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Best Amazon Seller Conferences

Best Amazon Seller Conferences

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Key Points

  • An Amazon seller conference is an event that allows you to benefit from the wisdom and experience of many Amazon sellers to help you learn how to grow your Amazon business. They can also be an excellent way for you to promote your product or service. 
  • There are countless Amazon seller conferences that you can attend either online or in person across the USA and Europe. 
  • Many businesses also enlist the help of Amazon growth agencies to help accelerate the success of their business. Book a free consultation call with growth agency NUOPTIMA today to learn more.

What is an Amazon Seller Conference?

Amazon seller conferences are events held either in a physical location, online, or both that can help you step up your Amazon e-commerce game. These conferences allow you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of many Amazon sellers to help you grow your own Amazon brand. Whether you are a seasoned Amazon seller or new to the experience, conferences can help you increase your business’s success. These conferences can also be used as a way for you to promote your product or service. This article divides the best Amazon seller conferences into different locations in order of occurrence: Europe, USA, and online. 

Best Amazon Seller Conferences in Europe

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K5 is the largest summit in e-commerce, and this year will be the 10th anniversary of the K5 Future Retail Conference, with more exhibitors than ever before. This event — taking place in two halls — will include big players in the e-commerce industry who will give exciting insights into their companies. It will be a meeting place for e-commerce enthusiasts. K5 promises to have well-known networking opportunities and new formats to make new contacts. This event intends to help you with your next steps in e-commerce to keep your business effective and successful in the long term.

  • When: 29th and 30th June 2022
  • Where: Berlin, Germany and Online
  • Ticket Price: Tickets start at €149.
  • Website:
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The Founder Summit

The Founder Summit is an event where the best speakers, successful personalities, and entrepreneurs from around the globe in Germany share their tactics, strategies, and life stories. There will be two days of live content, with tips from founders for founders, networking with premium companies, investors, and founders, and much more. This event will have over 7,000 attendees and 70 speakers.

  • When: August 27th & 28th, 2022
  • Where: Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Ticket Price: Cheapest tickets start at €99.
  • Website:
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Merchantday is an event at a beach location in Hamburg focused on Amazon Marketing. Due to the increasing complexity of Amazon PPC (Sponsored Ads) and Amazon DSP (Programmatic Ads), this event is helping people stay up to date with new advertising media and targeting strategies. Present will be some of Germany’s leading Amazon experts and those with genuine expertise in Amazon Marketing. This event also encourages networking. Please bear in mind the event has limited tickets for only 150 participants.

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Creating a business model mainly on a platform is high risk. This is why a comprehensive multi-channel strategy makes more sense for brands, manufacturers, and retailers. MultichannelDay is an event that presents a detailed overview of Amazon, Google, social commerce, as well as alternative marketplaces such as Kaufland, OTTO and eBay. These three marketplaces will be present at the event and will be available for questions and answers. There will also be many service providers attending from areas including hosting, law, insurance, shop systems, SEO, and tax.

  • When: September 1st, 2022
  • Where: Cologne, Germany
  • Ticket Price: Cheapest tickets start at €49.99 for 100% online dealers only.
  • Website:
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E-Commerce BBQ

This one-day event offers you a holistic view of digital trade, including multi-channel concepts, social media, marketplace strategies, online marketing, mass customisation and digitisation of value chains, and sustainable packaging logistics and management. There will be numerous brief keynote speeches and well-known speakers from exciting businesses who present insights into various business models and valuable tips on how to ensure you are successful in the future. There will also be warehouse tours at B+S, where the event is hosted. And, of course, there will be a smoker and cool drinks, making this event about networking and enjoying a BBQ party.

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Amazon Sales Kongress (Amazon Sales Congress)

Amazon Sales Kongress is the only Amazon conference with separate programme strands for sellers and vendors. This event offers growth strategies for both vendors and sellers. By attending this conference, you can gain cutting-edge knowledge on more sales success on Amazon and other significant international marketplaces. There is a limited number of participants allowed to attend. This event is perfect for intensive exchange and networking at a high level aimed equally at sellers, vendors, and hybrids. Highlights of the programme include best practice case studies from internationally successful branded businesses and trading companies, compact and coherent presentations by top international Amazon and MultiChannel experts, and new opportunities abroad for growth. Present will be the leading expert for Amazon in Germany, Christian Kelm.

  • When: September 6th – 7th 2022
  • Where: Weimar, Germany
  • Ticket Price: €1,295 per person (excluding VAT). Registration for the event must be completed by August 31, 2022.
  • Website:
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IAW Messe

The International Promotional Goods and Import Fair (IAW Messe) is a leading international order fair for remaining stock, promotional goods, seasonal impulse products, trend items and the volume business. It is an invaluable event for buyers looking to be inspired by the maximum range and to order goods for an entire season. This is a fantastic event for the providers too, who get to interact with new customer groups. The fair is exclusively aimed at trade visitors and is an industry showcase for top German and European buyers. However, this is more than just an order fair; it also presents new sales channels and an invaluable networking platform.

  • When: September 6th – 8th 2022
  • Where: Cologne, Germany
  • Ticket Price: FREE
  • Website:
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JTL Connect

Celebrating their comeback after a three-year break, JTL Connect’s popular in-house exhibition returns in September. This time around, more space, visitors, and products have been promised. JTL Connect is a trade fair where the world of JTL (a leading manufacturer of e-commerce software in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) comes together under one roof. This fair promises to provide top news from development, expert presentations, industry trends, networking, live product demos, inspiration, and an after-show party on the largest party ship in Europe. It is lauded as an experience and not just a trade fair.

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DMEXCO is the meeting point for key digital business, marketing and innovation players. The event brings together industry leaders, media and marketing professionals, and technology and innovation drivers in one location. It will have over 600 speakers and over 150 hours of programme. DMEXCO creates opportunities for engagement, exchange, inspiration, and education. Ultimately, going to this expo can help you drive growth and create market value for your company.

  • When: September 21st & 22nd, 2022
  • Where: Cologne, Germany
  • Ticket Price: Tickets available from July 2022.
  • Website:
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Tag des Online Handels (Online Trading Day)

The Bundesverband Onlinehandel is a representative of the interests of medium-sized online trade. This event in Berlin is the third German pitch day. Previous pitch days at this event have included the world’s largest Amazon brand buyers on site. At this event, you can discover whether you want to sell your brand or just see what it is worth. You will find more aggregators here in one place than anywhere else.

  • When: September 22nd, 2022
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
  • Ticket Price: Ticket prices vary depending on type, some of which are FREE.
  • Website:
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Bits & Pretzels

This event features 5,000 founders, startup enthusiasts, and investors for three days of networking, learning, and inspiration. Bits & Pretzels returns with a physical version of Europe’s leading founders festival. Renowned persons, including Barack Obama, Richard Branson, and Jessica Alba, have previously visited. This annual festival intends to support, inspire, and connect founders who drive positive change in Germany, as well as Europe and the rest of the world.

  • When: September 25th – 27th, 2022
  • Where: Munich, Germany
  • Ticket Price: SOLD OUT pending further additional ticket availability.
  • Website:
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Internationale Eisenwarenmesse (International Hardware Fair)

This Internationale Eisenwarenmesse is a globally established platform for innovations, communication and business. Innovations and trends in the hardware industry will be able to be experienced live. Over 2000 suppliers from over 40 countries will show their innovations at this fair, from tools to fastening and connection tech to fittings, construction, and DIY supplies.

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AmazonWorld Conference

This is an industry event for decision-makers in the Amazon business. Amazon is a huge contributor to online sales in Germany. This event tackles how Amazon businesses can be taken to the next level and how to protect against challenges. It answers how the enormous potential of Amazon’s marketplace can be tapped. AmazonWorld Conference includes two days of conference and networking, over 15 speakers and experts, and exclusive partners in the industry will also be present.

When: September 27th & 28th, 2022
Where: Munich, Germany
Ticket Price: Early tickets are available for €490 until the sale ends on August 2nd, 2022. Then regular tickets will cost €690.

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White Label World Expo Frankfurt

This event is a leading online retail sourcing show with progressive and innovative products, technologies, and services in the white-label marketplace. It is a fantastic place for any forward-thinking online seller. White Label World Expo brings visitors an exclusive platform with the globe’s top supplies in an exciting hub for the international white label industry. There will be 350 exhibitors shaping the future of the e-commerce industry who are eager to share products and services with many like-minded professionals. This event allows you to gain detailed insights from up to 200 inspirational speakers sharing tips and tricks, assisting visitors in standing out from the competition and boosting their revenue. It also includes live innovation awards, networking opportunities, and masterclasses. This event can be attended by online sellers, retailers, and e-commerce company owners. This expo has everything you need to help accelerate your career.

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Amazon SellerDay

This event provides expert knowledge for your Amazon business. Amazon SellerDay will inform you how listings become bestsellers, and you can take part either physically or online. Present will be top experts and speakers that will offer recommendations for action, as well as detailed practical knowledge and best practice strategies. This will help you attain real added value for your Amazon business. Topics covered will include Amazon SEO, Marketplace Strategy, Christmas sales, campaigns and advertising, and FBA and internationalisation. This event includes lectures and interactive workshops.

  • When: October 14th, 2022
  • Where: Leipzig, Germany and Online
  • Ticket Price: Costs range from €59.90 to €399.90 depending on ticket type.
  • Website:
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Seller Barcamp Frankfurt

Seller Barcamp has several conferences in 2022. This is the first Barcamp conference in Germany (moderation in German), followed by another in November (moderation in English). There is also one in Orlando, USA, in September 2022. These conferences are aimed at Amazon sellers, private label sellers, and Shopify and multi-channel sellers. They are not catered towards ‘wannabe sellers’. These events have no speakers booked, but instead, just participants who develop the programme together, ensuring the event meets the needs of the participants.

AMA Fest

AMA Fest is a conference for Seller Central and Vendor Central Users. It is recommended for anyone already trading on Amazon or anyone who is considering it. AMA Fest helps people looking to expand their business through a strong Amazon channel both in the United Kingdom and globally.

  • When: October 20th, 2022
  • Where: Brighton, UK
  • Ticket Price: Cheapest tickets start at £49.
  • Website:
brand image
Seller Barcamp Berlin

This is the final Barcamp conference of 2022 (there are two others earlier in the year in Orlando, USA, and Frankfurt, Germany). This German Barcamp conference has moderation in English. Seller Barcamp events are events for Amazon sellers, private label sellers, and Shopify and multi-channel sellers and should not be attended by ‘wannabe sellers’. These conferences are unconventional as no speakers are booked for the events; instead, the participants develop the programme together. This helps guarantee the needs of the participants are met.

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Logistik E-Commerce Camp

Logistik is an event focused on the needs of medium-sized retailers. It tackles topics such as packaging and shipping. There will be themed pop-up stands where participants can experience logistics. Up to 250 participants will meet experts at workshops and lectures. This camp covers themes such as planning of warehouses and packing stations, the possibilities of shipping and fulfilment services, and packaging materials, storage furniture and means of transport. This event also has three stages (one lecture stage and two workshop areas) to give you in-depth and insightful information for your business.

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E-Commerce Berlin Expo

E-commerce Berlin is a B2B expo and conference for e-commerce service providers. This event enjoys over 8000 participants, 200 exhibitors, and 50 speakers. The conference serves as a meeting point for all big decision-makers in the e-commerce sector. It is an opportunity for both e-commerce retailers and leaders to develop their knowledge and improve their business tactics. E-commerce Berlin is the biggest pure-play e-commerce event in Berlin.

  • When: February 23rd, 2023
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
  • Ticket Price: FREE entry for expo and presentations.
  • Website:
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White Label World Expo London

This event (with others occurring in Germany and the USA) is packed with features to grow your business potential. This event will cover virtually all the retail, e-commerce, and selling/supplying industries. There will be numerous summits, specialised co-located events, and investment and networking opportunities. The White Label World Expo works to set itself as a frontrunner in educating and showcasing organisations and companies at the heart of retail, e-commerce, and environmentally sustainable innovations to push entrepreneurship to the next level. Speakers include industry-defining individuals from organisations such as Amazon and TikTok.

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OMR Festival

OMR Festival is one of the world’s biggest technology and digital marketing events, drawing over 50,000 visitors in recent years. It is organised into two parallel events: the Conference and the Expo. The Conference involves the spearhead of the international digital marketing scene on stage with the most forward-thinking businesses. Visitors are offered inspiration, in-depth insights from the best on the market, and entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere. The Expo brings together 500 exhibitors from the digital business. There are two expo stages, and at the end of day one, there is an expo party. The festival includes master classes, parties, and side events along with the Conference and Expo. This is an exciting event for all online marketing doers looking to stay updated and network.

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Internet Retailing EXPO

IRX returns in 2023 for its next event. It has been shown to be a valuable resource for e-commerce suppliers in locating new sales leads, launching products, building relationships, and increasing brand awareness. It provides an opportunity for the whole industry (including your biggest potential customers) to be in one space simultaneously.

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Shopware Community Day

Shopware Community Day (SCD) is a unique worldwide event that started back in 2011, created for the global e-commerce community. You can join online or onsite in Germany. This event inspires you with meaningful market developments, impressive business ideas, and the latest tech innovations. SCD includes industry experts and developers, and top-level speakers. There are inspiring presentations and panel discussions to watch. This event has three stages: the Inspiration stage, the Experience stage, and the Tech stage. SCD is the perfect event to exchange ideas and inspire each other.

  • When: May 25th 2023
  • Where: Ahaus, Germany and Online
  • Ticket Price: TBD (FREE to join online)
  • Website:
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Procurement Summit

The Procurement Summit is an innovative trade fair for purchasing that has run since 2018. This event focuses particularly on digitisation in purchasing. It involves a combination of panel discussions, networking, and master classes, allowing each participant to put together their individual programme based on their own wishes. This Summit aims to offer participants a high-quality event with insider tips, the latest knowledge, and networking in a relaxed environment. It allows both startups and purchasing managers to come together with important decision-makers.

  • When: June 21st and 22nd 2023
  • Where: Hamburg, Germany
  • Ticket Price: You can purchase early bird tickets at a discounted rate until 31st July 2022.
  • After that tickets begin at €400.
  • Website:
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Contra Fair

The Contra Fair is an event about online marketing, a platform for knowledge transfer, contacts, innovations and new offers. Both start-ups and industry giants present new developments and applications for increased reach, traffic, and conversion. Live on-site are agencies, developers, and marketers. It is a fantastic opportunity for young professionals to find out what is happening in the industry and discover opportunities by meeting companies and their decision-makers. This event includes a trade fair and master classes, know-how, careers for young professionals, and a great chance to network with heavy-hitters in the industry.

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NEXUS is an industry highlight for online retailers and e-commerce enthusiasts. It is a programme suitable for everyone (beginner or advanced) who wants to expand their knowledge. It is an event that can be attended either physically or online. Selected partners are service providers and experts from within the e-commerce industry. As an online retailer, you can find professional solutions for any e-commerce challenges through direct exchange with these partners. NEXUS has two stages and three workshop areas where you can observe professionals and discover how to implement your learnt knowledge. In the last event in June 2022, there were also specialised theme worlds, over 30 speakers, and more than 50 partners and service providers from the e-commerce industry.

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Orange Klik Barcamp

Orange Klik began organising virtual summits for Amazon private label FBA sellers in 2016. This particular event, which started in 2022, is the first time they have offered a Barcamp event to the international English-speaking community of Amazon sellers. Orange Klik has partnered with one of the German Seller Barcamp co-founders Dragonflip, to provide this event that allows you to: learn from different level international sellers in one place, choose the content you want to learn about, and find many opportunities to network, meet new people, and learn from essential topics to grow your business. As it is a Barcamp event and attendees generate the content, breakout rooms are organised throughout the day once topics have been chosen. This event is catered toward Amazon FBA private label sellers.

When: Expected June 2023
Where: Lisbon, Portugal
Ticket Price: TBD

brand image

Every few months (once a quarter), AMZELL hosts an Amazon Late Night Event with gripping insights and useful tips. It is a fixed appointment for all sellers, vendors, and professionals for fresh inspiration, new impulses, and exchanges relating to Amazon. The event idea is to allow Amazon enthusiasts to communicate with experts and like-minded people about the platform in a relaxed atmosphere with snacks and beverages. Every Late Night begins with new topics from speakers from all across Germany.

Best Amazon Seller Conferences in the USA

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AMZ PowWow

The motto of this PowWow event is ‘Network. Learn. Fun’. The target audience for this event is Amazon sellers, vendors, and service providers. It will feature exciting presentations by well-known experts from the Amazon universe (including PowWow co-founder Max Hofmann), networking opportunities, and entertainment. The schedule for the event is regularly being updated. It is on course to be the biggest PowWow event to date.

brand image
Midwest e-Com

This event features expert speakers and sponsors from some of the most respected businesses in the e-commerce circle. Midwest e-Com has made the top five and ten Amazon/E-commerce Conferences numerous times. This conference helps sellers on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay learn about what is changing in the e-commerce industry, new tactics to market their companies, rules of selling through these various platforms, and how to expand their businesses. Midwest e-Com is created by sellers for sellers. The event allows you to network with sellers, experts, vendors and more. Please note that a Midwest e-Com event is also scheduled for October 27th & 28th, 2022, in New York City, New York.

  • When: July 21st – 23rd, 2022
  • Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Ticket Price: Tickets range from $499.99 – $599.99.
  • Website:
brand image
Billion Dollar Seller Summit

The BDSS is widely viewed as the best event for seven, eight, and nine-figure FBA sellers. It helps attendees accelerate their sales to the next level by providing them with never-before-revealed advanced strategies for selling on Amazon. It also allows you to network and socialise with some of the world’s most successful Amazon sellers. This event features a cocktail party, networking lunch, and numerous presentations. BDSS will not be recorded for live-streamed. It will be hosted by Kevin King, lead mentor in the Helium 10 Elite Mastermind for highly successful Amazon third-party sellers.

When: August 14th – 18th, 2022
Where: Austin, Texas
Ticket Price: Prices start at $1497.

brand image
Seller Barcamp Orlando

Seller Barcamp has numerous conferences in the year 2022. There is also a Seller Barcamp in Frankfurt, Germany, in October (moderation in German), and one in Berlin, Germany, in November (moderation in English). These events are suitable for Amazon sellers, private label sellers, and multi-channel and Shopify sellers. ‘Wannabe sellers’ should not attend them. Barcamp events are known as ‘unconferences’, which vary from traditional conferences in that no speakers are booked, only participants. These participants develop the programme together, meaning the event fully meets the participants’ needs.

brand image
White Label World Expo New York

This event is packed with features to help expand your business potential. It will cover nearly all e-commerce, retail, and selling/supplying industries. White Label World Expo New York promises numerous summits, networking, and investment opportunities. This event is a leader in educating and presenting companies and organisations at the heart of e-commerce, retail, and environmentally sustainable innovations. All of this will help to push entrepreneurship to the next level. There will be masterclasses, industry leading awards, and a networking area.

brand image
AMZ Innovate

AMZ Innovates offers attendees new connections, cutting-edge technologies, innovative tactics, and a better understanding of how the best Amazon companies leverage new ideas to enhance their bottom line. The conference will include never-before-seen tactics by industry-leading Amazon experts (at least seven-figure sellers), the chance to network with numerous seven and eight-figure sellers, and invaluable tips. It is a highly-anticipated Amazon event this year.

  • When: November 7th, 2022
  • Where: Manhattan, New York
  • Ticket Price: Early bird tickets cost $497 (limited time). A VIP pass costs $1,397.
  • Website:
brand image

eTail is an e-commerce and omnichannel retail conference. Present will be thousands of retailers where you can gain hundreds of insights. eTail is a four-day retreat that is designed to help you increase your company’s profits. You will discover action-packed tactics and have the chance to make connections with America’s most successful retailers. eTail is trusted by thousands of reputable retailers, including Coca-Cola, Adidas, Disney, and of course, Amazon.

  • When: February 27th – March 2nd, 2023
  • Where: Palm Springs, California
  • Ticket Price: Venture Capitalist and Non-Retailer passes are now SOLD OUT. However, you can contact eTail directly and get your name added to a waitlist for cancellations.
  • Website:
brand image
Prosper Show

Prosper Show is perfect for an established Amazon seller looking to learn how to increase the profitability of their business. It is also ideal for meeting 100+ leading solution and service providers in the Amazon ecosystem eager to assist sellers in scaling their businesses more efficiently. This event also features replicable best practices and structured and unstructured networking opportunities. Prosper Show features numerous Amazon insiders, plus CEOs and general managers from major Amazon marketplace solution providers.

brand image
White Label World Expo Las Vegas

This event aims to help grow your business potential and covers nearly all e-commerce, retail, and supply/selling industries. The conference aims to educate and showcase businesses to push entrepreneurship to another level. At the Las Vegas White Label World Expo, there will be 300 speakers, 10,000 attendees, and 400 suppliers! There will also be an opening ceremony, masterclasses, PowerTeam main stage, networking areas, awards, Amazon pro seller summit, and matchmaking service (where you can find the most relevant seminars and things to do for you).

brand image

ASGTG is a yearly meetup that is a highlight for sellers across the globe. It is one of the most talked-about Amazon Sellers events of the year. It was also voted one of the top Amazon Sellers events to attend. It is a gathering of the ASGTG Sellers group platform. It is an event targeted at private label and resellers on Amazon. ASGTG is an all-day event with top speeches and networking.

  • When: Expected May 2023
  • Where: Brooklyn, New York
  • Ticket Price: TBD. You can however purchase videos from previous events.
  • Website:
brand image
SellerCon usually takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. However, due to COVID, SellerCon 2021 was hosted online, and recordings from that event are available for download. SellerCon 2022 is yet to be announced, but it is a much-anticipated event. Every speaker is hand-picked to help share strategies to help you grow your business. While the line-up and agenda of this year’s SellerCon are yet to be announced, topics from the 2021 event included: how to double your earnings within 90 days, how to sell your business to make an eight-figure profit, and how to scale up to $1 million in monthly sales through Facebook ads only. For many, this is an unmissable conference.

When: Summer 2022 (TBD)
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
Ticket Price: TBD

Best Online Amazon Seller Conferences

brand image
ECom World Conference

Lauded as being the world’s largest e-commerce event, Ecom World is where those in the e-commerce industry come together to discuss tactics, share exclusive knowledge, and present actionable strategies on how to build, operate, and scale profitable businesses in 2022. This virtual event gathers the world’s most innovative founders, successful Amazon sellers, and leading DTC brands for three days of networking and masterclasses (from the comfort of your own home). If you want to grow your brand, increase sales, and make this year more profitable than ever, you should check this event out.

brand image
7 Figure Seller Summit

The 7FSS is the only online event with 30+ seven-figure sellers and e-commerce experts dominating the e-commerce space in 2022. By joining this event, you will learn what strategies seven and eight-figure sellers are implementing, discover how to maximise your profitability, learn what is no longer working so you don’t waste time or money and risk getting suspended by Amazon, prepare to maximise a multimillion-dollar exit, get your questions answered live, learn from seller mistakes and how to avoid them, and more. This event is suitable for anyone looking to build a seven or eight-figure e-commerce business, regardless of how far in the process you are.

brand image
7 Figure Sourcing Summit

This is a unique online sourcing event for Amazon sellers, sourcing secrets from businesses such as Apple and Nike. At this event, you can learn from real seven and eight-figure sellers sharing their best sourcing and shipping tactics, learn the best places to source your product from, discover shipping strategies to decrease costs and save you time, attend Live Panel discussions and Live Q&A Sessions, and explore additional bonuses to help source your products like a professional.

brand image

This is an online event that caters to PPC marketing. It is intended for Amazon, Youtube, Facebook, and Adwords PPC professionals. The timetable for the event includes speeches on topics such as next level Amazon advertising with Sponsored Display Ads, PCTR loop, optimal campaign setup for your Sponsored Products campaigns, and implementation of digital empathy in the SEA. If you are interested in PPC marketing, this is the event for you.

When: November 2nd, 2022
Ticket Price: Tickets start from €199. You can also buy recordings from PPCDAY 2021 for €199 plus VAT.

Final Thoughts

Attending Amazon seller conferences can be a beneficial way to work out how to grow your business successfully. By getting the opportunity to network and attend lectures and workshops from experts, your business can expand and enjoy more success. Running an Amazon business is not easy and requires much hard work and knowledge, so many companies also choose to hire Amazon growth agencies to help them with this task. NUOPTIMA is a full-stack growth agency for e-commerce and brands on Amazon. Book a free discovery call to explore how we can help you grow your business today.

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