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Full-Time FBA Podcast Review

April 18, 2022 3 minutes
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There is no such thing as passive income, but with the right strategy, Amazon FBA businesses can come quite close. The Full-Time FBA Show is designed to help you utilise secret industry tips and tricks, so you can turn part-time hours into a full-time income.

In 2011, host Stephen Smotherman found himself unemployed and divorced and needed to find a way to put food on the table for himself and his four children. Starting his own FBA business on Amazon allowed him to achieve financial freedom while still having the time to take care of his family. In later years, he remarried Rebecca, who joined the business, and together they took the business to new heights.

The podcast covers a range of topics and reseller strategies to help you achieve financial freedom, just like Stephen and Rebecca. You can also expect to hear from expert guests who occasionally join the podcast to share their stories of overcoming challenges and using an Amazon-based business model and strategies to become successful.

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Notes, transcripts and podcast perks

The Full-Time FBA show is presented as a proper educational resource. Each episode is catalogued on the website with its own landing page that includes a written introduction, breakdown bullet points of what was covered and a clear and structured transcript. We love this attention to detail, as it provides convenience and accessibility for the listeners.

Stephen and Rebecca also give back to their listeners regularly with exclusive discounts, free gifts and other unique opportunities. Make sure to stay involved throughout each episode, so you don’t miss out.

Our Pick

Podcast Episode 120 – Avoiding the Top Scams that Target Amazon Sellers

As much of an unpleasant topic as it might be, this episode on scams is a must-listen for beginners who are looking to enter the Amazon FBA space. Amazon scam artists are underestimated and underreported, and it is easy to fall into a trap without the basic knowledge of what to look out for. This episode of the show provides you with the basic tools you need to avoid fraudulent activity and explains how you report an issue so Amazon can (hopefully) blacklist the scam artist.

While this episode might not be as interesting as topics that help you grow your business, we really appreciate the efforts of the podcast hosts to highlight this ongoing issue for the Amazon seller community.


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By: Alexej Pikovsky

CEO & Founder


Alexej spent 10 years in investment banking, venture capital and private equity. Running the wider group’s brands and building one of Europe’s fastest growing growth agencies, Alexej is well positioned to advise founders and funds. Alexej graduated MSc from Imperial College London and is a fellow of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

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