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How to Find Amazon Products That Will Become Best Sellers

How to Find Amazon Products That Will Become Best Sellers

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Key Points

  • When considering a product as a best seller, ensure that it is in high demand, does not have a surplus of competition, has a positive or consistent sales trend, and has a high product score on product analysing platforms.
  • The most popular product categories for Amazon sellers are Home and Kitchen, Sports and Outdoors, Toys and Games, Beauty and Personal Care, and Health, Household and Baby Care.
  • It is a good idea to peruse the current best sellers list for inspiration and an insight into what is selling well – although do be wary of potential short-term trends.
Find the Next Best Seller for Your Amazon Store

Every Amazon business would love to offer best selling products. As the name suggests, a best seller sells more than the vast majority of other products in the same category and can consequently make your business a lot of money and get yourself more customers. But, it can be hard to predict what will be popular in the future and ascertain what will be a best seller. This is where we step in to help, whether you already have an Amazon business looking to expand or are about to start your business and are looking for a great product to sell. This article offers tips on what to look for when considering a product as a potential best seller before presenting some of the current Amazon best sellers so that you can increase your chances of finding a product that can help your business get off the ground.

Finding a Product that Will Become an Amazon Best Seller

Overview of products that can become bestsellers on Amazon, e.g. those with high demand, low competition and low seasonality
  • Avoid choosing a product that trends seasonally.
  • Avoid products that require a lot of documentation, paperwork, and certificates, as it can be hard to keep up with all the red tape.
  • Consider shipping costs and other conditions when choosing a perishable or fragile item. You want to ensure that you deliver a quality product that does not cost you too much in shipping.
  • Choosing products that do not weigh a great deal is sensible due to low shipping and storage costs.
  • Home and Kitchen – 40% (of sellers are in this category)
  • Sports and Outdoors – 21%
  • Toys and Games – 19%
  • Beauty and Personal Care – 19%
  • Health, Household, and Baby Care – 18%
  • Kitchen and Dining – 16%
  • Office Products – 15%
  • Garden and Outdoor – 14%
  • Tools and Home Improvement – 14%
  • Pet Supplies – 13%
Current Amazon bestsellers in home & kitchen are water filter cartridges, glue sticks and vacuum bags
Current Amazon bestsellers in sports & outdoors are BPA-free water bottles and a knife sharpener with power grip

Sports and Outdoors cover all products associated with sports, including fitness, sports equipment, and even camping. Two of the top three best sellers are water bottles. But while water bottles might therefore seem like the perfect area to search in from this current ranking, remember our earlier point: consider that it may be a temporary trend. This is why it is prudent to not just look at what the best seller is but also to do further research on its demand, competitors, and sales trends to ensure you do not end up out of pocket.

Many products under this category follow the trend of working out at home. This is believed to be partially due to the current pandemic, which led to gym closures. Therefore, any product bringing exercise to people at home is likely to be popular at the moment. However, working out from home showed strong and constant sales even before the pandemic, which indicates that it will be popular in the long-term too.

Toys and Games

Current Amazon bestsellers in toys & games are felt tip colouring pens, a card game for children and one for adults

When you read the words Toys and Games, you might assume that this is a section exclusively for children, but it also covers products such as board and card games for adults and party supplies. As we can see, the third best selling product is a card game for adults. But, Toys and Games is an outstanding category to hone in on because parents are always looking for a new product to buy their children to keep them entertained. Children can outgrow toys fast as they mature, so parents continually search for that new thing to captivate their children. Therefore, going down this avenue should provide you with a steady demand stream if you pick the right product.

Beauty and Personal Care

Current Amazon bestsellers in beauty are natural hair dye, therapeutic shampoo and powdered matte make up

Beauty is a hugely popular industry, and this is shown as the fourth most popular Amazon seller category. Beauty and personal care products for hair, nails, skin, and oral hygiene have witnessed impressive sales, which is thought to be down to an increasingly health-conscious and image-conscious society. Popular products within this category include nail care, hand creams, perfumes, bathing accessories, and makeup. Many believe that the COVID pandemic has had a noticeable positive effect on certain beauty treatment products due to the unavailability of public services. For example, due to the closure of shops such as nail salons and hairdressers, more people are going online and ordering items such as nail care kits and hair dyes to perform their treatments at home. As we can see, a hair dye is number two on the current best seller list. Bear in mind, though, that as the world begins to reopen, these products may start to see slower sales.

Health, Household, and Baby Care

Current Amazon bestsellers in health & personal care are high-protein bars, protein powder and teeth whitening kits

There is currently a high demand for organic health food products. This can be seen in the top best sellers, including a protein bar and protein powder. While this is most definitely a trend, many believe that this trend is likely to stay as we have become more health-conscious globally. Other products in this category include dental care — such as teeth whitening as seen at number three on the list — and wellness products. Many products in this category are experiencing tremendous growth, so this may be a wise area to look at when considering your potentially best selling product.

Final Thoughts

Determining which Amazon product is fated to be a best seller is never easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. However, you can observe indications that suggest if a product is likely to become best selling in the future. It is prudent to consider the product’s competition, demand and sales trends. It can be helpful to use a product analysis platform to find out available information too. It is also a great idea to find a product in tried-and-tested popular categories such as Home and Kitchen, as you have a better chance of success. Studying the Amazon best seller list can be beneficial to explore what is currently trending, but bear in mind that you want to avoid products that are likely to be a fad.


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How do I find the best sellers on Amazon?
You simply go to the Best Sellers page on Amazon’s website and choose a category from the list on the left-hand side. Here you can see what products are currently doing well in each particular category.
What are the signs of a potential best selling product?
Signs of a product that could become a best seller include high demand, low competition, a positive or consistent sales trend, and a high product score from a product analysis tool.
What are the most popular seller categories on Amazon?
The most popular seller categories are Home and Kitchen, Sports and Outdoors, Toys and Games, Beauty and Personal Care, and Health, Household, and Baby Care.
Can you make a living selling on Amazon?
The majority of Amazon sellers earn at least $1,000 each month in sales. However, ‘super-sellers’ can make almost a quarter of a million per month! It comes down to analysing the product carefully and ascertaining whether it is likely to become a best seller. Follow our tips, and your chances of success will drastically increase. And if you decide you would like further help with your Amazon business, consult our experts for a free growth consultation.

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