My Amazon Guy Podcast Review

April 18, 2022

My Amazon Guy is a YouTube channel that offers a variety of content centred around growth hacking Amazon sales. Host Steven Pope offers insights into how to scale and grow your Amazon business through different types of marketing, such as PPC, SEO, design and catalogue merchandising.

Steven started off as a TV reporter and then entered the world of eCommerce, working as a director for a range of successful brands. He combined his experience being on camera and selling products on Amazon to create his YouTube channel, which now almost has 18k subscribers.

What’s a Vodcast?

Podcasts now come in a variety of mediums, including video format. Video podcasts are often referred to as ‘vodcasts’. Today, most high-profile podcasters produce their content in both audio and video formats on different platforms so their audience can consume their content in different ways.

My Amazon Guy takes advantage of the vodcast format to reach a different demographic that may not have come across this type of content on regular podcast platforms. As much as podcasts have blown up in recent years, they still aren’t for everyone. For instance, the younger generation has grown up watching video content and thus is particularly unreceptive to audio content. We would also recommend this podcast to anyone who finds audio content unengaging and benefits from the visual cues of video podcasts.

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Our Picks

Q&A live streams

One of the unique selling points of My Amazon Guy is the interactive nature of the content. Every Friday, there is a Q&A session live stream where listeners can ask any questions about Amazon and eCommerce in general. This is ideal for beginners who are looking to learn the tips and tricks of marketing on Amazon or for people who are simply looking to gain a better understanding of the trade.

Also, as the podcast is based on YouTube, the host encourages viewers and listeners to leave comments. This offers another opportunity for you to ask questions that you otherwise wouldn’t through a regular podcast.

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By: Alexej Pikovsky



Alexej is the Co-Founder and CEO of Alphagreen Group, a global acquisition and incubation organization specialized in the health and wellness industry. He began his career in investment banking at Nomura before moving on to become a founding member of Delin Ventures, a venture capital arm investing in leading technology companies and VC funds. Alexej acquired board-level experience as an investor for a large-cap private equity fund before founding Alphagreen in 2019. The firm initially focused on CBD markets and then expanded to focus on all products related to pain, sleep, and anxiety management. The group leverages his interest and involvement in tech-enabled services and background in venture funding to deploy a 'hybrid aggregator business model' which helps brands to scale both locally and internationally. They achieve this through their own distribution channels, data science, growth agency and extensive external omni-channel network.

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