Cyber Consultancy  Company Grows  11.6x in 6 Months

Cyber Consultancy  Company Grows  11.6x in 6 Months

July 12, 2024


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More Organic Traffic


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About Eden Data

Eden Data, a cybersecurity consulting firm, specializes in virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services for startups. They stand out with their monthly fixed-cost subscriptions, a practical alternative to the industry’s standard hourly billing.

The company is built on three pillars: Integrity, Innovation, and Relationships. They focus on collaborative client relationships, maintaining integrity in every contract. Innovation is key, as they constantly adopt the latest in cybersecurity to safeguard their clients.

Their team, known as ‘Unicorns,’ comprises experts from various industries, blending professionalism and skill with a client-focused approach. This makes them not just consultants but also valuable members of their clients’ teams, showcasing Eden Data’s approach to cybersecurity consulting.


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The Results


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Total Clicks


Total Ranking Keywords

Eden Data has achieved some outstanding results since their contract started with NUOPTIMA in May 2023. Their total impressions have gone up to 646k, rendering over 4.11k click-throughs to their site. This has largely been due to a strategic content strategy, which has resulted in an impressive 3.3k keywords now ranking in the SERPs. Below, we’ll explore some more of the amazing SEO results.

Organic Traffic

  • Organic traffic shot up 11.6x from 66 to 446 in only six months.

Organic Keywords

  • Keywords ranking in positions 1-3 on Google search results surged tenfold.
  • There were also 54.5x more organic keywords ranking on the first page.
  • The total keyword count went up from 164 to a much healthier 2,618. 
  • They now have a total of 341 links from other websites pointing to target URLs.

The SEO Strategy Behind the Results 

A comprehensive cybersecurity SEO action plan was developed and implemented to enhance Eden Data’s online visibility and drive targeted traffic to its website. The following steps outline the key components of this plan:

StepAction Taken
1. Keyword Research and OptimizationConducted extensive keyword research to identify relevant terms. Integrated these keywords into website content, including page titles, meta descriptions, headers, and body text.
2. Content Creation and BloggingDeveloped a content strategy focused on creating high-quality, informative blog posts and articles about cybersecurity and related topics.
3. On-Page SEO EnhancementsOptimized the website’s on-page elements, including URL structures, internal linking, mobile responsiveness, site loading speed, meta tags, and image alt texts.
4. Location-Specific SEO TacticsIncorporated location-specific keywords into the website and content to capture target audiences in new international markets.
5. Backlink StrategyImplemented a backlink strategy by reaching out for guest posting and content collaboration, focusing on acquiring high-quality, relevant backlinks.
6. Analytics and MonitoringUtilized Google Search Comsol and other SEO tools to monitor website performance, tracking metrics like organic traffic, bounce rate, and conversion rates.
7. Continuous SEO Audits and UpdatesConducted regular SEO audits to identify and address issues, continuously updating strategies to align with search engine algorithms and audience needs.

Keyword Research

Our analysis of Eden Data’s website, using the SEO tool Ahrefs, focused on identifying high-value keywords to attract traffic from specific markets like Qatar and Turkey and sectors such as healthcare. We found that keywords related to cybersecurity, cloud security, and network security had high search intent and volume, making them ideal for improving Eden Data’s search engine rankings.

The competition for these keywords was moderately low, providing Eden Data with a good chance to rank highly. By incorporating these keywords into their online content, we significantly improved their search engine visibility and increased website traffic.

Here are some of their top-ranking bottom-funnel keywords:

KeywordCurrent positionVolume
eden data1150
best cloud security services in doha qatar250
healthcare cybersecurity companies3100
top safety and compliance companies390
best network security company in qatar350
best cloud security in doha qatar340
top cyber security company in qatar450
healthcare security solution companies5150
cost of hitrust certification660
cyber security turkey640

Cybersecurity Content

To boost Eden Data’s market presence, we crafted targeted cybersecurity content emphasizing their core services, including IT protection consulting and virtual CISO offerings. Our strategy involved creating detailed guides and articles on key topics like ISO 27001, HIPAA, and SOC 2, tailored for markets in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

This approach positioned Eden Data as a knowledgeable leader in cybersecurity, directly addressing the needs of potential clients and leading to increased conversions and interest in their specialized services.

A backlink strategy was also integral to enhancing Eden Data’s search engine rankings and attracting more relevant traffic to its website. By securing high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the cybersecurity and technology sectors, Eden Data significantly boosted its website’s domain authority. 

Furthermore, these backlinks acted as endorsements or recommendations from other reputable sites, which is crucial in building trust and credibility with potential clients. This aspect is particularly vital for Eden Data, given that trust and credibility are paramount in the cybersecurity consulting field, where clients rely heavily on the expertise and reliability of their service providers.

Future SEO Improvements

Eden Data’s digital performance has shown remarkable progress, particularly in key visibility indicators such as the number of sessions, active users, and overall impressions. However, with all SEO efforts, there is always room for further improvement.

Eden Data experienced a substantial increase in session growth, recording a 240% rise and a notable gain in user engagement. Additionally, the surge in active users by 255% is a positive sign, but we want a more in-depth understanding of user behavior to achieve the desired results. While the 389% boost in clicks is a positive indicator, the journey that follows these clicks needs to be optimized to maximize conversion rates.

To achieve this, we are going to be launching a 60-day SEO sprint strategy where we’ll make further improvements to technical SEO, content marketing plan, and on and off-page SEO optimization. We will also be conducting additional training for their internal team to educate them on how to produce, optimize, and build content that will perform well in the SERPs and position Eden Data as the knowledge leader in their niche. Once the 60-day SEO sprint is completed, we would expect to see an additional 25% traffic increase. 


Eden Data faced challenges in boosting their online visibility and attracting targeted traffic. To tackle this, we implemented a robust SEO strategy, focusing on keyword optimization, content creation, and a strategic backlink approach. Our efforts led to a significant increase in Eden Data’s organic traffic by 11.6x and improved their keyword ranking, positioning them as a leader in cybersecurity consulting.

While the results over the past six months have been impressive, there’s potential for further growth. The next steps include enhancing conversion rate optimization (CRO) to turn visitors into leads. With these continued efforts, we expect to see even greater increases in traffic and lead generation for Eden Data with our 60-day SEO sprint.
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