers.
  • On its website, Amazon states that it does not accept returns after 60 days (on items with a 30-day delivery window).
  • In some cases, buyers have more than 30 days to send their products back. This includes items in certain categories (such as baby products or refurbished items), products sold by some brands, or merchandise purchased during the holidays.

Online shopping is always a bit of a lottery: you might get a great product at an amazing price, or you get something completely different from what you’ve expected. Thankfully, you can easily return most items you purchase online or in brick-and-mortar stores, and Amazon is not an exception. In most cases, you have 30 days to return your order to the online retailer, however, there are some exceptions to this rule. In this article, we will talk about all the nuances of the Amazon return policy and give you a few tips for returning items that were purchased more than a month ago.

Can you return an item to Amazon after 30 days?

Amazon gives its customers 30 days to return most items. You can check whether your order is still available for returns by going to your account, clicking “Your Orders”, and checking if the return button next to the item is active. If it is, you can simply click the button and process your return. If you see a “Help” sign instead of the return button, the item is past its return date. But don’t worry, all is not lost yet!

How to return an item to Amazon after 30 policy has expired?

How can I return an item on Amazon even though the 30-day period has expired? Nuoptima explains the process step by step

You can try to return an item after 30 days by contacting Amazon customer support. The operators often make exceptions to the return policy and allow customers to send their items back after 30 days. However, you should ask for this politely, as you are not entitled to a return after 30 days, it’s just a courtesy the company may grant you. This method works especially well if you’ve been a customer with Amazon for a long time and you frequently buy things on the platform. Keep in mind that the company states that it does not accept returns after 60 days.

The customer support operator may authorize you to ship your product back and provide instructions for doing so. Alternatively, they may simply allow you to keep the product and refund the money to you.

If you send the product back to Amazon, you should expect to get your money 3-5 days after the company receives and checks the return. You can choose to get your money back as a gift card or simply have it returned to your credit or debit card.

Some products have longer return windows

Buyers have 30 days to return most products sold on Amazon, but there are a few exceptions. For example, you have 90 days to return baby products, Amazon Warehouse-certified refurbished goods, and items purchased from Custom or Birthday gift lists. In addition, some brands that sell their products on Amazon give their customers one year to send the items back. This list includes Amazon Elements, Wickedly Prime, Presto!, Mama Bear, and Happy Belly.

When can I return an item on Amazon although I've exceeded the 30-day limit? Some brands give up to 1 year to send items back

Some Amazon Marketplace sellers also give customers more than 30 days to send back their orders. However, these sellers may also charge a restocking fee if you want to send back items after the delivery window has expired.

Amazon also extends the return window during the holidays. However, the exact terms and timeline of this policy differ each year.

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What happens if I miss my Amazon return date?
You can try contacting Amazon customer support and asking for an exception, as there have been many instances of them doing so in the past. However, you may be charged a restocking fee.
Does Amazon have a return limit?
Amazon doesn’t have a limit on returns, but the company has banned some customers who made a significant number of returns in the past without giving a reason for it.
What happens if you don’t get your refund from Amazon?
If you don’t get your money back within the expected timeframe, contact your bank and Amazon to figure out the status of your refund.
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