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The Best Amazon Reviews Checkers: Full List

The Best Amazon Reviews Checkers: Full List

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Key points

  • Reviews are an important detail that merchants shouldn’t neglect. Monitoring reviews can not only help to maintain the company’s reputation but also can boost the business and its sales as well as bring awareness to the brand itself.
  • Reviews serve as a marketing tool for any business company, and they affect the customers’ purchasing decisions as well as state that the company’s profile is trustworthy.
  • Amazon review checkers are tools that help to differentiate real reviews from fake ones and, with that, give a better understanding of the product and the brand. Merchants use these tools to avoid getting scammed by their competitors.
  • The best Amazon review checking tools include ReviewMeta, Review Monitoring,  Fakespot, TheReviewIndex, AppBot, AMZ Tracker, AMZ Finder, AMZ Alert, Make My Jungle, AMZ Insight, Merch Check, CamelCamelCamel, Helium 10 Chrome Extension, The Hoth, bqool,, and SellerWit

When purchasing things online, people always look at the customers’ reviews since online shopping can be quite tricky. A quick glance at the reviews can give a buyer a general understanding of the product and whether it’s worth spending the money on. Amazon makes millions of transactions every day, so it’s only natural that a lot of reviews appear every minute.

Amazon Review Checkers – What Is It?

As on any website, customers can come across sellers who post fake positive reviews in order to persuade buyers into purchasing their second-rate goods. This wastes buyers’ time and money in some cases and in order to avoid this, customers use different tools that help to differentiate fake reviews from real ones.

Amazon review checkers help both customers and sellers to sort out fake reviews and improve the shopping experience for customers. The checkers, however, are not 100% precise, but they do help to understand the overall review reliability.

Reasons To Get Amazon Review Checkers

One of the most important points when having any business is focusing on customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers leave positive feedback on Amazon, which brings awareness about the brand. There’s no way to avoid negative feedback, though, and that’s when an Amazon review checker really helps.

Negative reviews decrease sales and product ranking, and that’s why it’s important to monitor all reviews. By tracking negative feedback, the sellers can see the weak spots and find ways to improve.

Understanding customers demands

By using the Amazon review analyzer tool, the merchants can determine the strong and weak sides of the products they sell. It’s especially helpful when sellers are planning on introducing a new product, and going through reviews will help through the launching process.

Customers check the reviews

It’s well known that customers tend to scroll down to check the reviews before purchasing any products. This is the reason why merchants try to level up the online review strategy and sort out all the fake reviews. Product reviews also form a seller’s reputation among customers. 

Boost brand visibility and ranking

Any brand is described as the product list in its catalogue, and sellers that sell a variety of products can potentially develop positive reviews if customer expectations are met. With this said, maintaining good reviews will enhance brand awareness and visibility. 

In recent years, customer reviews have become a marketing tool that helps to promote the brand on all platforms. This increases the audience and the sales.

How To Spot Fake Reviews

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which reviews are real and which are not. Some sellers use fake positive reviews to boost their ratings, while others write negative reviews on their competitors’ pages. In order to stop a fake review, compare it with the competition, then analyze the whole review content and use a review checker tool.

Here’s how to find out whether the review is real or fake:

  • There are a lot of good comments written in a short period, mostly having similar patterns such as using similar words, phrases or photos. 
  • Negative comparison with the product of a competitor
  • If most 5-star reviews have short content, chances are that reviews are fake. The same goes for negative reviews. Most of the time, when someone is happy or disappointed with something, they talk about the product in detail
  • The full name of the product is mostly used.
  • Uncommon use of vocabulary that can imply an effort to use keywords for SEO purposes
  • Reviews that unnaturally applaud the product
  • The feedback is created by someone who continuously leaves only 5-star reviews
  • A positive review published on or right after the date of listing
  • There is little or no ranking or review of history
  • Different versions of wording, especially in numbers, abbreviations, and SI units.
  • If a majority of the reviews are 5 stars, the reviews might be fake because not everyone has the same taste and preference.
  • There’s no profile picture or other activity on the reviewer’s profile
  • Using incorrect product names/inaccurate information in reviews on Amazon

Top Amazon Fake Review Checkers

  1. ReviewMeta
    ReviewMeta is a tool that helps customers analyze reviews by using different tests. With certain algorithms, ReviewMeta identifies and removes ‘unnatural reviews’ and sorts out real reviews. It’s very easy to use this tool: copy and paste an Amazon URL and press Go.
    ReviewMeta will filter the fake reviews and return an Adjusted Rating of reviews from only legitimate buyers.
    The whole process may take up to two minutes, especially if the product has a lot of reviews.
    ReviewMeta doesn’t consider users’ ratings, it forms its own rating based on only product reviews.
    The tool grades the reviews on three scales: Pass, Warn, and Fail. It also highlights the most trusted and least trusted reviews. ReviewMeta uses graphs and charts for the reports as well as lists reviews prohibited by Amazon or deleted reviews. 
  2. Fakespot 
    Fakespot is one of the most popular fake Amazon review checkers that helps buyers to identify and avoid sellers’ falsification of customer reviews. The tool excludes suspicious ratings and provides an adjusted customer rating as well as an overview with some useful information about the reviews. 
    Fakespot’s browser extension has some features that the web page analyzer doesn’t, such as whether a seller is approved or badly rated and product alternatives. iOs and Android apps are also available for checking negative Amazon reviews with Fakespot. The analyser bar on the website, Chrome extension, and mobile apps are free to use.
    Fakespot can be used for other online shopping websites and not just for Amazon.
  3. TheReviewIndex
    TheReviewIndex was launched in 2017 and works by gathering the data and using neural networks to return insights to find suspicious patterns in customer reviews.TheReviewIndex URL analyzer is accessible through the browser but also through Chrome and Firefox plugins. A report shows an over 10 score based on the number of verified reviews against unverified reviews as well as a Spam Test result.
    TheReviewIndex can be used for free to check for suspicious reviews on different Amazon markets, including the US, Canada, UK, and India. It works for Steam and Flipkart as well. 
  4. AppBot
    AppBot is perfect for those who shop via the Amazon mobile application, as it was developed to check product reviews and ratings on mobile apps.
    AppBot is different from other Amazon review checkers because reviews are analyzed and presented in easy-to-understand forms, and the report is based on user sentiment, review volume, and star rating. AppBot also integrates with third-party sites such as Slack, Zapier, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and others. 
  5. AMZ Tracker
    AMZ Tracker is a tool for Amazon merchants with the help of which the vendors can guard their listings and eliminate fake negative reviews from competitors. AMZ Tracker works by
    giving alerts whenever anyone leaves a review or rating that’s less than 5 stars. This allows the merchants to see the review and immediately respond to it.
    AMZ tracker is also optimized to work with different Amazon markets such as Amazon US, Canada, Japan, UK, China, Germany, India, Spain, France, Brazil, and Italy.
  6. Review Monitoring
    Review Monitoring is an all-in-one platform for product review monitoring, and it works exclusively for Amazon Review Checker. Both Amazon merchants and customers can use this tool for product reviews, and the review checking is automated. Review Monitoring divides all reviews into three categories – verified, unverified, and vine.
    Review Monitoring is not for free use, but there’s a demo available that can be used for up to 3 months (90 days).
    Nevertheless, Review Monitoring allows users to add an unlimited number of users and track reviews of more than 10,000 Amazon products simultaneously. Review Monitoring also works for Best Buy and Walmart and allows the merchants to compare the customer reviews both on Amazon and other shopping websites. 
  7. AMZ Finder
    AMZ Finder is made solely for Amazon sellers and has two main features: a customer email system and review management. Review Management feature allows merchants to monitor and review all customer reviews on their products from one location. The tool alerts every time a customer leaves a review and also provides daily review reports.
    AMZ Finder is available on multiple Amazon markets such as Amazon US, CA, UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, and JP. Furthermore, it can be used from multiple Amazon Merchant accounts.
    However, AMZ Finder can be used only by professional Amazon sellers, and it’s not available to individual sellers or those who operate author central and vendor accounts.
  8. AMZ Alert
    AMZ Alert is an Amazon Monitoring Software that works similarly to other fake Amazon review checker tools. It utilizes Smart Automation Technology and allows users to quickly analyze reviews before other customers. AMZ Alert also has an option of providing automatic responses.
    AMZ Alert supports all Amazon seller account types, including vendor central, vendor express, and seller central accounts. Besides tracking fake Amazon reviews, the tool allows users to track changes on product listings (titles, categories, images, descriptions, etc), get sales alerts, monitor keyword ranking changes, and hijacker alerts with AMZ Alert.  
  9. Make My Jungle
    Make My Jungle review checker monitors product reviews and ratings 24/7 and alerts the sellers on fake reviews. Make My Jungle allows merchants to monitor four major things such as the latest negative reviews, product rating/star changes, top-rated negative reviews, and product reviews automatically deleted by Amazon. 
    Make My Jungle features two APIs – Amazon MWS & Amazon EDI and both of them are easy to install.
  10. AMZ Insight
    AMZ Insight was founded in 2014, and the platform was developed for Amazon Market Research & Amazon SEO Tool.
    AMZ Insight identifies products with ratings of 3 stars and below. This allows the sellers to detect whether the customer is saying the truth or redirecting other customers to competitors. 
  11. Merch Check
    Merch Check is a chrome extension that checks for copyrights. It helps to spot any fake reviews and shows whether it is a copy-paste or a duplicated trademark used on the product of another corporation.
  12. CamelCamelCamel
    CamelCamelCamel only works for Amazon-affiliated companies and products. It also helps for tracking product prices and notifying when product prices go down. Another option is a free tracker of hotel prices
  13. Helium 10 Chrome Extension
    Helium 10 Chrome Extension impresses its users with its speed as well as offers many incredible features, including a fast Amazon product research feature, spying on the inventory levels of your competitors, speedy calculation of your estimated profits, creating a quick snapshot of estimated data, and classifying and exporting the product of competitors and create a better item.
  14. SellerWit is a review checker tool that lets the seller’s track both bad and positive reviews by enabling email updates right after they are posted.
    Additionally, SellerWit collects all the details about the product, including when it was bought, any returns, and when the original sale was created. It gives a better analysis of any feedback.
  15.’s goal is to connect brands to their product ratings and reviews on any platform. Many dominant companies, like Samsung, P&G, EPSON, and Kinsa, use this Amazon review checker tool because it helps the merchants to work inside every level of the company with reliable reviews.
    FeedChecks provides a competitor review and gives a comprehensive report with data and text evaluation that allows the vendors to spy on their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. The tool also has the alert feature that notifies of any new reviews and questions. 
  16. bqool
    Bqool allows the users to collect and gather all feedback from the last 90 days on the product listing. As in many other review checking tools, there’s an option of setting up an alert notification to be informed of any recently posted reviews.
  17. The Hoth
    The Hoth is a free review and management tool that evaluates all the company’s reviews and allows the users to track all the new ones. It is also a fantastic SEO tool that can help rate the website by making it a desirable review analysis tool.


How can you tell if reviews are fake on Amazon?
If the reviews are too positive or negative, but there’s no explanation or details, then the reviews are probably fake. The reviews are also a scam if they are negative, but at the same time redirect other customers to other brands that sell similar products.
How do you check Amazon reviews?
Log into your Amazon account and click on Accounts u0026 Lists, then choose Your Amazon profile which is under the Ordering and shopping preferences section, scroll down the reviews will be listed there.
How do I remove fake reviews on Amazon?
If you suspect some reviews of being fake, you can report them to Amazon by clicking the Report abuse under the review.
Why has Amazon removed my reviews?
Amazon can remove reviews when they suspect they are fake or written to manipulate the review system.
How can you tell if reviews are fake?
Check the wording as well as the reviewer details. Look at all review scores for the product and go over the bad reviews too. Watch out for patterns or repeated reviews. Use an online tool.

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