Apparel Brand (NDA) Cuts ACoS 50% and 4x Revenue

About Apparel brand

NUOPTIMA’s team worked with an Apparel brand to scale them from $500 to $2k in daily sales whilst cutting ACoS in half. Due to NDA agreements, we’re unable to reveal the brand but are able to share their results


Responsible NUOPTIMA Team

Bilal Sayed Gol

Head of Amazon


We optimised all back end search terms by harvesting hundreds of winning search terms / product targets to expand the manual targeting mix. We introduced the Apparel brand to Sponsored Brands, of which one campaign generated $5k sales at 7x ROAS and 14% ACoS.

We took care to optimise budgets based on varying product objectives and introduced dozens of negative keywords and product targets.

Campaign performance after engaging NUOPTIMA  
Apparel Brand (NDA) Cuts ACoS 50% and 4x Revenue

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