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Can I Buy Fire Sticks At Walmart?

August 4, 2022 8 minutes
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Key points

  • No, Walmart doesn’t sell Amazon Fire TV Sticks or any other Amazon products. This also applies to Amazon gift cards. Walmart never officially explained why they stopped marketing Amazon products, but it’s most likely because of the growing competition between these two retail giants.
  • You can find Amazon Fire Sticks in many other retail stores, including Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, GameStop, Staples, Lowe’s, and Kohl’s. 
  • Buying an Amazon Fire TV Stick along with an Alexa remote will give you a complete experience. You will be able to explore many functions that Amazon Fire Stick offers using your voice and enjoy all your favourite shows and movies in high quality.

Amazon streaming devices like Fire Sticks are a great alternative to a monthly cable contract since they allow you to watch both free and paid content. And you can take your favourite shows, films, and apps with you wherever you go! 

Amazon Fire Sticks are available virtually everywhere, including major retailers such as Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Kohl’s. However, you won’t find them at Walmart. In fact, you won’t find any Amazon products at Walmart, including Amazon gift cards. If you’re wondering what’s the reason for this, keep on reading to fulfil your curiosity.

What is the Amazon Fire Stick 4K Streaming Device?

Amazon Fire Stick 4K streaming device is the latest version of the Amazon Fire Stick product. It comes together with the Alexa remote. You can find it on the Amazon website.

Here are some of the most significant features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Device, along with the Alexa Voice remote:

  • Provides a home theatre experience
  • Allows you to watch content in 4K Ultra HD
  • Gives a great variety of ongoing and never-ending entertainment options, such as Peacock, Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video subscriptions
  • Gives you an option to watch live TV
  • Has a quick and simple set-up process
  • Alexa Voice allows you to search for shows via mobile apps using your voice 
  • Gives the user the ability to authorise smart home devices
  • It’s small and compact, so it won’t take up much space

Additionally, you can manage the volume and mute buttons using the Alexa Voice remote while you launch a movie you’re interested in watching. If you buy the Firestick with Alexa remote control, it will make your experience even better. Alexa can switch to cable whenever you want. You will also experience a high-quality picture with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Device. 

If you want to purchase an Amazon streaming device, the price will range from $19 to $29, but it really depends on its availability and the package you choose. You can also get a 30-day trial in any of the abovementioned retail stores.

When Did Walmart Stop Selling Amazon Fire Sticks?

In 2012, Walmart stopped having Kindle tablets in stock, which was Amazon’s hottest selling product at the time. The reason for this was that every person who purchased a Kindle could potentially become another customer who would stop shopping at Walmart and instead search for items they needed on Amazon while lying on their sofa. Walmart perceived the Kindle as the gateway product into Amazon’s ecosystem. Nonetheless, as popular as Kindle was, it pales when compared with the Amazon Fire Stick streaming device.

Walmart stopped selling Amazon Fire Sticks as well as Fire TV devices in 2017, and nothing has changed ever since. Instead, Walmart prolonged their persistent partnership with Roku and even started selling some exclusive editions such as Express+ and Premier+ Roku players that customers can only find in Walmart. Not that long ago, Walmart also started advertising limited-edition onn. streaming players running Roku’s operating system.

Walmart never explained the official reason or gave a press release for their abrupt decision to stop selling Amazon products, but experts believe that the cause lies in the growing competition between these two retail giants. There were also rumours that Walmart was developing its own streaming service to challenge Amazon Prime.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to purchase a streaming device, here are all the streaming devices that you can find at Walmart:

What Streaming Devices Can I Find At Walmart?

Walmart sells multiple alternatives to Amazon streaming devices, such as:

  • Roku players
  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • onn. streaming devices

You can find quite a few Roku devices at Walmart, and choose the one that will suit your streaming needs best. These include the most standard Roku Express, which costs around $30, Roku Streaming Stick for around $50, Roku Ultra for around $60, and Roku Ultra for about $100.

Walmart also offers Apple TVs as well as different versions of the Google Chromecast device. The new Chromecast with Google TV model is around $50, but you can also find a 3rd Gen model for around $30. The entire Google Smart TV kit is around $60, and it includes Google Home Mini and Chromecast. This deal is exclusive to Walmart.

An Apple TV will cost you from $90 to $170, starting from the cheapest Apple TV 3rd Generation model and going to the Apple TV 4K 32GB model.

All these devices provide a similar experience to Amazon Fire Sticks, and the price is reasonable too.

Where To Find Amazon Fire Sticks

Despite the fact that you can’t find Amazon devices in Walmart, the list of other stores that sell them is quite long. You can find Amazon Fire Sticks on the Amazon website, at Target, Lowe’s or at Best Buy. Other retail stores that also sell Amazon FireSticks include Bed Bath and Beyond, GameStop, and Staples.

If you have a hard time finding Amazon streaming devices in any of the retail stores listed above, go to the Amazon website since it’s very unlikely that they will be out of stock.


Some retail stores, such as Target, market Alexa Voice remote along with the Amazon FireStick. So if you want to purchase the whole kit, you can buy an Amazon FireStick together with an Alexa Voice remote and another streaming media player. You can buy Amazon Fire Sticks on Target’s website and at physical retail stores. Target sells the light version as well as the 4k ultra HD Fire Stick version.

Best Buy

Best Buy not only sells Amazon Fire TV Sticks but also offers you a 15-day free return. You can also pay an extra $6.99 or $9.99 if you want a 2 or 4-year geek standard protected guarantee.

Customers can not only purchase all kinds of products at Best Buy but also benefit from customer support and extra help. And you also get a 30-day free trial of Showtime in addition to your purchase to enjoy your favourite shows.


Staples is also one of the many retail chains that market Amazon Fire Sticks. As a bonus, it offers a free next-day delivery service, which makes online shopping on the Staples website even more pleasant.

Plus, you don’t even need a subscription, you can enjoy all your favourite movies from Pluto TV or IMDB Freedive if you buy your device from Staples.


You can find Amazon Fire TV Sticks in Tesco as well. Unfortunately, Amazon Fire TV Sticks are currently unavailable on Tesco’s website, but you can still find them in their retail stores.


Besides selling Amazon Fire Sticks, Argos also delivers them straight to customers’ homes. The retailer has a 4.8 rating and a 97% customer recommendation rate. You can purchase an Amazon Fire Stick at Argos for just $29.99. Moreover, if you pay an additional $7.99, you can get a 3-year replacement care service.

Home Depot

You are one just click away from getting the Amazon Fire TV Stick from Home Depot. Plus, if you use a Home Depot Consumer Card, you have the chance to save up to $100 on your qualifying purchase.

What Stores Don’t Sell Amazon Firesticks


Not to disappoint you, but Costco doesn’t sell Amazon streaming devices on its website. You might be lucky to find one in their retail store, though. At the same time, Costco does sell the Roku streaming device, but if you are searching specifically for the Amazon one, then it’s best to look elsewhere or shop the Amazon website.


Just like with Costco, you won’t find Amazon Fire Sticks at Walgreens. You can buy a wide selection of top-notch electronic personal care items there, but if you are interested only in the Amazon Fire Stick, you would have to look elsewhere.


Asda doesn’t sell Amazon Fire TV, so don’t waste your time trying to find it there. But you can look for it on many other online retail sites.


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How much is the Fire Stick from Walmart?
Walmart doesn’t sell Amazon Fire Sticks. But you can purchase Roku devices at Walmart, and the price will depend on your streaming needs. The most standard Roku Express is around $30, Roku Streaming Stick is around $50, and Roku Ultra is about $100.
Do I need a Firestick for each TV?
Yes, you will need to use a different Amazon Firestick device for each TV because you cannot use a single Firestick on multiple TVs simultaneously.
What channels do you get with Firestick?
Besides letting you watch live streams, movies and TV series, Amazon Firestick offers access to NBC, NBA TV, FOX, CBS, NFL Network, CBS Sports Network, the regional sports network, NBCSN, FS1, and many others.
What is the difference between a Fire Box and Fire Stick?
The Fire TV remote is coated in a soft-touch material and has a slim design as well as a voice search button. The Fire TV Stick comes with a chunkier, cheaper-looking remote that lacks the voice search button.
How much does a Fire Stick cost?
The Amazon Fire Stick costs around $40, while the Fire TV will cost you around $100.
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