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We help CEOs and founders build their personal brand into a revenue-generating engine.

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Personal Branding Grows Businesses

We’ve worked with 100s of CEOs and founders. In every scenario the authentic personal brands we created attracted new clients and generated more revenue for their businesses

Solidify Positioning

Become known for a singular idea. When people think about this idea, they think about you. You attract word of mouth, leads, referrals and more.

Attract Clients

Win trust at scale with your target audience and become flooded with inbound clients. When they’re ready to buy they come to you.

Increase Conversion Rates

Elevate your online presence with high quality visual assets and content. Appear bigger and more sophisticated to cold audiences and enterprise.

Personal Brand Services

Our personal brand agency services range from strategy to content creation on social media platforms to distribution on podcasts and press.

Brand Positioning Strategy

We’ll conduct a deep dive of your goals and historical progress so far to create a future brand positioning strategy that increases your business growth.

  • Explorative work of your goals and funnel
  • Analyse historical content creation and career journey
  • Discuss your existing network & followership
  • Brand positioning plan that aligns our goals alongside a positioning statement
  • Condent direction plan outlining the main content pillars you’ll be known for

Brand Asset Creation

We’ll create your core creative brand assets and upload them onto your social platforms.

  • Create a prioritised lists of brand assets including: LinkedIn banners, profile pictures, headshots logos etc
  • Create a brand style guide for you to use for future assets
  • Updated social profiles with clean and aesthetic brand assets
  • Consistent branding across all your online touchpoints
  • Cloud drive of all your updated assets

Personal Website Development

Need a website? We’ll design, develop and host it for you.

  • Use your brand style guide (we can create one for you) to design a functional and aesthetic website
  • Develop your website on Webflow or WordPress
  • SEO optimise your site so you’re visible on the internet
  • High-end, well designed, fast website that can convert visitors into leads
  • Ability to maintain the website yourself (or we can maintain it for you)

Public Relations (PR)

Want social proof and mentions over press? Want to be mentioned alongside other thought leaders as a legitimate personal brand? We’ll do that for you.

  • Understand what you want to be known for
  • Write journalistic pieces of content
  • Pitch journalists in our network (and outside)
  • Guaranteed number of live PR articles in Tier 1 publications

Podcast Guesting

Appear in existing podcast series as a guest in a long-form discussion. You’ll get a chance to speak at length on your topic of expertise amongst other thought leaders.

  • Craft what you should be known for in podcasting circles
  • Create unique angles for guesting slots
  • Pitch you to popular podcasting publications

  • Audit reports on website crawlability and indexability
  • Implementation or recommendations (if you don’t have an internal development team) to improve speed boosts, web vitals and page experience

Ghostwriting & Content Creation on LinkedIn & Twitter

Build thought leadership with LinkedIn ghostwriting and Twitter ghostwriting.

  • We run a guided interview with you every month
  • We create a full month’s worth of content on LinkedIn and/or Twitter
  • We analyse the best performing posts in terms of engagement and leads
  • A full calendar of content, completely managed and posted on your LinkedIn and/or Twitter
  • Inbound leads into your social media profile
  • Becoming known as the voice on the ideal social media platform

Short Form Video on Instagram Reels & TikTok

We’ll create short-form videos that you can post on Instagram & TikTok. The goal? To massively increase your personal brand visibility

  • We run a guided interview with you every month where we ask you to repeat certain hooks and get your unique takes on topics
  • We cut and edit long form interviews into short form snippets to be posted on social
  • A full calendar of content, completely managed and posted on your Instagram and TikTok
  • Increase in impressions, reach and awareness amongst your target audience

We work with you along your personal branding journey from strategic planning to content creation and distribution.

Strategize Brand Strategy

We build your personal brand by ensuring we focus on aligned themes that speak to your readership through various angles. We stay consistent to these content pillars.

Create Engaging Content

We interview you to extract your most influential ideas. We leverage these ideas to create marketing campaigns that can span across various formats including videos, text posts, podcasts, press and more.

Distribute Thought Leadership Content

We build your following and create authority by posting your content on the right platforms. This will generate awareness and viewership, solidifying your personal brand.

In the video below, our CEO and Founder Alexej Pikovsky shares how you can become an authority figure in your niche by unpacking eight tactics for boosting your personal brand on LinkedIn.

How We Build Authentic Personal Brands

We run recurring guided interviews with you to extract your best ideas. In just 2-3 hours of your time we can create 1-2 months worth of content. These are the types of questions we ask:

What’s your opinion on {controversial topic}?

What separates the best from the average in {your industry}?

Explain how you do {complex task}?

What is the biggest misonceptions about {topic}?

Where do you see {industry} progressing?

Discover 15 secrets to effective networking shared by Alexej below, our Founder, based on his professional expertise and personal experience.

Social Media Channels for Personal Branding

We run a holistic personal brand social media strategy across several channels including:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Podcasts
  • Digital PR & Press

Personal Brands We’ve Worked With

We’ve worked with leadership in various industries and roles:

  • Authors
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Web3
  • Crypto
  • Real Estate
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Course Sellers
  • Freelancers
  • World class athletes

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