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Technical SEO Audit Checklist for NUOPTIMA Customers

Technical SEO Audit Checklist for NUOPTIMA Customers

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Technical SEO audit is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation. This audit allows SEO experts to identify how search engines perceive your website, what issues are preventing your site from ranking on the first page of Google, what can be done to improve your site’s positions, and much more. A technical audit is one of the first things we do here at NUOPTIMA when we start working on a new project. Below, you can find a complete checklist our SEO team uses to analyse your website, discover problems, and identify areas of growth that can help your website achieve much better results in search engine results.

If you are looking for a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced SEO experts to carry out a technical audit for your website, optimise it, and get it on the first page of Google, NUOPTIMA is here to help. Sign up for a free discovery call with one of our SEO consultants now and learn how we can help your site’s traffic grow.

A complete checklist used by the NUOPTIMA SEO team to analyse your website, discover problems, and identify areas of growth

Internal pages

This section of the technical SEO audit checklist analyses your website to discover pages that return errors when users try to access them.

  • 404 page
  • 4XX page
  • 500 page
  • 5XX page
  • HTTPS/HTTP mixed content
  • Timed out


During this part of the audit, we ensure that all pages on your website are able to be indexed correctly.

  • Canonical from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Canonical from HTTPS to HTTP
  • Canonical points to 4XX
  • Canonical points to 5XX
  • Canonical points to redirect
  • Nofollow in HTML and HTTP header
  • Nofollow page
  • Noindex and nofollow page
  • Noindex follow page
  • Noindex in HTML and HTTP header
  • Noindex page
  • Non-canonical page specified as canonical ones

This section of the audit analyses links on your website to ensure that they are optimised for SEO purposes.

  • Canonical URL has no incoming internal links
  • HTTP page has internal links to HTTPS
  • HTTPS page has internal links to HTTP
  • Orphan page (has no incoming internal links)
  • Page has links to broken pages
  • Page has links to redirect
  • Page has no outgoing links
  • Page has nofollow and dofollow incoming internal links
  • Page has nofollow incoming internal links only
  • Page has nofollow outgoing internal links
  • Page has only one dofollow incoming internal link
  • Redirected page has no incoming internal links


During this part of the audit, our team tests all redirects present on the page to ensure that there are no issues that are harming your site’s SEO performance and search results.

  • 302 redirect
  • 3XX redirect
  • Broken redirect
  • HTTP to HTTPS redirect
  • HTTPS to HTTP redirect
  • Meta refresh redirect
  • Redirect chain
  • Redirect chain too long
  • Redirect loop


This part of the audit analyses all content present on your site to ensure that the articles and pages have adequate length and all the necessary metatags.

  • H1 tag missing or empty
  • Low word count
  • Meta description tag missing or empty
  • Meta description too long
  • Meta description too short
  • Multiple H1 tags
  • Multiple meta description tags
  • Multiple title tags
  • Page and SERP titles do not match
  • Title tag missing or empty
  • Title too long
  • Title too short

Social tags

During this portion of the audit we ensure that all social media tags are present and complete.

  • Open Graph tags incomplete
  • Open Graph tags missing
  • Open Graph URL not matching canonical
  • Twitter card incomplete
  • Twitter card missing


This section of the audit ensures that there are no duplicate pages that could be hurting your SEO efforts.

  • Duplicate pages without canonical


During this stage of the technical audit, we ensure that your website has correct localisation settings and tags.

  • Hreflang and HTML lang mismatch
  • Hreflang annotation invalid
  • Hreflang defined but HTML lang missing
  • Hreflang to non-canonical
  • Hreflang to redirect or broken page
  • HTML lang attribute invalid
  • HTML lang attribute missing
  • Missing reciprocal hreflang (no return-tag)
  • More than one page for same language in hreflang
  • Not all pages from hreflang group were crawled
  • Page referenced for more than one language in hreflang
  • Self-reference hreflang annotation missing
  • X-default hreflang annotation missing


During the Performance stage of the audit, our team checks file sizes, site speed, and other crucial parameters.

  • HTML file size too large
  • Not compressed
  • Pages with poor CLS
  • Pages with poor FID
  • Pages with poor LCP
  • Slow page


Our experts run tests to analyse all images on your site and determine whether there are any issues associated with them.

  • HTTPS page links to HTTP image
  • Image broken
  • Image file size too large
  • Image redirects
  • Missing alt text
  • Page has broken image
  • Page has redirected image


This section of the technical audit is dedicated to analysing issues with the JavaScript code on your site.

  • HTTPS page links to HTTP JavaScript
  • JavaScript broken
  • JavaScript redirects
  • Page has broken JavaScript
  • Page has redirected JavaScript


During this part of the audit, our team analyses your site’s CSS to ensure that there are no errors or other issues that have a negative impact on your traffic and positions.

  • CSS broken
  • CSS file size too large
  • CSS redirects
  • HTTPS page links to HTTP CSS
  • Page has broken CSS
  • Page has redirected CSS
  • External pages
  • External 3XX redirect
  • External 4XX
  • External 5XX
  • External time out


We also run a number of additional tests to ensure that there are no issues that were missed or other problems that could prevent your website from getting excellent rankings in search engine results.

  • 3XX page receives organic traffic
  • 3XX redirect in sitemap
  • 403 page in sitemap
  • 403 page receives organic traffic
  • 4XX page in sitemap
  • 4XX page receives organic traffic
  • 5XX page in sitemap
  • Double slash in URL
  • More than three parameters in URL
  • Noindex page in sitemap
  • Noindex page receives organic traffic
  • Non-canonical page in sitemap
  • Non-canonical page receives organic traffic
  • Page from sitemap timed out

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