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    SaaS SEO Strategy

    Our B2B SaaS SEO agency helps you get more qualified leads


    Most SaaS SEO strategies increase website traffic. Ours generate  MQLs and SQLs.

    Focus on lead generation
    The goal of every SaaS brand is stable ROI. Strategic lead generation brings in traffic that converts, leading to long-term subscriptions and MRR.

    Your Results:
    Spend less time and money on content marketing campaigns. We will build and execute your SaaS SEO strategy while you get qualified leads, drive pipeline and grow revenue.

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    B2B SaaS SEO Services

    We take care of everything, from in-depth research of your target audience and content creation to link building and technical SEO.  Here is a breakdown of the SEO services we offer to SaaS companies:

    Keyword Research

    To create the most effective bottom-of-the-funnel keyword strategy, we start with in-depth research of your target audience, SaaS competitors, and related keywords.

    • In-depth research of your target audience and the market to create your ICP
    • B2B buyer journey map
    • Competitor research with a focus on content gaps, trending keywords and potential opportunities
    • A comprehensive keyword list organized by funnel stage, difficulty, and search volume
    • A new SEO strategy with ideas for content creation and optimization
    • Regular content calendar optimization based on performance

    Content Creation

    We create content following our approved content marketing strategy.

    • Our  B2B tech writers and SEO editors create the best structure for each content page
    • Dedicate 1–3 in-house SaaS SEO content writers to your project
    • Create high-quality SEO-optimized content for your website with proper positioning and messaging
    • Ready to publish content on time and edits according to your suggestions
    • Direct publishing on your CMS
    • An increase in organic pages, keywords, traffic, sign-ups, MQLs and inbound backlinks.

    Link Building & Off Page SEO

    For a healthy backlink profile, we analyze your current links and remove toxic ones. The next step in our SaaS link-building process is running an SEO campaign to build high-quality authority links from reputable domains to your money pages.

    • In-depth backlink profile analysis and removal of toxic and low-quality links
    • Competitor backlink analysis for finding sources and opportunities
    • Link opportunities from our SaaS database of 5,000 + reputable domains
    • Third-party website outreach for proper link insertion
    • Content placement on niche websites with a high authority
    • A healthy backlink profile
    • New high DR backlinks to your money pages
    • Increase in ratings and authority

    On Page SEO

    We crawl your entire website and optimize every on-page element, from metadata to page buttons.

    • Write relevant metadata (titles and descriptions) for every page.
    • Optimize headings on existing pages according to SEO practices
    • Optimize URLs according to best Google practices
    • Implement a proper internal linking strategy for SEO juice
    • Implement schema markups throughout the website
    • 100% on-page optimized website according to the best Google and SEO practices
    • Increase in organic visibility on Google

    Technical SEO

    We conduct regular technical SEO audits and resolve any issues your website has.

    • Set up and monitor Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
    • Tracking and event set-up for conversions 
    • Cookies and pixel placement on landing pages
    • Site speed optimization
    • Core Dev Vitals optimization
    • Website mobile optimization 
    • XML sitemap and Robots.txt implementation
    • Audit reports on website crawlability and indexability
    • Implementation of recommendations

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    We help you convert your website visitors into MQLs by implementing effective CRO activities.

    • Analyze high-traffic website pages that don’t have a good conversion rate
    • Recommend and implement the best conversion rate optimization tips for each quarter
    • A high-converting SaaS marketing funnel
    • Conversion optimized pages

    Maximize Your SaaS SEO Efforts

    Drive New Leads
    at Low CACs

    With a detailed SaaS SEO growth strategy, you will constantly drive high-quality, ready-to-buy leads organically.

    Dominate Search & Steal Competitor Traffic

    Appear as the #1 solution to your relevant customers, no matter what they search. Stand out from your SaaS competitors with authority and expertise.

    Optimize Efficiently

    A full SEO service will maximize your SEO efforts and lay the foundation for bringing leads.

    We meet your expectations

    SaaS Specialists
    SEO strategists, SaaS content writers & editors
    SEO Revenue
    Revenue driven for our clients, directly attributable to SEO
    92% of our clients successfully fundraise after working with us
    Average ROI
    Our clients average ROI across organic content

    How We Track Results & KPIs

    We are 100% transparent about results and KPIs. With complete 24/7 visibility, real-time dashboards and monthly GA, GSC and CRM reports, you clearly understand your SEO efforts.

    Business Metrics

    • New leads: The number of people that acted on your CTA
    • New customers: The number of new customers
    • MRR: Revenue from SEO
    • LTV: The number of pages that acquired LTV

    SEO Metrics

    • Impressions: The number of times you appear in search results
    • Keywords: The number of relevant keywords you rank for and their positions
    • Clicks: The number of page visitors
    • On-page engagement and bounce rate: The number of visitors that stay or leave your page

    How We Communicate

    We are a part of your team.  We communicate through:

    • Slack: Instant communication and live updates
    • Calls: Regular check-ins and strategy alignment
    • Dashboards: Real-time performance updates 
    • Reports: Detailed monthly report on tasks and results

    How To Choose Between SaaS SEO Agencies?

    Here are the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a SaaS SEO agency as a long-term partner.

    Will I enjoy working with their SEO team?

    Do I trust their SEO competence?

    Do they have a specific SaaS SEO strategy?

    Do they have a track record in growing bottom-funnel organic traffic?

    Which other SaaS companies have they worked with?

    Is the SEO agency ranking high on Google themselves?


    West Creek, Partner
    They’re experts when it comes to growth marketing and SEO - extremely proficient getting the bigger picture
    Nuoptima has done an amazing job at writing content that meets our quality and technical requirements in the software development niche. They've done a great job executing strategy and we're glad we went with them.
    Dave Cannell
    Deazy, Head of Growth
    NUOPTIMA understands what companies require and how to approach the marketing mix and the prioritisation of growth channels
    Igor T.
    Founding Partner, TrueSight Ventures
    Their SEO execution is second to none - deep knowledge and execution ability
    Anil S.
    Founder, Market Finance
    Alexej, Aman & Viktor taught us a lot about SEO and really demystified the growth channel - highly recommend
    Mithi S.
    Founder, HarperCare
    The NUOPTIMA team are exemplar at adding SEO & marketing value from Seed to maturity
    Jacqueline C.
    Principal, Hearst Ventures

    Types of SEO Content We Create

    We create and optimize content aligned with our bottom-funnel SaaS SEO strategy. These are the essential content types for all SaaS companies.

    • Blog Posts
    • How-To Guides
    • Checklists
    • Product Pages
    • Solution Pages
    • Features Pages
    • Use Cases Pages
    • Product Reviews
    • Comparison Pages
    • Alternatives-To Pages
    • Homepage
    • Templates
    • Glossary Pages
    • Pillar and Cluster Pages

    Our SEO SaaS Clients Case Studies

    We've worked with the top SaaS companies across multiple industries including: martech, sales tech, productivity, HR, billing, developer software, fintech, procurement, CRM, customer service, Amazon, eCommerce, AI and more.


    MarketFinance, Fintech Giant Raised Over £500m Increases Organic Traffic by 250% over COVID

    Zubair Mohammad
    Head of Marketing
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    Bonnet – EV Charging App – Organic Traffic Erupts 10x to 16.3k in Only 10 Months

    Patrick Reich
    Co-founder & CEO
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    Cubux, Fintech Mobile App, Scales 120x Organic Traffic & 18x Keyword Growth in 14 Months

    Viktor Bartak
    Head of SEO
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    Cannadips Achieves 1200% Traffic Increase In Only 1 Month

    Case Mandel
    CEO & Founder
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    New UK Site of VC Backed CBD Startup, VAAY, Dominating 864 Search Terms

    Torsten Rammrath
    Head of SEO & Content Lead
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    How Oto Health Tech 2.5x’d Traffic in 6 Months

    Edmund Farrar
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    Award Winning SaaS SEO Agency

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    What is a SaaS SEO agency?

    A SaaS SEO agency offers digital marketing services focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) to software-as-a-service (SaaS) brands. Services usually include keyword research, content strategy, link building, On-page and Off-page optimization, and technical audits. With a comprehensive strategy that includes all of these services, SaaS companies can expect measurable results such as increased MRR, clicks, traffic, and qualified leads.

    Why do I need a SaaS SEO agency?

    If you want your website to generate leads while you sleep and experts do the heavy lifting – you need a SaaS SEO agency. If you want to outsource SaaS, our team of growth strategists, in-house writers, developers take care of your website and help you reach your target audience faster.

    What is the best SEO strategy for SaaS?

    The best SEO strategy for SaaS businesses is the “bottom of the funnel”. By focusing on keywords with high buyer intent, SaaS brands get high quality leads, ready to use their product. To maximize your SEO investment, you need to focus on marketing your product to the buyers that already know the type of solution they need.

    Is keyword research important for SaaS?

    Yes, keyword research is important for a SaaS business because it sets the foundation for a successful content marketing strategy. By balancing intent, search volume and difficulty, NUOPTIMA makes sure you are ranking for relevant keywords that your audience uses.

    Is link building important for SaaS?

    Yes, link building is an important part of the SEO strategy for SaaS brands because it is one of the top ranking factors for Google. Relevant and healthy backlinks signal to Google that your page has high authority. SaaS SEO agencies can speed up the process of naturally acquiring good backlinks and removing toxic ones.

    How to pick a SaaS SEO agency?

    To pick the best SaaS SEO agency, check that the services they offer, communication, reports, and pricing are aligned with your goals and budget. Check their testimonials and processes to ensure your SEO efforts bring in leads and ROI.

    How to measure SaaS SEO results?

    To measure SaaS SEO results, you should analyze the effectiveness of your SEO efforts before and after implementation. Keep in mind that SEO isn’t a sprint but a marathon”, so not all results occur instantly. The metrics important for SaaS founders are: MRR, new leads, customers, clicks, traffic, rankings, and page/website authority. A SaaS SEO agency should provide monthly reports on progress, with a steady increase.

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